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What is the difference between JMU Library Catalog and Periodical Locator?

JMU Library Catalog is our official list of all books, videos, sound recordings, and documents. JMU Library Catalog does include information about many of our journals, magazines, and newspapers, but it does not include the titles that are part of aggregator databases like Academic Search Complete, LexisNexis Academic, and OmniFile.

Periodical Locator is our official list of all journals, magazines, and newspapers available through JMU Libraries. If you find that a title does not appear in Periodical Locator, consider double-checking for it in JMU Library Catalog. It may have been accidentally excluded from Periodical Locator, or may consider the title to be a book series rather than a periodical.

This page last reviewed by Sarah Brett on 12/2/2015.

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