JMU Libraries: Annual Report 2001-2002
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The 2001- 2002 fiscal year marked the second year of budget reversions due the state’s continuing fiscal crisis. In the 2000-2001 fiscal year, the Libraries rolled back over $20,000; about half of the amount came from the materials budget, where reversions were achieved primarily by cutting the preservation budget. In 2002, the Libraries reverted over $90,000 back to the University. About $30,000 of this total amount came from the materials budget, primarily from contingency and document delivery funds, while over $45,000 was reverted from the Libraries’ operating budget. Indications are that the fiscal crisis could be more serious in the next biennium, threatening funding for both JMU Libraries’ collections, and VIVA’s digital collections. In a more positive note, the Libraries received supplemental funds from university administration to support the purchase of Endeavor EnCompass hardware and software, enabling the Libraries to launch a pilot project using LinkFinder Plus to facilitate linking to journal articles, and to enable searching multiple databases at the same time.

This year saw a slight decrease in firm orders for books, videos, and other one-time purchase items, from 6,685 last year to 6,597, a 1.3% drop. This reflects steady-state budgets and low inflation. Fewer approval books were received due to refinement of the profiles. The return rate dropped to 8.8 percent, the lowest return rate since JMU’s approval plan began. A total of 3,739 books were accepted compared to 3,948 in the previous year. The Libraries added a free collection of 58 University of California Press E-editions to LEO.

Looking strictly at print materials such as books and musical scores, the total purchased dropped by 3.6 percent from last year (9,693 compared to 10,051 in the previous year); however, the number of books purchased has dropped nearly ten percent from its high in 1998-99. The chart below tracks books purchases for the past decade:

Preservation: The preservation budget was slashed by nearly 45 percent with savings used to help maintain the book budget at a near static level. The Library continued its policy, established last year, of binding only reference and music materials. The Library continues to purchase lower-cost paperback editions when available, a policy that began in the early 1990s.

Journals: A total of 160 titles were cancelled in FY 2001-02. Most of these cancellations were in keeping with JMU Libraries’ policy of canceling print subscriptions when an electronic version is available, and moving to electronic holdings only. Print subscriptions canceled included titles from MIT, Blackwell, and Erlbaum publishers. Print subscriptions of Elsevier titles were also cancelled, even though continuation of the complete ScienceDirect online journal collection is uncertain after 2003. General interest magazines and professional library journals were also reviewed internally and sixteen of these titles were cancelled.

A modest number of new subscriptions were added in FY 2002, mainly as a result of canceling print titles and purchasing access to online journal collections. JMU Libraries now offers access to: