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Frequently Asked Questions about Periodical Locator

  • What is the difference between a magazine and a journal?
  • What is a periodical?
  • How do I cite sources in my research paper?
  • What is my username and password?
  • How do I find periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers)?
  • How do I tell if a periodical is refereed or peer-reviewed?
  • Can the library borrow materials from other libraries for me?
  • How do I find an article by subject?
  • Where are Current Issues, Bound Periodicals, Microfiche, and Microfilm?
  • What do I do if "Check for Full Text @ JMU" isn't working?
  • What is the difference between JMU Library Catalog and Periodical Locator?
  • Where can I locate the text of an article if I already have the citation?
  • I followed a link in Periodical Locator and got a search box. How do I find my article?
  • What is Periodical Locator?
  • What is an ISSN?
  • How do I find an article by subject in a specific periodical?
  • How do I find particular articles in Factiva and LexisNexis Academic?
  • What if my journal title is not listed in Periodical Locator?
  • Where can I report errors that I find in Periodical Locator?
  • Periodical Locator lists more than one entry for my title. Which one should I pick?
  • What do I do if Periodical Locator isn't working?
  • How do I track down specific articles at JMU?
  • Tell me more about Scientific American in PDF and HTML format...
  • Does the library help pay submission fees to Open Access journals?