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Archival Duplication Requests

Special Collections (including JMU Performance Recordings) may be purchsed from the Music Library in the following cases:

All duplication requests of commercially published material submitted to Music Library must include written authorization of copyright owners. 

JMU School of Music students and faculty may use the request form to request Music Library make one copy of their performances only.  Your name must appear on the program as proof of performance.  No proxies, written or otherwise, will be honored.  Charges are waived for current faculty and students.

All others may request the Music Library make a duplication of a JMU performance recording provided the following conditions are met:

Anyone may use the request form to request Music Library make a copy under one or more of the following conditions:

In most cases, due to copyright restrictions a limit of one copy per item per request will be maintained.  When multiple copies are required and copyright is determined not to be a limiting factor, authorization may be given for production of more than one copy of an item.

All duplication requests submitted to the Music Library must include wrtiten authorization.

Allow one-week minimum for the completition of a request.

Any required payment, either cash or check, must be received before an order can be claimed.

All orders are to be claimed in the library or shipping charges will apply.

The Music Library will not make copies on customer-supplied media.

Music Library is not responsible for damages to customer-supplied masters.  Protection masters are recommended and can be made for a nominal fee.

A minimum fee will be charged for materials required to complete a request.  Additional fees will be charged when editing time or custom service is required.  The total cost may not be determined until the work is completed.  Complex jobs should be discussed ahead of time with Music Library Staff.

The Music Library reserves the right to refuse a duplication request.