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Why didn't I go directly to the journal article when I clicked on the full-text option provided in Check for Full Text @ JMU?

Check for Full Text @ JMU will try to get you as close to the full text as it can but sometimes you may have to go through a few screens or do a search to find the exact article. These extra steps are because some resources can't or won't allow the software to go directly to the full text.

If Check for Full Text @ JMU can’t find a link for you, it will take you to a menu page with additional options. If there is more than one full text option listed, choose one of the links that say "Article" to get to your article most directly. Links that say "Journal" will generally get you to a table of contents page. If you are on a table of contents page, look for a “search within this journal” search box.

If you end up at a publisher’s site and can’t find a full text link, or you see a paywall notice, click on the “Alternate pathways to this full-text article, plus other options” link in the “Gold Bar” at the top to go to the Check for Full Text @ JMU menu page, which may contain other options for full text.

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