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Instructions for Authors




JWL Checklist for Authors:

Please complete the checklist below before submitting your manuscript.

Copyright and author information:

__ Review and accept the Taylor & Francis copyright form and Schedule of Author Rights (Note: if there are any issues or questions about this, please email before you submit your manuscript).  More information on T&F copyright.

__ Include complete information for all authors:

  1. First and last name(s)
  2. Affiliation
  3. Email
  4. Full snail-mail address

Manuscript components:

__ Include a 200-500 word abstract and it follows these guidelines.

__ Include 7-10 keywords to facilitate indexing.

__ Include all figures and tables in a separate document when applicable. All figures and tables have captions that are not part of the figure itself but accompany the figure / table in plain text. Note: Ideally, readers should be able to know what the table / figure is from the caption alone. Please do not make captions of more than 2 lines, try to limit to 1 line. Also, it is helpful if charts and tables are submitted in data-editable form.

__ Refer to all figures and tables within the text and put in [PLACE FIGURE 1] notes in the text where the figures and tables should be placed:

The library home page has a thrilling submit button (see Figure 1).

__ Include a complete References list.

__ Number all pages.



__ Cite all references using Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, Author-Date system. [ See JWL's brief guide to Chicago Style ].

__ Verify the accuracy and completeness of all citations and references, including URLs.

__ Review the References list: Does it contain only citations that are mentioned in the article text?

__ Check that every in-text citation has a corresponding full citation in the References section.

__ If specific software (e.g., Morae) is mentioned, cite software manufacturers (TechSmith) and include a URL for the manufacturer/ software (

Tools for Better Writing:

__ Have a colleague read / edit your work. Please, please do this.

__ Start and end most, if not all, paragraphs with your own words (i.e. a direct quote is not the first or last line of any paragraph.)

__ Verify that your literature review is up-to-date and explain how each citation relates directly to your topic [more suggestions].

__ Identify future avenues for research when writing about a research project.

JWL Local Style Sheet

If accepted, your submission will be profesionally copyedited for local style issues. If you would like to know what our local style rules are, you can read the JWL local style sheet. 

Guidelines for Abstracts

Abstracts can be the most important paragraph in your article: they will inform searchers whether or not they should read further.

For all articles, abstracts should:

For case studies,

For empirical studies,

For review articles,


Literature Review:


The literature review section of your paper should include references from the current or immediately preceding year if at all possible. Be sure you tie each reference in your literature review to your research. For example, if your article is about a usability test of your library catalog, do not just cite Jakob Nielsen just because he is a usability guru.  Cite him if you used his work to inspire your research, its methods, its analysis, or if you are contrasting his work with the guru who did inspire your research. 

Furthermore, you do not need to cite every single user study. Find the studies that are most like the one you will conduct or that had interesting implications you want to respond to or engage with.  Be sure to include recent studies.

When you proofread your literature review, think about starting and ending every paragraph with your words. If you don't, be sure that's a conscious choice.  Also, check to make sure that you are connecting each citation or group of citations with your research in some way.

Authors rights:

Authors can post preprints of articles on their personal websites, so long as they include the following statement:

This article is a preprint and will appear in the Journal of Web Librarianship, published by Taylor & Francis, Inc.      (

For more details, please see the following document:

Peer-Review Process:


The Journal of Web Librarianship is a peer-reviewed journal using double-blind reviewing. The editor will assign manuscripts to reviewers with expertise in the field. Reviewers will have no direct information about the author's identity or affiliation. Upon completing their review, reviewers will make one of the following recommendations to the editor:

  • Acceptable with few or no editorial revisions.
  • Acceptable but requires some rewriting by the author.
  • Not acceptable in its present condition, but author should be encouraged to revise and resubmit.
  • Does not warrant further consideration by the Journal of Web Librarianship.

Authors will be informed of the reviewers' comments. The review process will take two to six weeks.

Criteria sent to peer reviewers