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Music Library Association-Atlantic Chapter

Fall 1999

Last update: August 26, 2003
Hotel and other accomodation information will be sent out via l (and)-mail in the next few days.  Also note that the programs are by no means professionally exclusive.  I think the paraprofessionals would greatly benefit from the programs.  Please pass on this information to those who might benefit from it.

For the session on Saturday, please send Betsy Walker (betsyw@curtis.edu) or myself (cockbuba@jmu.edu) url's for your "sites vital to my job" session.  We will have a live T1 line connected to a projection in the hall so we will be able to view and explore these sites.

Your soon-to-be past chair (hooray)





NOVEMBER 19-20, 1999



Friday, November 19

JOINT SESSION WITH ARLIS/Delaware Valley local chapter, Art Libraries Society of North America

1:30 P.M. Registration, Curtis Hall foyer

2:00 P.M. ART TREASURES OF CURTIS INSTITUTE Curtis Hall Allen Townsend, Head Librarian, Philadelphia Museum of Art Highlights of selected  pieces with slide projections and commentary

2:45 P.M. Walkabout opportunity to view the pieces where they are displayed

3:30 P.M. Afternoon Tea (a weekly tradition at Curtis) Curtis Hall

4:30 P.M. ARLIS/Delaware Valley business meeting Bok Room
MLA/Atlantic session Curtis Hall BREAKING THE HISTORICAL SOUND BARRIER Eric Wen, independent producer with Biddulph Recordings Ward Marston, noted remastering engineer

5:30 P.M. Dinner, evening activities on your own

Saturday, November 20

8:30-9:30 A.M. Breakfast Buffet Curtis Hall Bagels, muffins, danish, selection of beverages

9:30 A.M. INDISPENSABLE INTERNET: "sites vital to my job" Curtis Hall Live demonstration and discussion of websites by projected Internet connection from a list of URLs recruited from all Chapter members

10:15 Break

10:30 Inaugural business meeting Curtis Hall Agenda to include discussion of dues structure, Chapter website and newsletter, Chapter project ideas, ballot results

Meeting registration (includes 99-00 dues):

  • Professional Librarian         $12.00
  • Paraprofessional or student $  8.00



Minutes of the Business Meeting
Curtis Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 20, 1999

The meeting was called to order by Chairs Brian Cockburn and Elizabeth Walker at 10:45 AM. Betsy called everyone’s attention to the published minutes and treasurer’s reports and asked everyone to read them for possible corrections. She mentioned that the Chesapeake Chapter bank account had been renamed for the Atlantic Chapter, and that the Pennsylvania Chapter account would be closed and all moneys deposited to the no-fee Bank of America account, which is also available online. It was moved that the reports be accepted as submitted. The motion carried.

Merger activities will be reported to the national association. It is necessary for Chesapeake and Pennsylvania chapter material to be put in order and transmitted to the Music Library Association Archives at the University of Maryland. Bonnie Jo Dopp said that the transmittal form is available from the MLA Archive online site.

Bonnie Jo Dopp, as liaison to the MLA board, reminded the attendees to vote for MLA officers. She said that the business offices are in the process of being moved to McLean, Virginia. She has visited the offices and feels it is a very positive step for the national association. Her other suggestion was to begin discussion on hosting the 2004 national convention within the Atlantic Chapter geographic region, since that meeting will need to take place on the East Coast. After Louisville, Kentucky in 2000, the meeting will be in New York City in 2001, Las Vegas in 2002 and Austin in 2003.

Betsy Walker next brought up several points of discussion, which will need to be decided by the new Executive Board of the Atlantic Chapter.

  1. Dues – Since the dues have been different amounts for the two merging chapters, it was suggested that the Atlantic Chapter set a new dues structure of $10 per year for professional librarians, and $5 for para-professionals and students.
  2. Outreach – The possibility of making an approach to MLA national for a chapter grant to attract students and paraprofessionals, as well as those professionals without institutional support for attendance at local meetings The Northeast Chapter obtained such a grant. Brian Cockburn brought up whether a task force would be needed. Betsy replied that it could be the main task for the membership committee.
  3. Communications - Website, paper, or both. The Pennsylvania Chapter has had no website. Chesapeake’s can be renamed and Brian will be willing to continue to maintain it. Brian suggested that there could be a check-box on membership forms for those who do not need to be sent paper newsletters. It was agreed that paper formats can’t be entirely discontinued because of the need for ballots, and because there are still members who do not have easy web access. Kile Smith is willing to continue his work in newsletter production and mailing. Other persons will need to be appointed to gather and send the material to be included. The new chair will name a communications committee. Betsy Walker volunteered to act as an information gatherer. The communications committee will work with the secretary/treasurer so that up-to-date reports will be included in the newsletter.
  4. Constitution and by-laws - In order to make them accessible to everyone, the newly adopted constitution and by-laws will be posted on the website.
  5. List-serv - Alice LaSota will find out if the Univ. of Maryland server can host the list-serv for the Atlantic Chapter. Carl R. suggested that a paper directory was needed. Brian suggested that the list of names and libraries can be expanded on the website, and printed from the web for those who request it.
  6. Projects – Best of Chapters initiative outlined by Brian to be presented as a session at the MLA national meeting in Louisville in February 2000. The judges have received no proposals from chapters to date, so the deadline has been extended to Dec. 1. The idea is to increase interest among the members of national who do not attend local chapter meetings, and encourage them to become active. It may be possible to apply for a grant for subsequent meetings to defray the expenses of mounting a local program at the national meeting, but there is no financial assistance available for 2000. Several people suggested that the Friday afternoon program on restoring and producing historic recordings would be a very good one to bring to Louisville. Betsy Walker agreed to find out whether Eric Wen and/or Ward Marston would be available. Carl Rahkonen moved that the Atlantic Chapter support the program expenses up to a cost of $1000. Alice LaSota amended the motion for the amount to be $1500. The motion passed.
  7. 2004 – It was suggested that the new chair appoint a committee to explore possibilities for bringing the national meeting of MLA to the Atlantic Chapter area in 2004.

New business: Upcoming meetings.

  • Jim Cassaro volunteered to host the fall 2000 Atlantic Chapter meeting at the University of Pittsburgh. The chapter will also meet in February at the national meeting and will have an opportunity to assess progress on those items of business discussed today.
  • Appreciation. Carl Rahkonen moved that the Atlantic Chapter thank Betsy Walker and Curtis Institute for an excellent initial meeting of the new chapter. Brian Cockburn suggested that the new chair write a note of appreciation.

Election Results:

Chair – the first Chair of the Atlantic Chapter is Donna Fournier

Secretary/Treasurer – A tie vote required a motion by John Fleming to decide by coin toss between Catherine Dixon and Mary Prendergast. Cathy Dixon won the toss.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 PM

Respectfully submitted, (Faye V.) Ruth Harris Secretary/Treasurer


Send comments or suggestions to:  Brian Cockburn