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Asian Studies

Afghanistan and the US: Selected Internet Resources
Sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley, this site has a large number of links to a variety of topics dealing with Afghanistan. The emphasis is upon the past few years and what the country has lived through.
Afghanistan Online
This site is arranged by topics, e.g. politics, women, history, geography, etc. Useful.
Asian Development Bank
This site has a variety of current topics and studies on Asia. Some statistics.

Asian Studies
This site at the University of Texas offers many links. The emphasis is on country and regional studies. Topics are wide ranging including political, historical, cultural, etc.

Asian Studies Network Information Center
A major site with access by country and then by general Asian studies and topics. Coverage is all areas of human endeavor.

Asian Studies Virtual Library
A distinguished site that has links to the Asian continent as a whole; to regions, e.g. Middle East & Caucasus; to countries; and to regions within a country (or countries), e.g. Kurdistan. Information varies by country but is generally current and political in nature.

This is a comprehensive site to generally current Asian news. It includes the political scene. A search engine is available.

Internet Guide for China Studies
A major site with links to hundreds of databases. Area include books, newspapers, journals, etc.


Japan Information Network.
A wide range of information on Japan is available here. It includes their government and a lot of statistical data.
Kashmir Flashpoint
This site, sponsored by the BBC, has current information on Kashmir and its political problems. News, analysis, etc. is provided.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
The official web site for Japanese foreign affairs. Policy statements, press releases, events, etc. are covered. A search engine is available.

North Korea and Nuclear Weapons: The Declassified U.S. Record
Twenty-four documents on North Korea's nuclear weapons program have been placed on this site by the National Security Archives. A background paper put the documentation into perspective.

North Korea Special Collection
Maps, articles, background information, images, reports, etc. are presented in this collection of current material on North Korea's nuclear and WMD programs. This is sponsored by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Nuclear Issues in India and Pakistan: Selected Internet Resources
This site has a variety of links including news, historical, political, position papers, etc. on nuclear weapons in the Asian sub-continent.

South Asia Power Play
This site is presented by CNN news. It has current news, reports, and analysis of the Kashmir problem and the rold of India and Pakistan in its problems.

South-East Asia Information
Southeastern Asian countries are here with links by country.





American Civil Liberties Union.
The ACLU web site. Extensive.

American Enterprise Institute
This site has the AEI's wide range of information. It includes the text of reports.

American Political Science Association
The distinctive APSA WWW has access to American, international, and United Nations sites. It contains conference information, scholarships and fellowships, and links to non-APSA sites. The Computers and Multimedia Section has links to online resources for teaching political science. It has pointers to areas as papers, listservers, membership information, etc.

Americans for Democratic Action.
The ADA web site. This site represents the liberal Democrat Party position. Information available includes recent year's Congressional action and ADA ratings.

The Brookings Institution.
The full range of this think tank's resources are presented. Some full-text reports.

CATO Institute.
Web site for a conservative think tank. Position papers, reports, publications, etc. are available.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
A private organization that is an authority on policy issues affecting primarily lower income individuals and families. Statistics and reports are featured.

Council for Excellence in Government
Information on the Council's programs, membership, goals, etc. is provided. Links to articles, position papers, newsletters, etc. are available.

Electronic Policy Network
Over thirty think tangs and policy institutes have links on this Network. Searching can be done by keyword for the entire site or individual organizations can be searched. This liberal/progressive site is kept current.

The Hudson Institute

This policy center site has links to articles, reviews, and ca. ten policy centers having current information.


International Monetary Fund
The official IMF gopher site. News releases, working papers, etc. are listed. Much of the information is a brief listing and not the full reports. In-depth studies are available for some countries at IMF Staff Country Reports in Full Text. On a semi-annual basis the IMF publishes World Economic Outlook . This source looks at recent and future developments and includes commentary and statistics.

National Security Website
The Heritage Foundation Web site is devoted to national security issues. It has indepth reporting.

