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Volume 2, Issue 1

Reviewed by Mary M. Manning, Assistant University Archivist and Special Collections Librarian, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, manning at adelphi dot edu

GAMING & LIBRARIES: INTERSECTION OF SERVICES. Levine, Jenny. Special issue, Library Technology Reports 42, no. 5 (2006). [Chicago, IL: ALA TechSource (American Library Association).] 68p. $63.00. ISSN 0024-2586.
Reviewed by Jami Schwarzwalder, Teen Services Librarian, Pierce County Library System, South Hill Branch, South Hill, WA, jamischwarzwalder at gmail dot com

HOW LIS PROFESSIONALS CAN USE ALERTING SERVICES. Fourie, Ina. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 196p. £39.00. ISBN 1-84334-128-X.
Reviewed by Lani Hall Draper, Digital Materials Archivist and Web Manager, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX, lhall at sfasu dot edu

LEADERSHIP BASICS FOR LIBRARIANS AND INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS. Evans, G. Edward, and Patricia Layzell Ward. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2007. 256p. $40.00. ISBN 978-0-8108-5229-7.
Reviewed by Rachel E. Vacek, Technology Coordinator, Vanderbilt University, Walker Management Library, Nashville, TN, rachel dot vacek at owen dot vanderbilt dot edu

TECHNOLOGIES FOR EDUCATION: A PRACTICAL GUIDE. Barron, Ann E., Karen S. Ivers, Nick Lilavois, and Julie A. Wells. 5th ed. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2006. 204p. $48.00. ISBN 1-59158-250-4.
Reviewed by Duncan Dixon, Assistant Librarian, Reference & Information Technology, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, Canada, Duncan dot Dixon at twu dot ca

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE REST OF US: A PRIMER ON COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE LOW-TECH LIBRARIAN. Courtney, Nancy (Ed.). Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2006. 192p. $42.00. ISBN 1-59158-233-4.
Reviewed by Michael LaMagna, Reference Librarian, Cabrini College, Radnor, PA, mlamagna at cabrini dot edu

WEB-BASED LEARNING: THEORY, RESEARCH, AND PRACTICE. O'Neil, Harold F., and Ray S. Perez (Eds.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2006. 432p. $110.00. (Prepaid: $37.50.) ISBN 0-8058-5100-3.
Reviewed by Sophia Guevara, MLIS, Ann Arbor, MI, sophiaguevara at gmail dot com

Volume 1, issue 4

DIGITAL LIBRARIES: INTEGRATING CONTENT AND SYSTEMS. Dahl, Mark, Kyle Banerjee, and Michael Spalti. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 224p. £39.95. ISBN 1-84334-155-7.
Reviewed by Abby Clobridge, Digital Initiatives Group Leader, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, aclobrid at bucknell dot edu

THE INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY. Jones, Richard, Theo Andrew, and John MacColl. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 268p. £39.95. ISBN 1-84334-138-7.
Reviewed by Kshitij Grover, Graduate Student, Kent State University, Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Program, Kent, OH, kgrover at kent dot edu

INTERNATIONAL LIBRARIANSHIP: A BASIC GUIDE TO GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE ACCESS. Stueart, Robert D. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2007. 260p. $45.00. ISBN 978-0-8108-5876-3.
Reviewed by Debbie Rabina, Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute, School of Information and Library Science, New York, NY, drabina at pratt dot edu

LIBRARIAN'S GUIDE TO ONLINE SEARCHING. Bell, Suzanne S. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2006. 288p. $45.00. ISBN 1-59158-326-8.
Reviewed by Julia Bauder, MLIS Student, Wayne State University, Library and Information Science Program, Detroit, MI, ax6999 at wayne dot edu

OUT FRONT WITH STEPHEN ABRAM: A GUIDE FOR INFORMATION LEADERS. Abram, Stephen. Compiled by Judith A. Siess and Jonathan Lorig. Chicago: American Library Association, 2007. 192p. $40.00. ISBN 978-0-8389-0932-4.
Reviewed by Nicole C. Engard, MLIS Student, Drexel University, College of Information Science and Technology, Philadelphia, PA, nengard at gmail dot com

