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What is our RefWorks Group Code?

The login screen for RefWorks and Write-n-Cite offers an option to login with a Group Code.

You don't need the Group Code for RefWorks or Write-n-Cite if you have set up your browser for off-campus access.  Setting up your browser for off-campus access also gives you access to all the libraries' subscription databases, journals, and ebooks.

If you choose to not set up your browser for off-campus access, the Group Code will let you into RefWorks from off-campus without going through the proxy server or VPN. When you sign up for a RefWorks account, you receive an email stating your username, password, and the Group Code.  If you forget any of these pieces of info, you can choose "Forgot your log-in?" from the RefWorks login screen. RefWorks will send you an email stating your username, password, and the Group Code.  Please contact Amanda Hedrick with questions about RefWorks.

This page last reviewed by Amanda Hedrick on 07/14/2011

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