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Compiled by: Gordon W. Miller
Liaison Librarian for History, Philosophy and Religion, Poitical Science
November 2002

Elections in this guide are defined as those at the federal level with an emphasis on presidential campaigning and the process that entails through voting, the Electoral College, and the inauguration. Because of the complex and varied nature of the types of materials the guide has a large number of sections. This is intended to assist in suggesting to the user the variety in possible research topics. It is important in all research to be able to grasp the diverse types of resources available. This guide should do this for the user. Sources are listed for both the beginning and advanced researcher. Historical, as well as current research possibilities are achieved in this guide. Book formatted materials are listed first. They are followed by periodical, Government Document, and electronic text sources.

Table of Contents

Subject Headings

The following list of Library of Congress subject headings are examples of accepted terms to use when searching the online catalog for election information sources. To find additional headings consult the Library on Congress Subject Headings volumes located near the online terminals.

Campaign debates
Campaign funds
Campaign literature
Campaign management
Campaign paraphernalia
Campaign songs
Campaign speeches
Democratic party
Election forecasting
Political action, committees
Political consultants
Political conventions
Political oratory
Political participation
Political parties
Political sociology
Politics, Practical
Presidents - Elections
Presidents - United States - Election
Republican party
Television and politics
United States. Congress - Elections
Voting research


The following bibliographies and guides discuss a wide-range of topics that include such areas as mass media and the Electoral College. Goehlert's guide is useful for its discussion of data archives possibilities. The Bibliographic Index is useful because of its currency.

Bibliographic Index. New York: H.W. Wilson. 1937- .
(Index/Abstract Table 5).
Semi-annual, annual, and multi-year cumulations. Useful because of its currency. Both books and journal articles are indexed.

Goehlert, Robert. The Presidency: A Research Guide. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 1985.
(Ref JK 516 P7 G63 1985).
Excellent presentation which included a chapter on "Running for Office." Computer (data archives) are emphasized.

Kaid, Lynda L. Political Campaign Communication: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature, 1973-1982. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1985.
(Ref JK 1976 K25 1985).
An earlier edition covering the years 1950-1972 is @ JK 1976 K25.

Martin, Fenton S. American Presidents: A Bibliography. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1987.
(Ref E 176.1 M36 1987).
Arrangement is by president. Campaign and election citations are included.

Martin, Fenton S. How to Research Elections. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2000.
(Ref JK 1976 M373 2000).
This annotated guide and bibliography offers comprehensive coverage of American elections. An introductory part lists primary sources, secondary sources, and finding tools. This includes Internet sources. A second part is a bibliography by topics, e.g. campaign finances, voting participation, etc.

Miles, William. The People's Voice: An Annotated Bibliography of American Presidential Campaign Newspapers, 1828-1984. New York: Greenwood, 1987.
(Ref JK 524 M64 1987).
733 newspapers are listed by political campaign. Of these 669 predate the 1900 presidential campaign. Information on each paper includes library holdings. Indexes include newspaper locations.

Newman, Bruce I., ed. Political Marketing: Readings and Annotated Bibliography . Chicago: American Marketing Association, 1985.
(JF 2112 C3 P65 1985).

Regenstreif, Peter. "Politics and the Mass Media in the United States." in Choice . April 1986. p. 1179-1186.

Smith, Dwight L. The American Political Process: Selected Abstracts of Periodical Literature, 1954-1971. Santa Barbara: CA: ABC-Clio, 1972.
(JK 2261 S73).

Szekely, Kalman S. Electoral College: A Selective Annotated Bibliography. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1970.
(Ref JK 529 S95 1970).

Writings on American History. Washington, D.C.: American Historical Association. 1906-1961.
(Ref E 178 L331).
Annual. Some years never published. Cumulative index for 1902-1040.

Wynar, Lubomyr R. American Political Parties: A Selective Guide to Parties and Movements of the 20th Century. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1969.
(Ref JK 2251 W95 1969).


In addition to general encyclopedias the following titles are examples of specialized sources that briefly define and discuss elections. Congressional Quarterly Almanac is especially useful presenting information on each presidential election since 1964.