The World Bank
The official World Bank Web site. For additional information including country data use World Bank Teachers and Students Home Page

World Trade Organization
The official WTO site. A major annotated bibliograpy to WTO documents and resources is WTO/GATT Research.





American Fact Finder
Sponsored by the Census Bureau this site has extensive census information. Arranged by state and major communities. Statistics are from the 1990 census.

[Census of Governments] Federal, State, and Local Governments
This site includes statistics on revenue, expenditure, debt, and assets of the governments. Coverage is 1991-1999.

Census 2000: Rankings, Comparisons, and Summaries
A wide variety of census 2000 summary informaton is available.

Demography and Population Studies WWW Virtual Libraries
An international site for demographic information. A first choice site to locate the important links. An emphasis is on American sites.

Government Redistricting Web Sites
Presented by Purdue University this site has links to all states and their redistricting programs.

North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)
In 1997 this new system replaced the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system for classifiying business activities. Click on 1997 NAICS and 1987 SIC Correspondence Table for a comparison of tables between the two systems.

Population and Household Economic Topics
This site has the 2000 census returns statistics, including demographic and social indicators.

State Data Centers Program
This census site is arranged by state. It lists the data centers within the state and gives contact information.

The United States Bureau of Census
The official Census Bureau Web site. It contains sources in many areas including 1990 census of population data. Other data includes the Statistical Abstract of the United States, County and City Data Book, etc.





A consumer's site to Congressional activity. Congress.Org has information on Congress including directories, committees, etc.

Congressional Budget Office
Created in 1974 with the mission to provide Congress with nonpartisan analyses on economic and budget information. A wide range of sources, documents, and data are available here.

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports
Congress has released some of the CRS reports to the public. These reports are compiled by experts at the Library of Congress on topics of national interest. They are written in a nonpartisan and scholarly manner. Arranged in broad subject categories.

Federal, State and Commercial Bill Tracking Resources - Updated
An excellent site that includes access to the THOMAS web site. Useful for its noting of available commercial (subscription) sites.

The Hill
A weekly publication having information on aspects of the current government scene in Washington, D. C. Information for subscribing is available. Only the current issue is on the Internet.

The Office of the Clerk
Sponsored by the House Office of the Clerk this site has a variety of current information on the House. This includes the current election voting results. It also has a link to the historical votes in the Electoral College.

Roll Call Online
News, politics, commentary, policy briefings, a directory of Congress, etc. are featured at this site.

Starr Report
The report of the independent counsel is located here. Additional sites include Washington Post, Reports to Congress, and House Judiciary Committee Homepage.

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
This service is currently considered the best single site for Congressional information. Items available include bills, Congressional Record, "Hot Legislation", the separate House and Senate Gophers, C-SPAN Gopher, etc. The Thomas site includes How Our Laws Are Made.

U.S. House of Representatives
The official House of Representatives web page.

United States Legislative Branch
A comprehensive and current site, sponsored by the Library of Congress. Links include Internet and email services, calendars, roll call votes, membership information, Congressional news & analysis, etc.

The United States Senate
The official Senate web page.




Congress - Voting

Congressional Observer Publications
This site advertises "Complete Congressional Votes" that are updated with each vote. Additional information includes members who have missed votes, various speeches in Congress, Congressional members, etc.


National Freedom Scorecard - ACLU
The American Civil Liberties Union has this site giving information on voting on issues of civil liberites. The information is by member's, by state, by party, gender, etc.

Project Vote Smart
Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, consumer, organization that works to assemble voting records. In addition to voting records they assemble biographical data, performance evaluations by ca. 70 liberal to conservative organizations, campaign position statements, campaign funding, etc. Beginning in 1992 this site includes some gubernatorial information.

Voter Information Services

A site listing individual members of Congress, by state, with their voting records. The records are arranged by various interest groups.

