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The Journal of Web Librarianship
The Journal of Web Librarianship


Special Issue on data-driven decision making for the library web, JWL 7(4)

The Journal of Web Librarianship is pleased to announce an upcoming special issue on the topic of data-driven decision making for the library web, edited by Meris A. Mandernach.

Data-driven decision-making in the realm of library web sites is an emerging and ever-evolving goal for libraries of all types and sizes. As data becomes more available and easily accessible, the use of that data for decision making to support the user experience in online systems, discovery tools and Web sites is of the utmost importance. Though both qualitative and quantitative data should be used for informing decisions in libraries, this issue's scope will focus on quantitative data sources such as:

Additionally, this issue will focus on how data from the aboce sources is used to support decisions about all aspects of the library's virtual presence, including:

Submissions should clearly state one or more research questions or, for more practical articles, a decision that was or will be supported by the data, and explain the type of data sources used.

Query letters and preliminary proposals are welcome any time if potential authors would like to discuss their ideas with the issue editor. Please submit queries and manuscripts to guest editor Meris Mandernach at Please refer to the JWL Web site, for Instructions for Authors.

Meris Mandernach is Head of Research Services at the Ohio State University Libraries. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on topics related to reference, usability testing, discovery systems, and chemistry information literacy.

Issue Timeline:

Initial Manuscript Submission deadline: January 31, 2013

Notices to authors: April, 2013

Final Acceptance: June, 2013

Issue Publication: October, 2013