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New Features for Check for Full Text @ JMU

If you use Research Databases through JMU Libraries, you also probably use our Check for Full Text @ JMU service to locate full text. Over the next few weeks, we are introducing some exciting new features to this service. The changes will happen gradually throughout our databases and should be complete by the end of May. 

New Options

The biggest changes, and improvements, are how your full text options are displayed. Here are the full text options for the same article in the old version and the new version:




New Version

Links to Full Text Coverage Dates Database Name
06/01/1990 - present
01/01/1983 - present
01/01/1994 - present
1975 - present
01/01/1983 - present
06/01/1990 - present

Right away, you'll notice that more of our full text resources appear than ever before. You'll also see coverage dates at a glance, and even see information about our print holdings. That information used to be a click away in the old version.

Each resource has up to three links now, instead of just one, giving you a hint of what to expect after clicking. From left to right, the links for "Article," "Journal" and the source name line up from most-direct to least-direct.

  • Click on "Article" and you will go directly to the article; no need to search or browse through tables of contents. 
  • Click on "Journal" and go to the tables of contents for the journal.
  • Click on the database name to search the resource itself.  

If one of the more direct links do not work or are not available, you have the less-direct options as backups.

New Features

You'll also find a few more additional features for working with your citation.

  • Import the item information into RefWorks so you can add it to a bibliography and cite in your paper. Find this feature under Additional Assistance.
  • Find a static ("durable") URL for this item with the Get Article Linker URL option, bottom right corner.
  • Change the details of your item if you suspect an error in the citation, top right corner.
  • More options for searching WorldCat and Google Scholar.

Watch for these changes to appear gradually over the month.  In the meantime, if you would like a full preview before the changes take effect in your favorite database, do a search in America: History & Life and look for the "Beta" Check for Full Text @ JMU button.

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