Congressional Quarterly Almanac. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly. 1953, 1961- . (Ref JK 1 C66).
Annual. Summary of the Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report. Contains special reports and documents, statistics, election results, etc.

Congressional Quarterly's Guide to U.S. Elections. 4th ed. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 2001. 2 vol.
(Ref JK 1967 C66 2001).
Statistical analysis of American elections is presented. A discussion of political conventions, political parties, and gubernatorial and Congressional elections is furnished.

Havel, James T. U.S. Presidential Candidates and the Elections: A Biographical and Historical Guide. New York: Macmillan Library Reference USA, 1996. 2 vol.
(Ref JK 528 H38 1996).
Volume I lists all candidates who have run for president. Biographical sketches are available. In the second volume Havel summarizes each election from 1789-1992. A bibliography completes this work.

Kurian, George T., ed. The Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party. Armonk, N.Y.: Sharpe Reference, 1997. 2 vol.
(Ref JK 2352 K87 1997 v. 3-4).
In this general encyclopedisa of the Party there is major emphasis on all aspects of elections since the founding of the Party.

Kurian, George T., ed. The Encyclopedia of the Republican Party. Armonk, N.Y.: Sharpe Reference, 1997. 2 vol.
(Ref JK 2352 K87 1997 v. 1-2).
In this general encyclopedia of the Party there is a major emphasis on all aspects of elections since the founding of the Party.

Safire, William. Safire's New Political Dictionary: The Definitive Guide to the New Language of Politics. New York: Random House, 1993.
(Ref JK 9 S2 1993).
A standard political dictionary.

Simpson, Dick W. Winning Elections: A Handbook in Participatory Politics. rev. and enl. Chicago: Swallow, 1981.
(JK 2283 S54 1981).

Young, Michael. American Dictionary of Campaigns and Elections. Lanham, Md.: Hamilton Press, 1987.
(Ref JK 1971 Y68 1987).
Arranged in seven broad categories, e.g. money and politics. Over 725 definitions are provided. A bibliography and index are useful.


Elections statistics and statistical analysis form a major portion of research into election studies. Since 1945 America Votes. . . has been the comprehensive printed source for election statistics. Remaining titles in this section provide retrospective coverage for American presidential elections.

America Votes: A Handbook of Contemporary American Election Statistics. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1945- . biennial.
(Ref JK 1967 A8).
Place and publisher vary. Comprehensive statistical coverage. In addition to presidential votes there are statistics on Congressional and gubernatorial elections by state. State maps show Congressional districts.

Burnham, Walter D. Presidential Ballots, 1836-1892. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1955.
(Ref JK 524 B8).

Congressional Quarterly. Presidential Elections 1789-1992. Washington, D. C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1995.
(Ref JK 524 P678 1995).
Statistical analysis of presidential elections is provided in this work. Sections include topics as "The Popular Vote" and "Nominating Conventions."

Congressional Quarterly. Presidential Elections Since 1789. 5th ed. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1991.
(JK 524 C65 1991).

Cox, Edward F. State and National Voting in Federal Elections, 1910-1970. [Hamden, Conn.]: Archon Books, 1972.
(Ref JK 1965 C59).

McGillivray, Alice V. America at the Polls, 1960-2000 John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush: A Handbook of American Presidential Election Statistics. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2001.
(Ref JK 524 M33 2001).

Petersen, Svend. A Statistical History of the American Presidential Elections. . . . New York: Ungar, 1963.
(JK 1967 P4 1963).

Robinson, Edgar E. The Presidential Vote, 1896-1932. Stanford University, CA: Stanford University, 1947.
(Ref JK 524 R6 1947).

Robinson, Edgar E. They Voted for Roosevelt; The Presidential Vote 1932-1940. Stanford University, CA: Stanford University, 1947.
(JK 1967 R6).

Runyon, John H. Source Book of American Presidential Campaign and Election Statistics, 1948-1968. New York: F. Ungar, 1971.
(Ref JK 524 R83).

