Wireless Laptops in JMU Libraries

Wireless laptops are available to faculty, staff, and students on a first come, first serve basis from Media Resources in Carrier Library and the Rose Library Information Desk. These laptops are checked out for 4 HOUR LOAN and may not be removed from their library of origin. If a laptop is not returned by the end of the four hour loan period a fine of $10 will be assigned for each hour it is overdue.


Can I renew a laptop loan after my 4 hour checkout is over?
You may renew your checkout, if no one else is waiting for a laptop. If someone is waiting for a laptop, you are required to relinquish the laptop for their use. To renew the loan, you must return the laptop and all of it's accessories to the checkout desk of origin. The desk assistant will check the laptop in and then check it back out to you for another four hours.
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Can I use my personal laptop in the JMU Libraries on the wireless network?

There are two available methods to access the on-campus wireless network: the JMU Official Wireless (no VPN Client), or the VPN Client. JMU Library laptops use JMU Official Wireless. The VPN client is available as a download from Computing Support's website (http://www.jmu.edu/computing/desktop/wireless/#vpn). For detailed information, please consult Computing Support's Wireless page (http://www.jmu.edu/computing/desktop/wireless/).
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Can I print from a loaner wireless laptop?

Pay for Print is available in Carrier and Rose Library at the printing stations located on the first floor near the Information Commons.
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What is included in the wireless laptop checkout?
All loaner laptops come with a battery, a power adapter for wall outlet use (recommended power supply), and a mouse. Laptops checked out in the Rose library also include a VGA cable for connecting the laptop to a monitor or television.

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What is the best way to save my work?

Storing your work on a portable media device, such as a flash drive, is the safest method of saving your work. You may also choose to email your documents to yourself. NOTE: If you save your work anywhere on the computer it will be lost as soon as the computer is shut down or rebooted. JMU Libraries are not responsible for lost files or documents.

For laptops in Carrier Library only: If you don't have a portable device you may temporarily store your work in the Temporary Folder located on the desktop. If you store your work on the laptop anywhere other than the Temporary Folder, your work will be lost as soon as the computer is shut down or rebooted. JMU Libraries are not responsible for lost files or documents.
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Is technical support available technical support for loaner laptops?

Limited technical support is available at the Information Desk(s) M-F, 8AM-5PM. If you need assistance, see the desk assistant where you checked out the laptop.
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What do I need to use my own wireless laptop in the JMU Libraries?
The method you use to configure your personal computer to connect to the JMU wireless network depends on the type of computer (MAC or PC) and the operating system you're using. Consult Computing Support's wireless page (http://www.jmu.edu/computing/desktop/wireless/) for detailed information about setting up your personal wireless computer.
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How do I leave feedback about your wireless laptop service?
Send comments and suggestions for laptops in Carrier Library to: media-resources@jmu.edu
For Rose Library: rose-library@jmu.edu

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Are there other laptops available for checkout?

Yes. Faculty, staff, and doctoral students can checkout laptops for a longer loan period through Media Resources Equipment Loans.

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