Voting Records of Members of Congress

Sponsored by the Library of Congress this web page provides links to a number of voting records sites. A second section of "Special Interest Group Ratings" has links to several "Rating of Congress" sites. This is one of the best starting points for voting analysis.





The Constitution of the United States of America. The full text of the Constitution is available here.

The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation: Analysis of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States to June 29, 1992. The Internet site for the comprehensive published work on the Constitution by the U.S. Senate.

The Founders' Constitution
The full text of a five-volume set on the Constitution is at this site. This work attempts to illuminate the original work on the Constitution. Also available in Carrier Library in book format @ Ref KF 4502 F68 1987.

National Constitution Center
This Center is to open in July 2003 in Philadelphia. Although some of this site is commercial and for pre-higher education levels there are some links for research, e.g. essays and research.

United States Constitution: Texts, Commentaries, Historical Texts and Judicial Decisions
A Library of Congress site having various texts of the Constitution along with commentary.

Constitution Finder Links to constitutions, charters, amendments.





Criminal Justice

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences The Academy is an international organization for professional and scholarly activity in criminal justice. A key component of this site is the "Links and Resources" area which has actual sites, online newsletters, listservs, and governmental links.

American Criminal Justice Association Web site for this scholarly association. One section is "Links to Other Web Sites." This provides access to hundreds of criminal justice sources in a topical approach.

... And Justice for All. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers web page. News, educational programs, policies and practices, etc. are here.

APB Online This site furnishes news and information on police and criminal justice topics. The information is very current and includes international reporting. Areas include headline news, major cases, unsolved crimes, etc.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Web Site The ATF official site. This site has information about the Agency and its programs. There are links to press releases and reports. Statistics are available.

Bureau of Justice Statistics. The single most important government agency having a wide range of statistics on criminal justice.

The Coalition for an International Criminal Courts has information and documentation. Check Links Related to the ICC and International Criminal Court: Resources in Print and Electronic Format for additional sites having ICC information.

The Corrections Connection A massive site on "corrections." There is a variety of links available here including a students contact site for questions to correctional professionals. Current.

Crime and Justice Electronic Data Abstracts Sponsored by the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics this is a database of criminal justice statistics on Lotus shreadsheets. Data is available at the national, state, county, and city levels. Massive and comprehensive. This is available on computers having Excel or other spreadsheet capability.

Criminal Justice History Resources This site has major links covering criminal justice throughout world history. A lot of ancient history sites are included. The United States is arranged by century and includes the twentieth century.


Criminal Justice Links A site that links to hundreds of criminal justice sources. This site contains recent decisions of most U. S. Appeals Circuit Courts, and many U. S. and international governmental documents.

Critical Criminology. The American Society of Criminology web page. Information about the Society, research resources, statistics, links to other sites, etc. are available.

Death Penalty Information Center A nonprofit, and comprehensive, site. All aspects of the death penalty are covered. Reports, statistics, etc. are available.

Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI web site. General information along with reports.

Federal Bureau of Prisons The BOP web site. Various publications, press releases, and statistics are available here.

Zeno's Forensic Site. A major site for information on forensic science.

Freedom of Information Center Sponsored by the University of Missouri this site has full information on the FOIA and how to use it to obtain government information at all levels.

International Criminal Court  The offical web presence of this United Nations agency. This site has the text of the treaty and background documentation of this Court. The ICC is responsible for handling war crimes and genocide.

International Criminal Justice Resources A comprehensive site. Arranged by topic and by country, continent, or region. This site includes law resoureces.


International Criminal Law: A Selective Resource Guide  This is a comprehense, scholarly, guide to international law aspects of crime. Links to Internet sources are throughout the guide. Chapter examples include International Criminal Court, organized crime and narcotics, terrorism and piracy, etc.

Justice Research and Statistics Association This site is from a nonprofit organization that centers its research on the state level. Search databases are available. Some documentation is only available by purchase.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data  Over 500 data archive collections on criminal justice are located here. Sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Inter-university Consortium of Political and Social Research this site permits the downloading of selected data sets. Advanced research.

