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How do I put music recordings on reserve?

You have several options. Depending on the class characteristics, the amount and length of musical selections, your comfort with doing it yourself, and whether the music is required listening or "just in case" you might want to do any of the following.
  1. Allow us to put the audio on our streaming online service (Digital Orpheus) and we will make a link to it in your library reserve list in JMU Library Catalog--use this form.
  2. Find a library recording or bring in your own and we will place the recording on the reserves shelf and make a link to it in your library reserve list--use this form
  3. Create a playlist in one of our online audio services.  MusicOnline is recommended because you can put anything on reserve if it has a url (i.e journal article, track from DRAM or Naxos)
  4. Rip the track and upload to your Blackboard course--go to Blackboard (caveat:  Blackboard is very limited in file size upload it allows)
  5. Share an iTunes playlist on your studio or office computer (5 users a day in the building can use)
  6. Create an iMix at the iTunes store (or similar service) and point students to it to buy an "anthology"
  7. Upload tracks to JMUTube and use this form to ask us to make a link from the library reserve list or make a link from Blackboard or include in syllabus yourself.
  8. Just put the bibliographic information of the CD (or the url to an online track) in your syllabus or assignment sheet (either paper or on Blackboard) and ask you students to find it--lowers your rating on!
Confused?  Schedule a consultation with the Music Librarian to help weigh the options

This page last reviewed by Lynne Moir on 11/29/2011.

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