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What is Network Connect and why do I need It?

Network Connect is part of the Juniper Networks SSLVPN service provided by JMU Computing that allows off campus users to access the libraries' online resources as well as the broader JMU network.  Network Connect replaced the Cisco VPN client in August 2012.

Downloading and installing Network Connect is the preferred way to connect to JMU Libraries' subscription resources from off campus.  See the web page on Connect to JMU's Online Resources for more information about Network Connect and the alternative method (the proxy server) for connecting from off campus.

Downloading instructions are available from the JMU Computing website:

Please note:  JMU Libraries does not provide technical support for Network Connect.  Please contact the JMU Helpdesk at or 540-568-3555 for support.

This page last reviewed by Amanda Hedrick on 08/14/2012

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