Scammon, Richard M. ed. America at the Polls: A Handbook of American Presidential Election Statistics. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1994. 2 vol.
(Ref JK 5124 A73 1994).
Coverage is 1920-1992.

Elections - History

Titles in this section cover the complete era of American political elections. Books include areas as diverse as the origins of the electoral process, pictorial accounts, religion in electoral history, and the classic studies of Theodore White.

Asher, Herbert B. Presidential Elections and American Politics: Voters, Candidates, and Campaigns Since 1952. 5th ed. Pacific Grove, Calif.: Brooks/Cole, 1992.
(JK 1965 A83 1992).

Boller, Paul F. Presidential Campaigns. New York: Oxford University, 1984.
(E 176.1 B683 1984).

Congressional Quarterly. Presidential Elections Since 1789. 5th ed. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1991.
(JK 524 C65 1991).

Jensen, Merrill ed. The Documentary History of the First Federal Elections, 1788-1790 . Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin, 1976- .
(JK 171 A1 D6).
Carrier Library holdings are incomplete.

Lorant, Stefan. The Presidency: A Pictorial History of Presidential Elections from Washington to Truman. New York: Macmillan, 1951.
(E 183 L65).

McCormick, Richard P. The Presidential Game: The Origins of American Presidential Politics. New York: New York: Oxford University, 1982.
(E 310 M44).

Menendez, Albert J. Religion at the Polls. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1977.
(BL 2530 U6 M46).

Polsby, Nelson W. Presidential Elections: Strategies of American Electoral Politics . 6th ed. New York: Scribner, 1984.
(JK 528 P63 1984).

Sabato, Larry. The Rise of Political Consultants: New Ways of Winning Elections . New York: Basic Books, 1981.
(JK2281 S2).

Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr., et. al., eds. History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-1968. New York: Chelsea House, 1985.
(E 183 H58 1985).
9 vols. A supplemental volume covers 1972-1974. This is a reprint of the 1971 edition published in 4 volumes. It is shelved @ E 183 S28.

Wayne, Stephen J. The Road to the White House: The Politics of Presidential Elections . 3rd ed. New York: St. Martin's, 1988.
(JK 528 W37 1988).
Check LEO for additional titles by Wayne.

White, Theodore. The Making of the President, 1960. New York: Antheneum, 1961.
(E 840 W5).
White's classic study of the 1960 election was followed by studies in 1964, 1968, and 1972.

Electoral Law

Electoral law, both representative and current, is contained in a number of sources. The Statutes at Large and United States Code represent legislative law. The Federal Register and Code of Regulations manifest regulatory law. Examples are provided for located judicial decisions on election issues through a legal dictionary and Supreme Court decisions. A separate LAW handout is available at the Public Services Desk. Check the Government Document section (below) for information on the Federal Election Commission.

Code of Federal Regulations. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1938- .
(AE 2.106/3-2:(date) Government Documents).
Annual revision of regulatory law in force. Carrier Library has the current year only. Cited as CFR. Use CFR to search on the Internet for the Code.

Corpus Juris Secundum: A Complete Restatement of the Entire Amerian Law as Developed by All Reported Cases. St. Paul, Minn.: West Group, 1999- .
(Ref KF 154 C65).
This is one of the major legal encyclopedias. Cited as CJS.

Federal Register. Washington, D.C.: government Printing Office. March 14, 1936- .
(Government Documents Microform Area).
Daily publication of public regulations and legal notices. Annually codified in the Code of Federal Regulations. Cited as FR. 1936-1982 (microfilm); 1983-May, 1985 @ GS 4.107:(microfiche); May 7, 1985- . @ AE 2.106:(microfiche). Check Federal Register for Internet coverage since 1994.

Grofman, Bernard, ed. Electoral Laws and Their Political Consequences. New York: Agathon, 1986.
(JF 1001 E395 1986).

United States Code. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 2000 ed.
(Ref KF 62 2000 A2).
Statutes are codified every six years with annual, cumulative supplements. Laws in force.. Cited as USC. Check USC for the current USC.

