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Which databases are searched by Quick Search?

JMU Library Catalog, EBSCO article databases, and select other databases. For a nearly full list, click on this link, scroll down to "Databases Searched" in the left column, and click on "show more." This is a nearly complete collection of databases being searched, with the exception of:
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
  • Education Research Complete
  • Health Source - Consumer Edition
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academis Edition
  • Humanities International Complete
  • Legal Collection
  • Newspaper Source Plus
  • OmniFile
  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
  • Religion and Philosophy Collection
To get a better idea of the relationship between Quick Search and other items owned or subscribed to by JMU, please see What is included in Quick Search vs. JMU Library Catalog?

Anytime you are in Quick Search and would like to know which databases your results were found in, you may scroll to the last entry in the left column (Databases Searched) and click on "Show More".

Select the following link to see a list of only the EBSCO article databases:

For a complete list of everything searched by Quick Search, navigate here:

This page last reviewed by David Gaines on 12/01/2015.

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