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Media Resources Video Editing Support



In the Media Center you can:

Check out a camcorder and accessories.

Photo of videocamera

Return with recorded images and use one of our PCs or Macs to edit:

Dell PC   iMAC   

          1.  Open video editing software

          2.  "Capture" or "import" video from a

                camera connected by cable

    Photo of USB cord    OR    Photo of DV cord

         USB              Firewire/DV  

          3. Edit your video with features like:

              • Trimmng clips

              • Adding titles/credits

              • Transitions/fading

          4.  Finish your project by making a

 Photo of dvd     OR           Photo of Quicktime player

          DVD                                video file



Media Resources in Carrier Library has self service PC and Mac video editing workstations with multiple user friendly applications for student academic use.  Technical support is available to assist walk in clientele on a limited basis.  Tutorials and other helpful information are available below.


                                                                                            >Top of Page

 PC (Windows):

 Primary video editing application:

 • Adobe Premier Elements (video editing)   

>Atomic Learning Tutorial (JMU users)

>Elements on Wikipedia

Supplementary PC programs: Other PC applications:

Handbrake  (video conversion)

Audacity (audio editing)

CDex (audio conversion)


Microsoft Office Suite


Windows Media Player


Power DVD DX



 Primary video editing applications:

 • Final Cut Express



>Atomic Learning Tutorial (JMU users)

>Final cut tutorials

>Final Cut on Wikipedia

 • Roxio Toast (DVD burning)



>Roxio support

>Toast on Wikipedia

 • iMovie '11



>Atomic Learning Tutorial (JMU users)

>iMovie '11 tutorial

>iMovie on Wikipedia

 • iDVD

>Atomic Learning Tutorial (JMU users)

>iDVD tutorial

>iDVD on Wikipedia


Supplementary Mac programs:  Other Mac applications:

VIDI (video capturing to DV file)

Handbrake  (video ripping)

MPEG streamclip (video converting)

Audacity (audio editing)


Microsoft Office Suite







Four PCs


• USB ready

• Firewire / DV ready

• DVD burning drive

Six iMacs


• USB ready

• Firewire / DV ready

• DVD burning drive


video transfer decks


Photo of JVC transfer deck


• Direct dubbing deck

• Great if not planning to edit!





Video Walkman

video walkman

• Transfer miini DVD to iMac



• Scan images into your video


Important considerations:

 • Have plenty of time!   Capturing, editing, and burning a project should take at least three times the time length of your recording.

 • Workstations are "first come, first served".

 • Video Projects create large files! Using portable storage is recommended.  A space is available to save files, however our computers reboot daily.  Upon reboot, all information is lost except what is saved to the designated "safe" folder

 • Saving a project may only save the editing instructions, not the actual video.  Check your file, and get help if you're not sure.




 • Videos with electronic copyright protection cannot be dubbed with our software.

 • Attempting to duplicate copyrighted material may be both illegal and an honors violation. (see Honor Code violation #16) 

 • If you have questions about copyright, ask an office staff member.

 • Be sure to review materials and resources located at Copyright@JMU.



Any suggestions?  email

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