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 Philosophy and Religion


A guide to the study of the Ancient Near East on the Internet.

A Biblical archaeology site. There are a number of sections for this site including news and answers to Biblical questions.

The Perseus Digital Library Classics Collection
Rich collection of texts, site photography, and other tools for study of the Greek and Roman world.

Associations, Organizations, Societies

AAR:  American Academy of Religion
Association of academics involved in research or teaching in the field of religion.

APA Online (American Philosophical Association)
Major professional organization for philosophers in the United States.  Encourages exchange of information among philosophers.

ARIL/CrossCurrents (Association for Religion and Intellectural Life)
Features CrossCurrents electronic journal. Also featured are links to broad areas including Biblical Resources, Judaism, Christianity, World Religions, Buddhism, and Islam.

The Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
Information on the Society and its programs is highlighted. It also has a directory to departments and programs of religious study in North America and Canada. A feature of the site is an index to review in Religious Studies Review.

Jobs in Philosophy
Links to sources listing employment opportunities in philosophy throughout the world.

World Council of Churches
The official home page of the WCC.


Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
This site is useful mainly as a link to other sources. Buddhism Site
While not scholarly, this site contains links to texts, organizations, centers, etc.


Anglicans Online
Worldwide coverage of the Anglican communion is available.

The APS Guide to Resources for Theological and Religious Studies
The emphasis is upon Christianity. An excellent sites with links to ares of Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, Protestant, Ecumenical, Manuscripts, Text Sources, Bibles, Miscellaneous, etc.

Catholic Encyclopedia
The original Encyclopedia published in 15 volumes between 1907-1912 is in the process of being placed on the Internet.

Catholic Online Saints & Angels
This web page has a list of saints with biographical information.

Catholic Online
Considers itself the most comprehensive Roman Catholic presence on the Internet. It has a range of materials including news and documents.

Catholic Information Center on the Internet
Site with a wide range of source links. It includes the text of documents and encyclicals of the twentieth-century.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A number of full-text classics from the full range of the Christian experience are available here. Several reference books, including commentaries, are featured.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
A comprehensive page with background on the faith and beliefs of the LDS church.

A site for the Christian faith with links to Bible versions, denominations, history, art, theology, etc.

Denominations Directory
From the American Bible Society, a search engine linking to North American denomination websites.

Digital Quaker Collection
Full text and page images of over 500 Quaker works from the 17th and 18th centuries. 

The Ecole Initiative
A scholarly site having sources on early Christianity up to ca. 1500 AD. Links are to the major categories of documents, glossary, articles, images (pictures/paintings/sculpture), and a chronology.

The Fathers of the Church
English text of the Church Fathers. This is from the 38 volume Edinborough edition.

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
A historical and archaeological look at Jesus Christ and the early Christians. The website contains supporting documents and interviews from the PBS series.

Guide to Early Church Documents
The site is arranged by New Testament canonical information, writings of the Apostolic Fathers, patristic texts, creeds & canons, later documents, related documents, miscellaneous texts, and relevant Internet sites. Full-text access.

The Holy See (Vatican Website)
Information on the Vatican and Pope. Plans are to have daily news and documents of the church.

Coverage is all areas and times of Christianity. Areas of emphasis include Biblical texts and the writings of early Christian leaders.

Methodist Archives and Research Centre
Located at Manchester University this site accesses a collection of material on the Methodist Church and early Methodist leaders. Documents are included.

The Nag Hammadi Library 
This site features full-text sources from Nag Hammadi in upper Egypt. The texts were found in 1945 and contain writings dealing with Gnosticism of the early years of Christianity.

Orthodox Christian Page
A comprehensive site that has news, icons, resources, liturgy, scriptures, prayers, etc. on the Orthodox Christian faith. The Orthodox Christian Information Center has answers about the traditional Orthodox Christian faith. It contains links to thousands of web pages on the faith.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
Early Christian writings are featured at this site. The categories of Bible texts, Biblical studies, aspects of the Mediterranean world, Philo of Alexandria are featured. Texts of ancient sources are current articles on the texts are available.

Shaker Manuscripts On-Line
The text, with commentary, of Shaker source publications and beliefs.

Dead Sea Scrolls

Scrolls from the Dead Sea
This site has an exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls along with basic historical information.


Directory of Departments and Programs of Religious Studies in North America and Canada
An index to ca. 1600 schools is available at this site.

Electronic Journals

First Things, The Journal of Religion and Public Life
This site has access to monthly issues from February 1992 to date.

Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies
An electronic journal, beginning January 1998, dedicated to the study of the Syriac tradition.

Online Journal of Ethics (OJE)
From the University of St. Thomas Center for Business Ethics.

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
A scholarly, peer reviewed, online journal with an emphasis on Jewish and Christian Biblical texts. 1996 to date.


