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New titles in all locations for 2014-December

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TitleAuthorCall NumberLocation
Investment options for teens / by Tammy Gagne Gagne, Tammy author332.60835 G135i Memorial Hall Juvenile
At home in her tomb : Lady Dai and the ancient Chinese treasures of Mawangdui / Christine Liu-Perkins with illustrations by Sarah Brannen Liu-Perkins, Christine, author931.215 L783a Memorial Hall Juvenile
A volcano beneath the snow : John Brown's war against slavery / Albert Marrin Marrin, Albert author973.7 M359v Memorial Hall Juvenile
The Cambridge History of the First World War. Volume 2, The State / Edited by Jay Winter  AE5 .C36 Internet Internet
The Cambridge History of World Music / Edited by Philip V. Bohlman  AE5 .C36 Internet Internet
The Cambridge History of the First World War. Volume 1, Global War / Edited by Jay Winter  AE5 .C36 Internet Internet
The Cambridge History of the First World War. Volume 3, Civil Society / Edited by Jay Winter  AE5 .C36 Internet Internet
Redisplaying museum collections : contemporary display and interpretation in British museums / Hannah Paddon Paddon, Hannah, authorAM151 .P33 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Uncertain images : museums and the work of photographs / edited by Elizabeth Edwards, Sigrid Lien  AM7 .U49 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Xunzi : the complete text / translated and with an introduction by Eric L. Hutton Xunzi, 340 B.C.-245 B.CB128.H66 E5 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Cause and explanation in ancient Greek thought / R.J. Hankinson Hankinson, R. J., authorB187.C38 H36 2004 Carrier Lib-Stacks
What is the human being? / by Patrick R. Frierson Frierson, Patrick R., 1974- authorB2798 .F75 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Giorgio Agamben : beyond the threshold of deconstruction / Kevin Attell. Attell, Kevin.B3611.A44 A88 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The feminine symptom : aleatory matter in the Aristotelian cosmos / Emanuela Bianchi. Bianchi, Emanuela.B485 .B525 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Averroes on the harmony of religion and philosophy : a translation, with introduction and notes, of Ibn Rushd's Kitāb faṣl al-maqāl, with its appendix (Ḍamīma) and an extract from Kitāb al-kashf ʻan manāhij al-adilla / by George F. Hourani Averroës, 1126-1198, authorB749.F32 E5 2012 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Philosophical methodology : the armchair or the laboratory? / edited by Matthew C. Haug  BD241 .P435 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The death of God and the meaning of life / Julian Young Young, Julian, authorBD431 .Y59 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The new behaviorism / John Staddon Staddon, J. E. R., authorBF199 .S76 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Ways of sensing : understanding the senses in society / David Howes, Constance Classen Howes, David, 1957-BF233 .H65 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Psychology after the unconscious : from Freud to Lacan / Ian Parker. Parker, Ian, 1956-BF315 .P28937 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Not on speaking terms : clinical strategies to resolve family and friendship cutoffs / Elena Lesser Bruun, Suzanne Michael. Bruun, Elena Lesser, author.BF511 .B78 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
A psychological perspective on joy and emotional fulfillment / Chris M. Meadows Meadows, Chris M., authorBF575.H27 M423 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Emotional well-being and mental health : a guide for counsellors and psychotherapists / Digby Tantam foreword by Emmy van Deurzen Tantam, Digby, authorBF575.H27 T36 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The reject : community, politics, and religion after the subject / Irving Goh. Goh, Irving.BF575.R35 G64 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Psychology of trust : new research / David Gefen, editor  BF575.T7 P794 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Children's imagination : creativity under our noses / Ursula Kolbe Kolbe, Ursula, authorBF723.I5 .K65 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Neurobiology and the development of human morality : evolution, culture, and wisdom / Darcia Narvaez. Narváez, Darcia, author.BF723.M54 N37 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The critical role of parenting in human development / Marianna S. Klebanov and Adam D. Travis. Klebanov, Marianna S., author.BF723.P25 K54 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Age of opportunity : lessons from the new science of adolescence / Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D. Steinberg, Laurence D., 1952- author.BF724 .S753 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Wasteland : a history / Vittoria Di Palma Di Palma, Vittoria, authorBH301.L3 D52 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
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