PUTTING CONTENT ONLINE: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR LIBRARIES. Jordan, Mark. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 350p. £39.93. ISBN 1-84334-176-X.
Reviewed by Dorothea Salo, Digital Repository Librarian, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, dsalo at library dot wisc dot edu

USER DESIGN. Carr-Chellman, Alison A. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007. 152p. $22.50. ISBN 0-8058-5505-X.
Reviewed by Chris Benda, Library Associate, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, chris dot benda at vanderbilt dot edu

WEB DRAGONS: INSIDE THE MYTHS OF SEARCH ENGINE TECHNOLOGY. Witten, Ian H., Marco Gori, and Teresa Numerico. Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann, 2007. 288p. $29.95. ISBN 978-0-12-370609-6.
Reviewed by Celia Ross, Reference/Instruction Librarian and Library Instructional Design Coordinator, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL, cross at colum dot edu

Volume 1, issue 3

BUILDING BRIDGES: COLLABORATION WITHIN AND BEYOND THE ACADEMIC LIBRARY. Langley, Anne, Edward Gray, KTL Vaughan. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 164p. £39.95. ISBN 1-84334-151-4.
Reviewed by Allison Ondrasik King, Assistant University Librarian, University of Central Florida, Cocoa, FL, aking at mail dot ucf dot edu

THE CULTURE OF EVALUATION IN LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES. Crawford, John. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 208p. £39.00. ISBN 1-84334-101-8.
Reviewed by Stacy L. Voeller, Electronic Resources Librarian and Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN, voeller at mnstate dot edu

ETHICAL DECISION MAKING FOR DIGITAL LIBRARIES. Anderson, Cokie. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 156p. £39.95. ISBN 1-84334-149-2.
Reviewed by Stephen Shaw, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX, sjshaw at pvamu dot edu

HELP SEEKING IN ACADEMIC SETTINGS: GOALS, GROUPS, AND CONTEXTS. Karabenick, Stuart A., and Richard S. Newman (Eds.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2006. 336p. $29.95. ISBN 0-8058-5220-4.
Reviewed by Eric Meyers, Ph.D. Student, University of Washington, Information School, Seattle, WA, meyerse at u dot washington dot edu

IT MANAGER'S HANDBOOK: GETTING YOUR NEW JOB DONE. 2nd ed. Holtsnider, Bill, and Brian D. Jaffe. Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann, 2006. 632p. $49.95. ISBN 0-12-370488-X.
Reviewed by Hazel Cameron, College of Business and Economics Librarian, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, Hazel dot Cameron at wwu dot edu

OPEN SOURCE DATABASE DRIVEN WEB DEVELOPMENT. Dunlap, Isaac Hunter. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 230p. £39.95. ISBN 1-84334-161-1.
Reviewed by Alexander Samuel Popowich, MLIS Student, Dalhousie University, School of Information Management, Halifax, Nova Scotia, a dot s dot popowich at dal dot ca

THE PERSONA LIFECYCLE: KEEPING PEOPLE IN MIND THROUGHOUT PRODUCT DESIGN. Pruitt, John, and Tamara Adlin. Morgan-Kaufman, 2006. 744p. $59.95. ISBN 0-12-566251-3.
Reviewed by Patricia Cristina Nascimento Souto, Ph.D. Student, Loughborough University, Department of Information Science, Loughborough, UK, P dot C dot Nascimento-Souto at lboro dot ac dot uk

WEB 2.0 & LIBRARIES: BEST PRACTICES FOR SOCIAL SOFTWARE. Stephens, Michael. Special issue of Library Technology Reports 42, no. 4 (July/August 2006). Chicago, IL: ALA TechSource (American Library Association). 68p. $63.00. ISSN 0024-2586.
Reviewed by Erin McCaffrey, Digital Systems Librarian, Regis University, Denver, CO, emccaffr at regis dot edu

