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How can I find e-resources on JMU Library Catalog using keyword searching?

To retrieve full texts, video, audio or graphics on the Internet using JMU Library Catalog:

Type in the Keyword search box (examples):

E-books, either by author or topic;
i.e., e-books + author OR
       e-books + topic


e-books and psycholinguistics ;
e-books and hemingway ;
e-books and "new zealand" ;
e-books and courtiers and 16th century

Online JMU doctoral dissertations  (Psychology and Communication Sciences & Disorders only) + author or topic

e-theses and "auditory perception"

E-reference books about your topic, etc.
i.e., dictionaries and encyclopedias online

e-reference and "animal behavior" ;
e-reference and medicine

Streaming videos (e-videos) + topic/performer/producer, etc.

e-videos and "Ken Burns"
e-videos and Iraq

Streaming audio (e-audio) +
performance medium/composer, title, etc.

e-audio and violin ;
e-audio and "caro mio ben" ;
e-audio and bartok

E-graphics  (posters, broadsides, circulars,
pictures, etc.) +  topic

e-graphics and "world war"

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