National Institute of Justice The research branch of the Department of Justice. Has a lot on criminal justice. One entry point is the "Search" link for a search engine approach.

Office of National Drug Control Policy The official site for this federal program. Information includes areas as reports, statistics, policy, etc.

The Police Officer's Internet Directory

A comprehensive site for all areas of law enforcement work. It includes a major criminal justice section which has links to federal and state court decisions.

Prison Legal News


A monthly newsletter by prisoners for other prisoners and their families. The goal is to see that prisoner's rights are available.

School Crime and Safety, 1998 Produced by the National Center for Education Statistics this site has the official data on school crime.


Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics . Internet text of this major criminal justice statistical source.

TRAC (Transitional Records Access Clearinghouse) DEA Web Site. This site has detailed and comprehensive information on the Drug Enforcement Agency. Includes statistical information.

UNCJIN This site is sponsored by the UN's Crime and Justice Information Network. It includes documents and statistics on international crime along with general information on treaties, constitutions, and countries.

Uniform Crime Reports . Published by the FBI this is one of the standard sources for criminal justice statistic. For county level statistics use Uniform Crime Reports: County Data.

United States Department of Justice The DOJ Web site. Much is dealing with criminal activity.

Virginia State Police This site has comprehensive coverage of the Virginia State Police and their work. One link is to Crime in Virginia, the source for statistical information on this aspect of their work.

World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems Covering 42 countries, and sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, this site has a detailed overview of the criminal justice systems of the several countries. Links are provided for additional country information.




Data and Statistics

There are additional data and statistical sources available throughout this Political Science browser. Examples include the sections of "Census" and "Political Science - General."

American National Election Studies
A series of biennial election studies covering almost 50 years. The data is held by the ICPSR. A CD-ROM entitled American National Election Studies, 1948-1994 is available at the Carrier Library Public Services Desk. This has a number of time series data files.

Archival Data Online Repository
The University of Wisconsin has a number of social science data sets available to the public. Free registration is required to use the data sets. Over ten data sets are available in June 1997 with plans to add more.

Basic Tables: 1990 Dynamic Report Generator
This site has detailed census statistical data by census tract, block group, city, zip code, county, etc. An excellent source for detailed census information.
This site offers a statistical comparison of cities in the United States. A search can compare two cities along with a national average. Topics available include crime, housing, economy, education, health, and climate.
Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Detailed, and extensive, statistics along with reports, publications, etc. Consumer Price Index (CPI) is available @ Consumer Price Indexes .

[Cost of Living Data]:The Salary Calculator
This site allows for comparing living costs throughout the country and in selected countries internationally. The United Nations publishes international Consumer Price Index (CPI) statistics in their print edition of Monthly Bulletin of Statistics. This is in Table 50.

County and City Data Books
Data in the 1988 and 1994 County and City Data Books from the Census Bureau are available at this site.

County Business Patterns
Detailed economic statistics from the Census Bureau, by county, are available at this site.

[Data on the Net]
This is an exhaustive site for coverage of social science data resources. Hundreds of major locations are linked. Sections include for fee sites, major archive sites, and data web links. This is an extremely value source.

This is a major site with over 100,000 data files of statistical information from the Census Bureau, Commerce Department, Federal Reserve, and the Labor Department. Access is also by agency, state, etc. The state section offers a wide array of data. Some international statistics.

Economic Census Data [1997].
The Census Bureau produces the economic census data every five years. Coverage includes governments, manufacturers, retail trade, service industry, etc. The 1997 census is the first to be based on the NAICS instead of the SIC.

Economic Growth Resources
This site is strong on international economic data. In addition to data there are some journals, working papers, etc.

Economic Indicators
Sponsored by the Joint Economic Committee in Congress this site has the monthly statistics of Economic Indicators from 1998 to date.

