Information Literacy

for Teaching and Learning

A Workshop for Faculty and Librarians

May 9-11, 2006

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JMU faculty from 18 departments and their liaison librarians participated in the information literacy workshop, which was facilitated by Dr. Terry Mech of King's College.  Working in collaboration, each pair developed an information literacy assignment that will be implemented during the coming academic year.  Following are the assignments developed by faculty participants:

Faculty Member Department Course Liaison Librarian Assigment and supplementary materials Faculty evaluation of assignment
Melinda Adams Political Science POSC492 Patricia Hardesty POSC492 Senior Seminar:  Annotated Bibliography evaluation
Tim Ball Communication Studies SCOM450 Jody Fagan

SCOM 450 assignment


Dabney Bankert English ENG299 Melissa VanVuuren Eng 299 assignment evaluation
Dennis Beck Theatre and Dance   Brian Cockburn

Project overview

Assignment components:

1. Formulating a Research Question

2. Preliminary List of Sources

3. Survey of Sources

4. Research Presentation Paper

5. Final synthesis project paper

6. Peer Review guidelines

Lucy Bednar Technical & Scientific Communication   Reba Leiding

TSC assignment


Monica Reis-Bergan Psychology PSYC497 Lynn Cameron


Sample student paper

Research guide for addictive behaviors

Benjamin Brewer Sociology   Candace Miller


Rory DePaolis Communication Sciences & Disorders   Judy Anderson CSD assignment  
Robert Eliason Management COB300A Kathy Clarke



course schedule

Theresa Flaherty Marketing MKTG 380 Jerry Gill MKTG 380 evaluation
Reid Harris Biology BIO124 Sharon Gasser Bio 124-Power Point  
Katherine Hughes Media Arts & Design   Jennifer Keach SMAD assignment  
Bill Ingham Physics PHY105 Meris Mandernach

Phys105 Reading List Assignment

Assignment Flowchart

Elligible Science Articles

Student work: 

Phy392 Resource Letter Assignment

Student work:

Ingham/Mandernach PowerPoint (CFI Workshop)


David Knitter

Health Sciences

Masters of Physician Assistant Studies

PA551 Jennifer McCabe

Managing Medical Information: Biostatistics

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Librarian Handouts


Using Literature to Make Decisions

John Ott Art History ARTH300 Mary Ann Chappell

Assignment Overview & Stage 1

Assignment Stage 2

Assignment Stage 3

Denise Perritt Educational Leadership ADSU640 Claire Clemens

biography rubric


Jeffrey Tang ISAT ISAT131 John McGehee

ISAT131 Learning Objs.

ISAT131 Assignment

Scott Vollum Justice   Daille Pettit /Ralph Alberico

Critical Research Review Assignments

Independent Research Project

Paper Grading Sheets

Some online data sources




Terry Mech's Slide Shows and Handouts

Slide Shows:

1.  Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning

2.  Today's Students

3.  Effective Assignments

4.  Fostering Academic Integrity

5.  Assessing Information Skills


1.  Assignment (Rubric) Trait Analysis

2.  Assignment Trait Analysis

3.  Checklist for Information Competencies

4.  Term Paper Alternatives

5.  Writing Feedback Form

6.  King's College Library Study Guide 14

7.  King's College Library Study Guide 3

8.  Student Information Skills Worksheet

9.  Rubric Use of Sources

10.  Rubric for Literature Review

11.  Rubric for Article Critique

12.  Research Paper Feedback Form

13.  Writing Learning Objectives

14. Core 110 Grading Evaluation Pyramid

Workshop Planning Committee:   Claire Clemens, Kathy Clarke, and Lynn Cameron.

Questions:  Contact Lynn Cameron, Coordinator of Library Instruction, Carrier Library, MSC 1704; (540)568-3826.