United States Reports. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1754- .
(Ref KF 101 U58).
Carrier Library has vol. 406- (1971- .) Supreme Court decisions are available on the Internet in a number of sites. This includes Lii Hermes. Supreme Court decisions are also available on the LexisNexis Academic database.

United States Statutes at Large. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1789- .
(Ref KF 50 U52).
From 1973 to date in Reference. From 1789-1972 on microfiche in the Microform Area. Cited as STAT, STAT at L. or PL. Click on Public Laws to locate public laws from 1995 to date on the Internet.

Political Parties

Third party political situations have been included in this section in addition to works on the Democratic and Republican Parties. Hoadley's study discusses the genesis of political parties in the United States.

Chambers, William N. The Democrats, 1789-1964; A Short History of a Popular Party . Princeton, NJ: Van Nostrand, 1964.
(JK 23126 C47).

Gienapp, William E. The Origins of the Republican Party, 1852-1856. New York: Oxford University, 1987.
(JK 2357 1852).

Goldman, Ralph M. Dilemma and Destiny: The Democratic Part in America. Lanham, MD: Madison Books, 1986.
(JK 2316 G613 1986).

Hoadley, John F. Origins of American Political Parties: 1789-1803. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1986.
(JK 2260 H63 1986).

Mazmanian, Daniel A. Third Parties in Presidential Elections. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1974.
(JK 2261 M38).

Moos, Malcom C. The Republicans: A History of Their Party. New York: Random House, 1956.
(JK 2356 M6).

Schapsmeier, Edward L. Political Parties and Civic Action Groups. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 1981.
(Ref JK 2260 S36).

Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. History of U.S. Political Parties. New York: Chelsea House, 1973.
(JK 2261 S 35) 4 vols.
Coverage is 1789-1972. Excellent study analyzing the parties. Includes documents.


Grassmuck, George, ed. Before Nomination: Our Primary Problems. Washington, D.C.: The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1985.
(JK 522 B44 1985).

Lengle, James I. Representation and Presidential Primaries: The Democratic Party in the Post Reform Era. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 1981.
(JK 522 L46).

Political Action Committees

Although PAC's began earlier than the 1970's it was the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974 that controls their actions. The titles listed include one directory to PAC's.

Almanac of Federal PAC's. Washington, D.C.: Amward Publications, biennial.
(Ref JK 1991 A744).
Currently the 1996-1997 volume is available.

Congressional Quarterly's Federal PAC's Directory. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1998- . biennial.
(Ref JK 1991 C662 1998).
Currently the 1998 volume is available.

The Corporation in Politics: PAC's, Lobbying Law, and Public Officials. New York: Practicing Law Institute, 1983.
(KF 4920 Z9 C58 1983).

Sabato, Larry. PAC Power: Inside the World of Political Action Committees. New York: Norton, 1984.
(JK 1991 S23 1984).

Weinberger, Marvin. The PAC Directory: A Complete Guide to Political Action Committees . Cambridge, Mass.: Ballinger, 1982.
(Ref JK 1991 W44 1982).

Nomination Conventions

Since 1832 presidential candidates have been nominated to represent their party in a national convention. The examples in this section include both historical and current presentations.

Congressional Quarterly. National Party Conventions, 1831-1988. 5th ed. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1991.
(Ref JK 2255 C66 1991).

David, James W. National Conventions in an Age of Party Reform. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 1983.
(JK 2255 D428 1983).

Marshall, Thomas R. Presidential Nominations in a Reform Age. New York: Praeger, 1981.
(JK 521 M37).

Reiter, Howard L. Selecting the President: The Nominating Process in Transition . Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1985.
(JK 521 R45 1985).

Political Platforms

The titles in this section include the texts of party platforms. The Congressional Quarterly Almanac (published annually @ Ref JK 1 C66) prints the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties. The periodical Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report prints the platforms immediately upon their acceptance at the nominating convention.

Bain, Richard C. Convention Decisions and Voting Records. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1960.
(JK 2255 B3).

Chester, Edward W. A Guide to Political Platforms. Hamden, Conn.: Archon Books, 1977.
(JK 2261 C48 1977).
Analyzes the platform.