Economic Report of the President
Produced by the Council of Economic Advisors this annual provides comprehensive coverage of economic statistics on the American govenment. The annual reports from 1996 to date are available.

Economic Statistics Briefing Room
This is a site sponsored by the White House. It is a single source of current data on federal economic indicators. The site is arranged in the categories of Employment, Income, International, Money, Output, Prices, Production, and Transportation. Useful for current federal data.

Energy Information Administration
Statistical sources from the Department of Energy. Data is on petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, and alternative and renewable energy resources.

EPI DataZone
Fifty time series are presented here with historical coverage back to ca. 1970's. Major areas covered are wage and compensation trends, family earnings and income trends, prices, and low wage labor market indicators. This is a detailed data site with depth in its coverage.
This statistical site is arranged by state and then city. It has a variety of statistics including population, education, ethnicity, transportation, etc.


Federal Reserve Board. Statistics: Releases and Historical Data.
Economic data from the FRB is available here.

Ca. seventy federal agencies are available at this site having varying amount of statistical data.

Foreign Trade StatisticsPresented by the Bureau of the Census this is a comprehensive site for foreign trade statistics.


Geospatial and Statistical Data Center This site is sponsored by the University of Virginia. It is from the Social Sciences Data Center and the Geographic Information Center. The "Interactive Data" section is especially valuable. Examples of data sources include census, county business patterns, world economic and social indicators, election data, etc.

A statistical site from the United Nations. Arranged by country with choices given for statistical information required. Useful in comparative statistics.

International Data Base
Produced by the U.S. Census Bureau this site has access to over 220 countries and regions. The data is generally demographic and socio-economic. This offers excellent coverage.

International Relations Data Site
This is a comprehensive site having data in a variety of topics including economic, political, environmental, social, etc.

International Trade Administration
This site has United States and international trade statistics.

Internet Resources for Demographers
A comprehensive site for demographic statistics. One area of this site has links to international demographies.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

As the major central repository for social science data this Web site Presents what the ICPSR covers. Much of the data has application for political science research. Links include ICPSR Bulletins, summer training programs, archival holdings, etc.

Monthly Labor Review
The same information as in the print edition is available at this site. Massive amounts of statistical information is provided.

National Agricultural Statistics Service.
Agricultural statistics are at this USDA web site. Statistics published in the annual Agricultural Statistics are available here. This is a comprehensive, and current, source.

National Bureau of Economic Research
This site is from a private, non-profit organization. A variety of economic data sets and research analysis reports are here.

National Center for Health Statistics
The major statistical source for health statistics in the United States. This site comes from the Centers for Disease Control. Another statistical site is MMWR. This site has a concentration of weekly reports and statistics on disease control. It includes international analysis.

National Center for Education Statistics
This site is from the Department of Education's major statistical bureau.

National Statistics: The Official United Kingdom Statistics Site
A variety of statistical information is here including crime, education, the economy, etc.

Occupational Employment Statistics
Statistical infromation from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on employment.

The official site for the Organisation for Economic Eo-operation and Development. A major source for international economic statistics. In addition to the statistics area there are links to reports, publications, documents, etc.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web
This comprehensive site is arranged in categories of 1) country, 2) region, and 3) topic. A wide variety of statistical sources in available.

Social Science Data Archives [Research Resources for the Social Sciences]
This site offers hundreds of links to a variety of data sets throughout the world.

Social Science Data Collection University of California, San Diego

A major source for data and statistical information. Most is of interest in political science research. This has a link to Social Science Data and Data Libraries on the Internet which points to data sites to over 300 additional sources.

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
Published by the Census Bureau this reference source has comparative statistics on the nation's states and metropolitan areas.

Statistical Abstract of the United States 1996.

The web version of the most important single source of United States statistics. See also Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf.

Statistical Agencies (International)
Sponsored by the Bureau of the Census (U.S.) this site is arranged by country. For each country there is a link to its official statistical data.

