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How can I search for more than one word in JMU Library Catalog?

You can use the following special characters to combine words in JMU Library Catalog.

Use: To Find: Example:
" " a phrase "World Wide Web"
and all words or phrases
(narrows search)
San Francisco and earthquake
or either words or phrases
(broadens search)
AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome
and not first word but not the second
(narrows search)
war and not nuclear
( ) words combined with multiple operators (and, or, and not) (women or female) and (leaders or rulers or prime ministers)
* any word with the same
beginning letters
[finds Dostoevsky, Dostoevskii]
near words near each other
(within 10 words)
hackers near security
within n words within any number of each other guitar within 15 blues

In all other searches (i.e. author, title, subject, call number, standard number), searches for multiple words will automatically look for those words as a phrase at the beginning of the field.

This page last reviewed by Jody Fagan on 07/19/2011.

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