Johnson, Donald B. National Party Platforms, 1840-1972. 5th ed. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois, 1973.
(JK 2255 J64 1973).
Text of party platforms including those written by third parties.

Mass Media and Elections/Advertising

Political advertising has permitted all American's with the opportunity to visualize and analyze the campaign and election process. The following titles are representative of Carrier Library holdings on mass media and elections.

Blume, Keith. The Presidential Election Show: Campaign 84 and Beyond on the Nightly News. South Hadley, Mass.: Bergin & Garvey, 1985.
(E 879 B58 1985).

Diamond, Edwin. The Spot: The Rise of Political Advertising on Television. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT, 1984.
(JF 2112 A4 D53 1984).

Historical Political Commercials, 1952-1980.
(Media Resources - Videotape no. 549).

Jamieson, Kathleen H. Packaging the Presidency: A History and Criticism of Presidential Campaign Advertising. New York: Oxford University, 1984.
(JK 524 J36 1984).

Kaid, Lynda L., ed. New Perspectives on Political Advertising. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University, 1986.
(JF 212 A4 N48 1886).

Patterson, Thomas E. The Mass Media Election: How Americas Chose Their President . New York: Morrow, 1987.
(E 839.5 S35 1987).

Spero, Robert. The Duping of the American Voter: Dishonesty and Deception in Presidential Television Advertising. New York: Lippincott & Cromwell, 1980.
(JK 524 S68).

Tannenbaum, Percy H. Turned-On TV, Turned Off Voters: Policy Options for Election Projections. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage, 1983.
(JK 2007 T36 1983).


This lists a wide-range of sources on the topic. Congressional Quarterly Almanac (Ref JK1 C66) is useful for printing inaugural addresses and the text of major debates. The series Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States. . . (J80 A283) contains inaugural addresses. Vital Speeches of the Day can be useful because of its currency as a periodical.

Campaign Speeches of American Presidential Candidates, 1948-1984 . New York: F. Ungar, 1985.
(E743 C236 1985).

Hart, Roderick, P. Verbal Style and the Presidency: A Computer-Based Analysis . Orlando, FL: Academic Press, 1984.
(PN4055 U53 P643 1984).

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
This web site has the inauguration addresses of all presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush.

Ranney, Austin, ed. The Past and Future of Presidential Debates . Washington, D.C.: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1979.
(JK524 P36).

Sutton, Roberta B. Speech Index: An Index to 259 Collections of World Famous Orations and Speeches for Various Occasions . 4th ed., rev. and enl. New York: Scarecrow, 1966.
(Ref A13 S85 1966).
A supplement for 1966-1980 is available.

United States. President. The Presidents, Their Inaugural Addresses . Chicago: Whitehall, 1968. (J81 C68b).

Vital Speeches of the Day .
(Periodical) 1936- .

Winners and Losers; Campaign Songs from the Critical Elections in American History .
(Media Resources Phono-disc Pop 89)

Campaign Finance

Political financing is a major issue in elections studies. The Federal Election Campaign Acts of 1972 and 1974 attempt to regulate the raising and expenditure of funds on political campaigns. In 1974 the Federal Election Commission was established to control financial aspects of elections. See the Government Documents sections for more information on the Commission.Web sites of possible include Congress - Voting and Political and Elections. These site both contain web pages that include campaign finance, e.g. Project Vote Smart.

Alexander, Herbert E. Financing Politics: Money, Elections, and Political Reform . 4th. ed. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1992.
(JK1991 A6797 1992).

Dunn, Delmer D. Financing Presidential Campaigns . Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institutions, 1972.
(JK 1991 D85).

Money and Politics in the United States: Financing elections in the 1980's . Washington, D.C.: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1984.
(JK 1991 M73 1984).

"Regulating Campaign Finance." in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Research . vol. 486. 1986.
(H 1 A4).

Thayer, George. Who Shakes the Money Tree? The American Campaign Financing Practices from 1789 to the Present . New York: Simon and Schuster, 1973.
(JK 1991 T48).

