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How do I find an article by subject in a specific periodical?

You have at least three choices for finding an article by subject in a specific periodical:

  • If the library offers an online version, select it from Periodical Locator and look for a search box, button, or link. Not all online versions offer searching.


  • Select a periodical index or abstract in a likely subject area in our list of Research Databases.  Most of our indexes and abstracts let you limit your search to a specific periodical title.


  • When viewing the title within Periodical Locator , select the link to "Title Details from" Within ulrichsweb, select the tab (if available) for "Abstracting/Indexing & Article Access" for a near-complete list of periodical indexes and abstracts that include your title.  Look for those indexes and abstracts in our list of Research Databases or Ask a Librarian for help identifying which ones we offer.

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