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You can request we purchase scores, recordings, books...?

The Music Library welcomes suggestions from library users for new books, videos, CDs, scores and more. Please use one of the options below to make a suggestion:

Patron Request Form

For any JMU Libraries user to request new books, videos, CDs, scores and more for any JMU Library. The request goes directly to the Acquisitions Department and will be forwarded to Music Library Staff if music material.

This page last reviewed by Lynne Moir on 11/29/2011.

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  • You can avoid overdue fees by renewing online at My Account
  • You can borrow a portable CD Recorder and Microphone
  • You can get your vinyl transfered to CD in the Music Library
  • You can use Logic Express to write scores
  • You can get your personal music scores bound in the Music Library

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