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What do I do if "Check for Full Text @ JMU" isn't working?

The Check for Full Text @ JMU button appears in many of our research databases and will help you find out if JMU owns a particular periodical article, book or other item.  Occasionally, this button is unavailable.  If so, here's what you should do:

If you're looking for a journal article, look up the first few words of your journal title in Periodical Locator.  Be sure to look up the journal title, not the article title.  For example, if your citation was:

Amato, Paul R.  "Parental Divorice," Psychological Bulletin. 1991 Jul Vol 110(1) 26-46.

You would search on Psychological Bulletin.  

If you do find results, you would click on a link such as "Full text from 1904 to present in PsycARTICLES" and then re-search for the article title on the linked-to web site, in this case, Parental Divorce. If you only find a link such as Carrier Library Print Holdings, click on that, and place an Article Delivery request.

If you are looking for a book, search for the book title in JMU Library Catalog.

By following these steps, you'll find the same items that Check for Full Text @ JMU would have found for you.

This page last reviewed by David Gaines on 12/02/2015.

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