Volume 1, issue 2

Reviewed by Erin R. Buerk, Recent MLIS Graduate, University of Denver, College of Education, Denver, CO, ebuerk at yahoo dot com

DIGITAL GENERATIONS: CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE, AND THE NEW MEDIA. Buckingham, David, and Rebekah Willett (Eds.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2006. 352p. $37.50. ISBN 0-8058-5862-8.
Reviewed by Jami Schwarzwalder, MLS Student, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, School of Library and Information Science, Indianapolis, IN, jlschwa at iupui dot edu

Reviewed by Deborah Kaplan, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, dkaplan at brandeis dot edu

HANDS-ON GUIDE TO VIDEO BLOGGING AND PODCASTING: EMERGING MEDIA TOOLS FOR BUSINESS COMMUNICATION. Felix, Lionel, and Damien Stolarz. Amsterdam: Focal Press, 2006. 360p. $34.95. ISBN 0-240-80831-2.
Reviewed by Kelly D. Blessinger, Associate Reference Librarian, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, kblessi at lsu dot edu

MULTIMEDIA SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES FOR DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT. Zeng, Wenjun, Heather Yu, and Chin-Yung Lin (Eds.). Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2006. 520p. $79.95. ISBN 0-12-369476-0.
Reviewed by Millie Gonzalez, Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian, Framingham State College, Framingham, MA, vgonzalez at frc dot mass dot edu

OPEN ACCESS: KEY STRATEGIC, TECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC ASPECTS. Neil Jacobs (Ed.). Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2006. 245p. £39.95. ISBN 1-84334-203-0.
Reviewed by Dorothea Salo, Digital Repository Services Librarian, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, dsalo at gmu dot edu

WIKIS: TOOLS FOR INFORMATION WORK AND COLLABORATION. Klobas, Jane E. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. 230p. £39.95. ISBN 1-84334-178-6.
Reviewed by Stefanie Dennis Hunker, Associate Professor and Web Coordinator, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, sdennis at bgsu dot edu

Volume 1, issue 1

LIBR@RIES: CHANGING INFORMATION SPACE AND PRACTICE. Kapitzke, Cushla, and Bertram C. Bruce, eds. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006. 424p. $120.00 (Prepaid: $45.00) ISBN 0-8058-5481-9.
Reviewed by Tiffani R. Conner, Project Manager for Volunteer Voices, University of Tennessee Libraries, Knoxville, TN, tconner2 at utk dot edu

THE LIBRARIAN'S INTERNET SURVIVAL GUIDE: STRATEGIES FOR THE HIGH-TECH Public Services Desk. 2nd ed. McDermott, Irene E. Edited by Barbara Quint. Medford, NJ: Information Today, 2006. 320p. $29.50. ISBN 1-57387-235-0.
Reviewed by Nancy Deaton, Reference Librarian, Selby Public Library, Sarasota, FL, ndeaton at sarasota dot lib dot fl dot us

NET CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS: OUTMANEUVERING WEB SPAMMERS, STALKERS, AND CON ARTISTS. 2nd ed. Hitchcock, J. A. Medford, NJ: CyberAge Books, 2006. 496p. $24.95. ISBN 0-910965-72-2.
Reviewed by Sharon Whitfield, MLIS Student, University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA, smwst41 at pitt dot edu

THE NEXTGEN LIBRARIAN'S SURVIVAL GUIDE. Gordon, Rachel Singer. Medford, NJ: Information Today, 2006. 248p. $29.50. ISBN 1-57387-256-3.
Reviewed by Debbie Rabina, Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute, School of Information and Library Science, New York, NY, drabina at pratt dot edu

QUERYING XML: XQUERY, XPATH, AND SQL/XML IN CONTEXT. Melton, Jim, and Stephen Buxton. Amsterdam: Morgan-Kaufman, 2006. 848p. $49.95. ISBN 1-55860-711-0.
Reviewed by J. Matthew Grayson, Web Services Librarian, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, mattgrayson at utmem dot edu