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Annual Report 2000-2001: Summary

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The JMU Libraries added access to over 1,500 new journal titles this year bringing the total number of journals in both the print and online collections to 4,563, a 47 percent increase from the previous year. The number of online journal titles jumped from 939 to 2,455, a 161 percent increase.

Overall serials expenditures dropped by about five percent from the previous year. Much of this reduction was due to reduced print subscription expenditures; these dropped by about eight percent, while expenditures for online subscriptions increased by 5.6 percent.

The Music Library launched the Digital Orpheus project, which now provides audio streaming of 101 titles for class reserves.

Special Collections digitized over 40 subject files in the JMU Photo collection and provided online access via links on the Special Collections web page.

2000-2001 was a transition year in article linking, with standards and procedures not yet consistent across vendors. Technical services staff embarked on a labor-intensive process for adding journal reference linking with a number of database and online journal vendors, including Ovid, ISI, and Cambridge Scientific.

The shift in the geographical center of campus had an impact on library services. The CISAT Library opened in its new facility in the Health and Human Services Building. Its proximity to faculty and classrooms resulted in increased demand for its services: the number of reference questions tripled from Fall to Spring, and demands on the Reserve collection increased by an astronomical 1000 percent. In Carrier Library, the gate count was lower by about nine percent. In-house use of reference books was also down, as was the number of reference transactions, but the number of individual reference consultations reported by liaison librarians increased significantly.

In January, Carrier Library launched extended hours. The library is now open until 2 a.m. on Sunday through Thursday during regular semesters.

Library staff and services received one of the highest ratings in the Faculty Morale Survey conducted in Spring semester by the Faculty Senate. Of the over 400 faculty responding to the survey, 82.5 percent reported satisfaction with library staff and services. In this year’s Continuing Student Survey, respondents reported increased levels of satisfaction for items relating to library service, including general satisfaction with the Library.

Circulation of materials in Carrier Library continued its gradual decline, with a five percent decrease from the previous year. This trend is consistent with libraries nationwide.

Current periodicals circulation experienced a precipitous drop of 42 percent from the previous year, reflecting the increased use of online journals.

Empowering Users:
Online database use continues to escalate. For VIVA resources, JMU use statistics continue to be among the highest in the state for many databases. For those reference databases for which vendors report statistics, a total of nearly 600,000 database searches or sessions were reported. The charts below compare database use among doctoral and comprehensive universities for two selected databases, Project Muse and PsychInfo.

Library instruction and the Go for the Gold online modules continue to be important means of promoting information literacy. The Library partnered with General Education to hold workshops for Cluster One faculty to familiarize them with Go for the Gold and the Information Seeking Skills competency test.

The library installed a new server that consolidates functions for Illiad Interlibrary Loan software, backup for the entire library enterprise, CD-ROM database access, Windows 2000 domain controller, and printer servers.

During the year a new staffweb structure was implemented to facilitate its use as the Libraries’ online organizational archive.

Strategic partnerships:
JMU Libraries continued its strategic partnership with VIVA. In addition, this year JMU joined with William & Mary, GMU, ODU, UVA, VCU and Virginia Tech to purchase Elsevier’s online journal database ScienceDirect, adding access to over 1,200 new e-journal titles.

Carrier Library partnered with the James Madison Museum in Orange, VA to exhibit items from its collection of Madison memorabilia during the James Madison 250th Birthday celebration on campus.

Campus partnerships included the following:

External Funding:
External funding awards this year included approximately $20,000 from the Class of 1999 and $41,000 from the Class of 1951. The Class of 2001 chose the library as beneficiary for its Senior Class Challenge. The Libraries also received approximately $20,000 from the Friends of Carrier Library to cover the purchase of online backfiles for the Web of Science database.