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How do I find the full text of a specific article if I already have a citation?

Check for Full Text connects you from article citations to full-text, and from book citations to a book’s call number and location in JMU Libraries, or full-text e-books.  You can access Check for Full Text from Research Databases using this button,  .  If you already have an article or book citation, you can use this form to look up your citation.  Whether you used the form or clicked on the button,  , the results will display a list of possible full text sources.

For articles, ARTICLE is the best choice. Check coverage dates carefully before selecting. If Article is not available, use the Journal link to connect to the journal publisher’s web site, then re-search on your article title.  After you have found the journal article on the publisher’s web site, look for a link to PDF.

For books, online full text may be available.  For the encyclopedia in the below example you would select Book.  Selecting that link would take you to the corresponding database’s website where you would be able to link a results list that would include articles found within the encyclopedia in online full text.

If Check for Full Text @ JMU is unable to provide a full text link, click on the links under More Options...Search JMU Libraries to search Periodical Locator or JMU Library Catalog for print holdings or additional electronic versions. 

If JMU Libraries does not own the book or article in question, you may use the Interlibrary Loan Request link, if available, to request delivery of the resource through ILL.  Please note that this link will only appear if the research database citation provides enough information to attempt the completion of an ILL Request form.  If the link does not appear, you may still request the item by going to the Interlibrary Loan page and manually completing a form. You can also try searching in Google Scholar for the article or Google Books for the book.

You may also click on Refine or alter search (top right corner). This will let you change the journal title, article title, author or other pieces of information if you suspect that they might be incorrect.

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