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How do I browse the videos, music or other media added to the collection most recently?

To see titles added recently, visit the New Titles List.  The list includes titles in all JMU library locations and is updated monthly.

If you would like to see a list of all titles in a particular format, you can also search JMU Library Catalog for a Local Call Number. From the main JMU Library Catalog page, look for Select a Search and select Number. Change Library of Congress to Local Call Number and search for one of the Local Call Numbers in the table below. The most-recent titles added to the collection will be at the end of the search results; to move them to the top of the list, change the Sort by option from System Sorted to Reverse Year.

Common Formats
Local Call Number
multimedia cd
CD-ROMs (about music)
Films on DVD
Films on Videotape
videotape no.
Music CDs
Other Formats
Local Call Number
Computer Training Videotapes
Films on 16mm
motion picture no.
Films on Videodiscs   videodisc no.
filmstrip no.
Music Audiocassettes
Slide Sets or Audio/Slide Programs
Spoken-Word Audiocassettes
audiotape no.
Spoken-Word LP Records
phonodisc spo

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