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The Music Library staff, along with the rest of L&ET, can provide an array of support services to assist you in providing course content to your students. We offer:

Initial consultation is the first step in determining the method that is right for you and your class.  call (8-6978) or email ( and set up an appointment with the Music Librarian.

Tools to DIY (Do It Yourself):

  • Create a Personal Account on Music Online to place all MusicOnline and Naxos tracks, Grove Online and online journal articles, Petrucci and Classical Scores music, YouTube and other online videos—essentially anything that has a web address—on reserve.  Advantage: is accessible on all mobile devices.
  • JMUTube allows you to upload audio and video from your iTunes or other music software and create your own playlists.  Links to, or players themselves, can be placed in your Music Online account playlist (see above) or in your Blackboard course (see below), or in your Course Reserves in Leo.. Caveat:  uses flash so not compatible with Apple mobile devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone.
  • Blackboard Yes, your course is already there. You just need to add content.
  • Itunes sharing for very small classes or non-required listening you can simply share a playlist from you office computer (with or without password) and anyone in the building can connect.
  • Create course Anthologies at the Itunes store. Create your own iMix for your course and your students can buy the whole thing or only what they don’t already own.
  • Digitization facilities and training Schedule a time in the Music Library Faculty Innovation Studio Zone (FISZ) or for video contact CIT.

Library does it for You:

  • USE THIS FORM to put most library items (except journal articles) on reserve for shelf or online including books, scores, CD’s, DVD’s, online tracks at services like or Naxos, and online books. The form also allows edits to a current or previous course's reserves.
  • Journal articles from online, paper, or ILL.
  • Personal Items (audio, scores, books, video, keys, journal articles, pretty much anything that is not the library’s material). Download the form in word, or pdf and bring it and the item to music library.
  • A new purchase request: The form will automatically indicate this item be placed on reserve. We will do all we can to rush the item from purchase to course reserve.

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