Campaign Memorabilia

Fischer, Roger A. Tippecance and Trinkets Too: The Material Culture of American Presidential Campaigns, 1828-1984. Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois, 1988.
(E176.1 F53 1988)

Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr., ed. Running for President: The Candidates and Their Images, 1789-1992. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1994.
(Ref E 183 R96 1994).
An illustrated history of American presidential election memorabilia. Detailed, with examples of rare pieces.

Public Opinion/Editorials

Carrier Library has coverage of public opinion polls from their modern beginning in the 1930's. The monthly Gallup Report is most useful for contemporary opinion information. Several Internet sites for polling information are at Public Opinion. They include Roper and Gallup. The Standard Source for editorial information is Editorials on File. Newspaper indexes, especially the New York Times, are also useful for this information.

Cantril, Hadley. Public Opinion, 1935-1946. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University, 1951
(CB 425 P79)

Editorials on File. New York: Facts on File, 1974- .
(Ref D839 E3)

Gallup, George H. The Gallup Poll, 1935-1971. New York: Randow House, 1972. 3 vol.
(Ref HN90 P8 G3)

Gallup, George H. The Gallup Poll: Public Opinion, 1972-1977. Wilmington, Del.: Scholarly Resources, 1978. 2 vol.
(Ref HN90 P8 G32)

Gallup Opinion Index. 1974- . January 1981- .

Gallup Report. February 1981- .

"Polling and the Democratic Consensus." in: Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 1984.
(H1 A4 V.472)

Public Opinion Quarterly. 1937- .

Electoral College

Longley, Lawrence D. The Politics of Electoral College Reform. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University, 1972.
(JK529 L65)

Peirce, Neal R.The People's President; The Electoral College in American History and the Direct-Vote Alternative. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1968.
(JK529 P4)

Voting Behavior

Flanigan, William H. Political Behavior of the American Electorate. 3rd ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1975.
(JK1967 F38 1975)

Kleppner, Paul .Who Votes?: The Dynamics of Electoral Turnout, 1870-1980. New York: Praiger, 1982.
(JK1965 K54 1982)


The sources listed furnish complete coverage of all presidential elections and Congressional districts.

Martis, Kennith G. The Historical Atlas of United States Congressional Districts, 1789-1983. New York: Free Press, 1982.
(Ref G1201 F9 M3 1982)
Exceptionally well produced atlas showing the evaluation of the first 97 Congresses. Each Congress a has a map showing Congressional districts.

Parsons, Stanley B. United States Congressional Districts, 1788-1841. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 1978.
(Ref G1201 F7 P3 1978)
A companion volume covering the years 1843-1883 is @ Ref G1201 F7 P35 1986. Information includes congressional district maps, population counts, and percentages regarding economic and ethnic factors.

United States. Congress. Official Congressional Directory. Washington. D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1809- . annual.
(Ref JK1011 U5)
Carrier Library lacks some volumes. Congressional district maps are printed in this source.


Associations Unlimited (VIVA).
(Electronic Text).
Useful to locate organizations of political interest, e.g. Democratic and Republican Party national committee offices.

Primary Sources

Burton, Dennis A., et. al., eds. A Guide to Manuscripts in the Presidential Libraries . College Park, Md..: Research Materials Corporation, 1985.
(Ref CD3029.82 B87 1985)
Annotated listing of sources that includes campaign and election manuscripts.

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress. 1951/61 - 1993.
(Biblio Z6620 U5 N3)
Lists, by subject, libraries having manuscripts on topics as elections, voting, etc.

Nelson, Michael, ed. Historic Documents on Presidential Elections, 1787-1988. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1991.
(JK 1965 H56 1991).
Arranged chronologically seventy major presidential documents are printed.


Dissertation Abstracts (VIVA) .
(Electronic Text)
Dissertation Abstracts lists all dissertations produced in the United States since 1861. Because of original research and extensive bibliographies dissertations can have value for studies on elections. Since Carrier Library has few dissertations check at the Public Services Desk for assistance on how to obtain this type of information.


