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Why don't I see the Check for Full Text button or link?

There are several possible reasons for this:

  • You may need to click on the article title to view the full record that includes the Check for Full Text @ JMU link.
  • You have JavaScript turned off in your browser.
  • You are using a database that isn't "Open-URL enabled" and so doesn't work with Check for Full Text @ JMU.
  • The citation may not contain all of the components necessary to enable Check for Full Text @ JMU to attempt a link.  Dissertations, for example, don't have the ISSN/ISBN numbers required to enable linking to full text.

For advice on what to do, see What do I do if "Check for Full Text @ JMU" isn't working?

This page last reviewed by Jody Fagan on 07/19/2011.

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