Statistics Division [United Nations]
This site has official statistical information from the UN. Some data requires a subscription.


Transportation Statistics Annual Report
Sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation this site offers a comprehensive look at transportation statistics. A companion source with statistical data and commentary is National Transportation Statistics Online . The Bureau of Transportation Statistics site has a wide variety of statistical data on transportation.

Trends in Europe and North America
Data on 55 nations is contained at this site.

UK National Digital Archive of Datasets
This site is operated for the UK Public Record Office. Access is to a variety of datasets primarily of government sources. To use this site it is necessary to perform a free registration process. See also National Statistics: The Official UK Statistics Site.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics
This site has statistics, news, etc. from UNESCO. The statistical information is not as comprehensive as the print yearbooks.

World Development Report
Published by the World Bank this annual report contains essays along with data on a wide range of statistical issues.





The Agreement: Agreement Reached in the Multi-Party Negotiations - Proposed Northern Ireland Peace Agreement
Text of the April 1998 agreement to end years of sectarian violence.

Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN) [The Northern Ireland Conflict]
A comprehensive site on the Northern Ireland conflict. A major bibliography is available along with a search engine for the database.

Economic Commission for Europe
Sponsored by the United Nations this site has much information including analysis and statistics.

A comprehensive collection of Internet sites on European integration are available here.

Gateway to the the European Union.

European Governments on the WWW

Arranged by country this site offers comprehensive coverage of government agencies, political parties, etc. A first choice site!

European Union Delegation (United States)


Delegation of the European Commission to the USA.
European Union Law
An official site giving legislation, law cases, treaties, etc.

This is a major statistical site covering the full range of data available for the European Union. Some files are available only by payment.

Hansard - House of Commons Debates

Beginning 23 October 1996 the British House of Commons Debates are available. Oral questions and written answers are available in addition to the debates. The debates are both browsable and searchable. Debates of the House of Lords are at House of Lords Debates. They are available beginning 10 June 1996.

REESweb: Russian and East European Studies
A distinctive site for current Eastern European studies. Coverage is comprehensive with much on political aspects of the region. There are maps, flags, etc. In addition to the major section of national (country) homepages this Web has news sites such as OMRI.

Russian and East European Network Information Center

A comprehensive site by country of current news and other information. Scholarly sources.

Sinn Fein

This is the official Sinn Fein web site. In addition to background information on its political activities there are documents and press releases.

The Stationery Office (TSO)- Official UK Documents
The official reference facility for Command and departmentally sponsored House of Commons Papers. The Office of Public Sector Information is the British agency for information policy, setting standards, delivering access and encouraging the re-use of public sector information.

10 Downing Street.

The official site for the British Prime Minister's office. Links to biographies, speeches, etc. One link is to the executive department offices.


United Kingdom Parliament
This is the official Parliament web page. In addition to current parliamentary action(s) there is background and historical information.

Western European Specialists Section
A metasite, sponsored by the Association of College and Research Libraries.  Coverage includes politics, history and culture.


Foreign Policy



American Diplomacy
This online periodical is published by retired Foreign Service officers. Categories of their publication include articles, commentary & analysis, reform of the Foreign Service, etc.

America's Global Role
This site is part of Public Agenda, a nonpartisan, nonprofit public opinion research center. This web page is organized by topic with comments, analysis and opinion poll data on questions dealing with American foreign policy.

Council on Foreign Relations
This official site has the text of reports, publications, research projects, recent issues of the Foreign Affairs magazine, etc.

Electronic Research Collection
This site is sponsored by the State Department, Federal Depository Library Program, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Material available is mainly archived documents produced by the State Department. For current materials use the Department of State web site.
This site has directory access to embassy's of all countries throughout the world.

Foreign Affairs Online
An excellent, comprehensive, site with links to the categories of reference, U.S. Government, Foreign States, International Law, International Relations, Think Tanks, Map Resources, Media, UN System, NGO's & IGO's, and Human Rights.

