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New titles in all locations for 2014-August

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TitleAuthorCall NumberLocation
Some remarks : essays and other writing / Neal Stephenson Stephenson, Neal, authorAC8 .S7525 2012 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Museum branding : how to create and maintain image, loyalty, and support / Margot A. Wallace Wallace, Margot A., 1941-AM11 .W35 2006 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The manual of museum management / Gail Dexter Lord and Barry Lord Lord, Gail Dexter, 1946- authorAM121 .L66 2009 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Things great and small : collections management policies / John E. Simmons Simmons, John EAM133 .S56 2006 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The emergence of the modern museum : an anthology of nineteenth-century sources / edited by Jonah Siegel  AM41 .E44 2008 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Museums in Britain : a history / Christine Garwood Garwood, Christine, authorAM41 .G37 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Museum basics / Timothy Ambrose and Crispin Paine Ambrose, TimAM5 .A43 2012 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Exploring museum theatre / Tessa Bridal Bridal, Tessa, 1947-AM7 .B75 2004 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Museum frictions : public cultures/global transformations / edited by Ivan Karp ... [et al.] with Gustavo Buntinx, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, and Ciraj Rassool  AM7 .M8713 2006 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The Postcolonial Museum : the Arts of Memory and the Pressures of History / by Iain Chambers, Alessandra De Angelis, Celeste Ianniciello, Mariangela Orabona and Michaela Quadraro  AM7 .P59 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The participatory museum / by Nina Simon Simon, Nina, authorAM7 .S56 2010 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Theorizing museums : representing identity and diversity in a changing world / edited by Sharon Macdonald and Gordon Fyfe  AM7 .T48 1996 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Exhibiting the past : historical memory and the politics of museums in postsocialist China / Kirk A. Denton Denton, Kirk A., 1955- authorAM72.A2 D46 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Brains, buddhas, and believing : the problem of intentionality in classical buddhist and cognitive scientific philosophy of mind / Dan Arnold Arnold, Daniel Anderson, 1965- authorB105.I56 A76 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Identity and difference : John Locke and the invention of consciousness / Etienne Balibar edited and with an introduction by Stella Sandford translated by Warren Montag Balibar, Etienne, 1942-B1294 .B3513 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The Scottish Enlightenment : race, gender, and the limits of progress / Silvia Sebastiani translated by Jeremy Carden Sebastiani, SilviaB1402.E55 S4313 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Hume's radical scepticism and the fate of naturalized epistemology / Kevin Meeker Meeker, Kevin, 1968-B1498 .M395 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The Oxford handbook of Adam Smith / edited by Christopher J. Berry, Maria Pia Paganelli, Craig Smith  B1545.Z7 O94 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
You must change your life : on anthropotechnics / Peter Sloterdijk translated by Wieland Hoban Sloterdijk, Peter, 1947- authorB3332.S253 D8613 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Agamben and indifference : a critical overview / William Watkin Watkin, William, 1970- authorB3611.A44 W36 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
From Plato to Platonism / Lloyd P. Gerson Gerson, Lloyd P., authorB395 .G47 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Questions on Aristotle's Categories / John Duns Scotus translated by Lloyd A. Newton Duns Scotus, John, approximately 1266-1308B438 .D8613 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
God, the good, and utilitarianism : perspectives on Peter Singer / edited by John Perry  B5704.S554 G63 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Plotinus : self and the world / Raoul Mortley Mortley, RaoulB693.Z7 M675 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
What is Islamic philosophy? / Roy Jackson Jackson, Roy, 1962- authorB741 .J29 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Interpreting Avicenna : critical essays / edited by Peter Adamson  B751.Z7 I587 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The analytic tradition in philosophy / Scott Soames Soames, ScottB808.5 .S655 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Articulating medieval logic / Terence Parsons Parsons, TerenceBC34 .P37 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Becoming Freud : the making of a psychoanalyst / Adam Phillips. Phillips, Adam, 1964-BF109.F74 P485 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The embodied analyst : from Freud and Reich to relationality / Jon Sletvold. Sletvold, Jon.BF173 .S8754 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
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