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What do I do if Periodical Locator isn't working?

If Periodical Locator is temporarily unavailable, please try the following workarounds to locate a newspaper, magazine, or journal at JMU Libraries:

1. Try using Quick Search by clicking on the hour glass icon on the home page search widget.  Searching using the widget is not a good option in this situation as it accesses Periodical Locator when the Journal Titles option is selected.  After clicking the hour glass check the box next to JMU Catalog Only, select the Title search option, and begin your search.

2. Use JMU Library Catalog to do a Title Search on the first few words of your periodical title.

3. If you get too many results in JMU Library Catalog, use the LIMIT SEARCH button and, under "Type of Material:" select "Periodicals."

Note: JMU has access to some journal, magazine, and newspaper titles that JMU Library Catalog does not provide access to. If you don't find your periodical title in JMU Library Catalog, please try Periodical Locator when access is restored.

Please contact any of our service desks for additional help.

This page last reviewed by Carl Nelson on 07/21/2011.

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