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Frequently Asked Questions about JMU Library Catalog

  • How do I cite sources in my research paper?
  • What is my username and password?
  • Where is a call number located?
  • Do the JMU Libraries deliver on campus?
  • What is included in JMU Library Catalog?
  • Where are Current Issues, Bound Periodicals, Microfiche, and Microfilm?
  • Where are the Government Document Stacks?
  • What do I do if "Check for Full Text @ JMU" isn't working?
  • Where are microfilm and microfiche located?
  • How do I search for videos in JMU Library Catalog?
  • What is the Browsing Collection?
  • How do I find a list of the popular movies available in JMU Libraries?
  • What is the difference between JMU Library Catalog and Periodical Locator?
  • Can I get an email alert each time an item that interests me is added to JMU Library Catalog?
  • Finding music Recordings in JMU Library Catalog?
  • How do I browse the videos, music or other media added to the collection most recently?
  • How do I find an item on course reserve?
  • How can I find the full text of a dissertation?
  • How do I renew an item checked out to me?
  • How can I put an item on course reserve?
  • How can I be notified when a checked-out item is returned?
  • When logging into My Library Account, what does "Sorry, your code is not unique" mean?
  • The item I want is listed in JMU Library Catalog as "In Processing." Is it available?
  • How can I export JMU Library Catalog records into RefWorks?
  • What do I do if the item I want is missing or not on the shelf?
  • The item I want is listed in JMU Library Catalog as "Recently Returned." Where can I find it?
  • How do I limit my search in JMU Library Catalog to recently published items?
  • How can I recall a checked-out item?
  • What do I do if JMU Library Catalog isn't working?
  • How can I find e-resources on JMU Library Catalog using keyword searching?