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What if my journal title is not listed in Periodical Locator?

If your periodical title is not listed in Periodical Locator:

  • Make sure that you searched for the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper, not the title of the article.
  • Check for spelling mistakes.
  • If your title starts with an article (the, a, an, le, el, die, der), exclude it from your search.
  • If your title includes punctuation, try excluding it.
  • Consider searching for only a few words from the title with "Title Contains All Words" instead of "Title Begins With."
  • Double-check with a title search in JMU Library Catalog. Although JMU Library Catalog does not offer a full listing of our periodicals, you may find an instance where JMU Library Catalog includes something that is accidentally excluded from Periodical Locator.

If we do not own a particular periodical, you can request an article from another library online using Interlibrary Loan. Allow 8-10 days for the article to arrive.

This page last reviewed by Jody Fagan on 07/19/2011.

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