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Personal Duplication Session

The Music Library provides an Audio Edit Studio along with assistance for your audio duplicating needs.    It is self serve --You will be doing the dubbing with the assistance of the Lab/Studio Assistant.  Please consult Music Library Staff prior to scheduling an appointment with Lab/Studio Assistant.  An alternative to doing it yourself is to request Music Library perform the service for a nominal fee.

Dubbing hours change each semester depending on the available hours of the Lab Assistant.  You will be contacted by the lab assistant after you consult with the Music Library Staff.

Formats supported include Reel-to-reel, Cassette, DAT, Minidisc, multiple digital computer formats (mp3, quicktime, aac, wav, etc), CD, and multiple analog disc formats (all sizes up to 16" transcription, and all speeds).

All dubs will be to "Audio" CD.  Please bring CD's specifically designed for audio.  the logo on the blank CD must read "digital audio recordable."  CD's reading "compact disc recordable" will not work.  The JMU bookstore sells these CD's and they are available at many electronic and music stores.

You may bring your own masters to dub.  However, you will not be allowed to dub commercially published material without written authorization of copyright owners.

A limit of one copy per item will be maintained due to copyright restrictions and limited facility availability.

Allow approximately 10 minutes plus the running time of the concert or master to dub the entire event.  If you are choosing individual peices from several masters, allow running time pluls 5 to 10 minutes for each piece.

Music Library is not responsible for damages to customer-supplied masters.  Protection masters are recommended.

To Schedule a Duplication Session, contact Music Library Staff