This section has a large number of titles. This is to suggest varying approaches to locating election research.

America: History and Life 1964- .
ATLA Religion Database 1949- .
Combined Retrospective Index to Journals in History: 1838-1974 (print).
Essay and General Literature Index 1900- . (1985 to date as a database).
Humanities Abstracts 1974- . (1984- . as a database).
International Political Science Abstracts 1979- . (print).
New York Times Index 1851-2004. (print)
Nineteenth Century Readers' Guide 1890-1899 (print).
Philosopher's Index 1940- .
Poole's Index to Periodical Literature 1802-1906. (print).
PsychINFO 1872- .
Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin (PAIS) 1917-1921, 1923-1924, 1929- . (1972- as a database).
Readers' Guide Abstracts 1900- . (1983- as a database).
Sage Public Administration Abstracts 1974- . (1998 on as a database).
Social Sciences and Humanities Index 1965-1974. (print).
Social Sciences Citation Index 1976-1986. (print).
Social Sciences Abstracts 1974- .(print). (1983- on as a database).
Sociological Abstracts v. 1-10, 1953-1962.
Washington Post Index 1971-1993. (print).

Periodicals/Looseleaf Services

The premier periodical source for current election information is Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report. CQ Researcher can be useful for its in-depth discussion and bibliographies on a specific topic.

American Politics Quarterly. 1973- .

Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report. 1973- .
Key source on the political scene. In-depth analysis of candidates and the political process. Has text of party platforms and other documentation. Annually the Congressional Quarterly Almanac (Ref JK1 C66) summarizes the year. Comprehensive.

CQ Researcher. 1991- . weekly. Current 10 years in reference.
(Ref H35 E35)
Each issue discusses a contemporary issue. Election themes are included. Also available as a database.

Editorials on File. 1974- .
(Ref D835 E35)
Semi-monthly, Looseleaf service. Editorials on specific topics from wide-range (geographically and size) of newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

Facts on File Yearbook. 1943- .
(Ref D410 F3)
Weekly Looseleaf service with annual cumulation. Brief overview of news events. Useful in quickly pinpointing a date, event statistic, etc.

Journal of Politics. 1963- .

National Journal. 1979- .
Comparable to, and a publishing competitor of, Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report .

Washington Monthly. 1979- .

World Press Review. 1980- .
1972-1980 Atlas World Press Review 1966-1971 Atlas.
Monthly news reporter providing foreign views on the news including the United States political scene.

Government Documents

Retrospective and current election information is available in the indexes noted here. This service should enhance one's research on election topics. Several separate handouts are available at the Public Services Desk on the Government Document call number system and on usage of indexes. Check for assistance on this with a Reference Librarian.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) was established in 1974 to regulate financial aspects of elections. The Library has a number of their publications.

CIS Annual. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Information Service.
(Index/Abstract Area) 1970 - .

CIS U.S. Serial Set Index. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Information Service. 1975-1978. 36 vol.
(Ref Z1223 Z9 C65 1975)
Use Congressional Masterfile 1 to search this as a database.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) .
( Gov Doc Y3 .El2/3:)
Founded in 1974 as an independent regulatory agency the FEC controls financial aspects of the campaigns for all federal offices. A number of FEC publications are received in Carrier Library. A useful source of information on the FEC is contained in the Federal Regulatory Directory. The latest edition @ Ref KF5406 A15 F44.

GPO Monthly Catalog. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1939- .
(from 1976 to date this is a database).

Index to U.S. Government Periodicals. Chicago: Infordata. 1970-1987.
(Index/Abstract Table 1)

U. S. Government Periodicals Index. 1992- .

United States. Superintendent of Documents. Catalog of the Public Documents of the Congress . . .. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1896/97-1940.
(Ref Z1223 A13)

Electronic Text Sources

(Electronic Text).
The catalog and guide to the major source of statistical data in the political and social research areas. A number of data sets on election statistics are available here.

Political and Elections .
(Electronic Text)
This site has scores of political and election links.

WorldCat (VIVA) .
(Electronic Text)
This database is a catalog to most American libraries. Generally book formatted materials.

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