Foreign Policy Association
The web site of one of leading association's in the United States on foreign policy. News, reports, documents are here.

Foreign Policy in Focus
Sponsored by the Interhemispheric Resource Center and the Institutue for Policy Studies. This site has current analysis and reports on a wide variety of foreign policy topics, e.g. trade, military, drugs, labor, human rights, environment, etc.

Foreign Relations of the U.S.
This important series is the official documentary record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions. The website has searchable text of many volumes from 1863 to 1958 (and plans to complete digitization of the remaining volumes). Read the "About" page for further information.

U.S. Department of State

This superb site has a wide range of sources including human rights reports, terrorism reports. Speeches are featured.


Governments, International

E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
This site offers coverage by individual country. History, political, economic, demographic, etc. information is provided. Excellent country coverage. Features on this site include national flags and national anthems. Country Briefings
An excellent, and reliable, source of country information. Very current. There is a lot of economic and statistical information. Some articles are included.

ELDIS Country Profiles
This site focuses on developing countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. The emphasis is on articles in a number of categories including agriculture, environment, education, Poverty, etc.

Foreign Government Resources on the Web
This site offers links, by region, to individual countries. General country information is also included. Statistics are included.

Governments on the WWW
This site offers links to official information for most nations governments. The information covers all areas of government activity.

Permanent Missions to the United Nations
Arranged by country this site has directory information plus analysis, reports, etc. of a country's effort at this international body.

This site has lists of heads of state for most countries. Coverage is generally back to ca. 1700.

World Political Leaders 1945- 2002
This site continues to update its information. Political leaders include heads of state, cabinet level ministers, legislative leaders, poltical party leaders, etc. National flags and individual pictures enhance the site.


Human Rights


Amnesty International.  Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.


Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration The U.S. Department of State site for migration and refugees. A comprehensive site for U.S. government policy.

The Cambodian Genocide Program. Documentation on the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime and its genocide program.

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict This site addresses how to eliminate intergroup violence. A feature of the site is "publications." A search engine is provided.

Civilrights.Org Sponsored by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights this site includes information on the organization. It has a "Vital Issues" section with a wide variety of source materials. A voting section has records on how members of Congess have voted on issues involving civil rights.

Concise Guide to Human Rights on the Internet Following a discussion of the parameters of human rights activity and its place on the Internet there are scores of major sites listed in a subject arrangement.

Convention on the Rights of the Child This site is sponsored by the UN's UNICEF section. It contains the text of the Convention and a variety of reports and studies on children's rights.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices This is an annual report from the U.S. Department of State. Very well known this report provides information, by country, for the U.S. Congress. Annual reports from 1993 to date are here. Derechos This site accents Latin American human rights although there is information worldwide. Newsletters and a chronology of human rights violations are provided. A search engine is available.


Erasing History: Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo The site includes documentation. It was placed on the Internet in May 1999.

Human Rights Brief The main feature at this site is an online periodical of articles on human rights. It is sponsored by the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law of the Washington College of Law, American University. Links are provided to other human rights aspects.

Human Rights Internet. HRI is dedicated to the empowerment of human rights activists and organizations, and to the education of governmental and intergovernmental agencies and officials and other actors in the public and private sphere, on human rights issues and the role of civil society.

Human Rights Library

Sponsored by the University of Minnesota, this is a

comprehensive site with treaties, documents, bibliographies, links.

Human Rights Practices


U.S. State Department Human Rights Practices annual reports are available at this site.

Human Rights Today Provided by the United Nations this site has a variety of links to UN activties on human rights. Documents and a bibliography of UN publications are featured.


Human Rights Watch   This organization "is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world."


HURIDOCS A search engine to facilitate access to human rights information on the Web.


iAbolish: The Anti-Slavery Portal  Web presence of the American Anti-Slavery Group, organized to abolish slavery throughout the world.