UB Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care
Wide coverage of bioethical issues and topics in the health field.

Ethics Updates
This site offers a scholarly approach to the study of ethics. Arranged by categories, e.g. utilitarianism, ethical egoism. There are links to currrent periodicals, classic texts, and sources for curriculum and instruction.


The Hindu Universe
This includes areas on scripture, history, music, art, philosophy, etc.

This site features many links to the diverse world of Hinduism.


Islam Page
Very comprehensive site with dictionaries, articles, texts, compiled with a missionary approach.

Links to the "Mosque" page of this broad Islamic online community. 

The Koran
A searchable and browsable English translation.


Judaism and Jewish Resources
A comprehensive site with links to hundreds of sources. All subject areas.

Project Genesis: Torah on the Information Superhighway
A broad range of Jewish sources are available at this site. It includes educational aspects.

Religion (on website for the State of Israel)
Contains information on religious life in Israel.

Union for Reform Judaism
The official site for Reformed Jews. Broad coverage.

Orthodox Union
The official Orthodox Jewish site. Broad coverage.

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Located in New York City this site focuses on Eastern European Jewish interests. A catalog lists their library and archival holdings. The holocaust is emphasized.


Introduction to Logic for Liberal Arts and Business Majors
An online textbook of logic.


Voice of the Shuttle, Philosophers and Works
An excellent meta-website, from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with links to numerous philosophers and their works.

Bertrand Russell Archives
McMaster University sponsors this site on Russell.

The Durkheim Pages
Biographical and bibliographical information, a timeline, full texts of selected works.

Exploring Plato's Dialogues
The full text of four dialogues and The Republic, along with commentary links.

The Husserl Page
Bibliographies of works by and about Husserl, links to full-text sources and to many other pages with Husserl information.

The Karl Popper Web
This site has a wide range of links to Popper's philosophy. It includes bibliograpies, texts, articles, etc.

William James
Emory University sponsors this site with links to a variety of James sources. Scholarly.


Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet
A comprehensive site arranged by topics, e.g. E-Texts, Journals, Images, etc. This is an excellent site with scholarly information.

Essays on Objectivism
Essays and articles on objectivism.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
A comprehensive site developed by a philosophy professor at Earlham College. Topics include guides, journals, mailing lists, jobs, philosophers, teaching/learning, newsgroups, dictionaries, etext, projects, quotations, associations, bibliographies, miscellany, and a search engine.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This encyclopedia can be searched by "timeline," keyword, or by search engine. A brief selection of texts by philosophers is included. See also Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy for a philosophy encyclopedia. Internet Archive
This site contains texts of books, speeches, letters, and other Marxist writings.

The Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Individual European philosophers from the 18th century to today are listed here. This is a scholarly site that includes online journals and links to specific schools of philosophical thought, e.g. existentialism.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A work in process. This Encyclopedia is a dynamic peer-reviewed work, updated each quarter.  It is well-organized, and accessible through an index and a search interface.  

Religion/Holy Scriptures

Bible Gateway
This site permits searching of many English versions of the Bible by keyword(s) or by text/passage.  The Revised Standard Version and NRSV are not available at present (01/04).  In addition to English it can be searched in a number of foreign languages.

Blue Letter Bible
A nice search engine, with links to many English versions and the Latin Vulgate. Commentaries, dictionaries, and maps are included.

Comparative Religion: A Directory of Internet Resources for the Academic Study of Religion
An outstanding, scholarly site with worldwide coverage.

Computer Assisted Theology: Internet Resources for the Study and Teaching of Religion
A comprehensive site that has topics in a broad range of areas. Many full-text sources.

A Guide to the Best Religious Studies Resources on the Internet
Religions throughout the world are linked here. This includes new and alternative religious groups. An excellent source.

Places of Peace and Power
Photographs and commentary on some 900 sacred sites worldwide. Bibliographies included.

Religion/Religions/Religious Studies
Information and links for study and interpretation of many religions.

The Religious Freedom Page
This site has two sections. One is devoted to the United States and the other is the remainder of the world. Documents, reports, etc. are available here on religious freedom.

The Unbound Bible
A searchable collection of Bibles in many languages, including Greek and Hebrew texts.

Virtual Christianity: Bibles
A comprehensive list of full-text Bibles are at this site. It includes a variety of foreign languate texts.

Virtual Religion Index
A masterful site with coverage throughout the world. The selections for Christianity are excellent. A first choice in all areas of interest. Sponsored by the Religion Department at Rutgers University.

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts
An interesting site arranged by theological topic. For each topic there is a discussion followed by texts on the topic from various religions.

World Wide Study Bible
Arranged by the books of the Bible plus the Apocrypha. Under each book there are links to reference sources including commentaries, texts, sermons, etc.


Taoism Information Page
This page has a variety of links to aspects of Taoism. It includes the text of scriptures.

Revised: January 2004 

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