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Finding music Recordings in JMU Library Catalog?

To find only CD's, perform any of the word searches below and add the word "compact" to the search terms.

For your instrument
Word Search + instrument + then limit by "Musical Recordings" or see the Instrument Guide menu on the Music Library home which does this for you.  The instrument guides can also limit your search to compact discs only.

By specific composer
Word Search + composer's last name + then limit by "Musical Recording"

Of a specific genre or title
Word Search + title/genre (plural form -- symphonies, concertos, sonatas) + then limit by "Musical Recording"

For Jazz

Subject Search + "Jazz" + then limit by "Musical Recordings"

This page last reviewed by Karen Snively on 12/03/2015.

Songs and Arias
Word Search + significant words from author and title (e.g. schubert hirt felson) + then limit by "Musical Recording"

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