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Finding Sheet Music and Scores in JMU Library Catalog

For your instrument
Word Search + instrument + then limit by "Musical Scores"
or see the Instrument Guide menu on the Music Library home which does this for you.

Standard chamber ensembles
Word Search + ensemble type (wind quintets, brass quintets, string quartets) + then limit by "Musical Scores"By specific composer
Word Search + composer's last name + then limit by "Musical Scores"Of a specific genre or title
Word Search + title/genre (plural form -- symphonies, concertos, sonatas) + then limit by "Musical Scores"

Songs and Arias
In general songs and aria searches tend to be unsuccessful using Leo since most songs are in anthologies.  To find anthologies, you may perform a Word Search + composer's last name "songs" (e.g. schubert songs)) + then limit by "Musical Scores".  To find out how to search for  songs and arias see the voice page.

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