International Humanitarian Law Sponsored by the International Red Cross this site contains treaties, humanitarian law issues, a link to the law of war, publications, etc.

INCORE: Internet Country Guides Sponsored by the Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity this site is arranged by country. The countries represented are those the group determines have ethnic and other domestic conflict. Scholarly with links to hundreds of sources.

International Organization for Migration This is a private organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. Documentation, legislation, etc. is available here.

International Crisis Group News This group is a private, multinational organization that has reports and news worldwide. The group acts as an advocacy for the elimination of human rights problems.

Internet Resources on Genocide and Mass Killings Twentieth-century genocide sites are available here. Geographic areas include Armenia, the Third Reich, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, etc.

Migration Information Source
This site offers data and analysis of international migration and refugee status. Generally the information is from the 1990's and forward. There are some historical sources.


Physicians for Human Rights This site looks at medical aspects of human rights. Topics include land mines, forensic science, women, chemical weapons, etc.

Project Diana: Online Human Rights Archive
This web page, sponsored by the Yale Law School, has legal cases and documents as its main area of coverage. The Internet based periodical Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal is also available.


United Nations Human Rights. The official site for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.


United Nations Human Rights System Comprehensive coverage is available here. Arranged by continent and then by country. Analysis and documentation.


U.S. Committee for Refugees This Committee is based in Washington, D.C. It has links to news and reports along with a web page devoted to the audio reporting of individual refugees and their experiences.




International Affairs

CRInfo: The Conflict Resolution Information Service
This site contains a search engine. News and analysis of conflict resolution are featured.

CrisisWeb: International Crisis Group
Based in Belgium this web page is dedicated to crisis spots worldwide. A search engine is available. Very current.
This is an excellent site for very current diplomatic information. There are articles and analysis of current topics along with a search engine. A "Directory" section has information on governments, embassies, consulates, etc.

The Global Site
With a search engine this site has a wide variety of essays and articles on international affairs topics. Sponsored by the University of Sussex.

INCORE (Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity)
This web page has links to sites on aspects of conflict resolution. A Conflict Data Service is a springboard to Country Guides on conflict resolution. There are digests and a search engine.

International Affairs.Com.
This site has current news of international interest. A "topics" menu provides a number of categories in which additional information is available. Additional links are to statistics, news, organizations, and analysis. A search engine is available.

Mine Action Information Center
Sponsored by James Madison University, this site offers comprehensive coverage of sources and information on land mines worldwide. Areas of coverage include a search engine, index, United Nations sources, conferences, online journals, United States Government information, etc.

United States Institute of Peace
This institute is a Congressionally funded, nonpartisan organization. The site incudes reports, events, news, links to additional sites, a search engine, etc.

Virtual Resources; International Relations Research Resouves on the Web
A metasite wide a large number of categories to consult. Topics include such areas as countries, regions, ethnic conflicts, human rights, international law, international security, etc.

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
A massive, and comprehensive, selection of international affairs resources are at this site. Areas include media sources, organizations including non-governmental and United Nations, regions and countries, topics, e.g. human rights and international law.




International Law

The American Society of International Law

The ASIL Web site. Information on the Society's activities and publications are highlighted. Use the ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law to locate Internet sources on such areas as human rights, treaties, etc.

Archimedes Institute
A site for all aspects of space law. Areas include treaties, documents, reports, bibliographies, etc.

Avalon Project at the Yale University Law School.

Especially useful to international law because of its international documentation. Coverage is be century from pre-18th century to the present. The documentation has historical application.

Institute of International Commercial Law

Useful for its attention to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

The International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice web site. Decisions, orders, etc. of the Court are available. French and English texts.

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.
Comprehensive site with documents, news, and basic information.

International Law Commission
This is the official site of this UN organization. Various areas of its activities are available including a section of treaties and documents.

Jurist: International and Comparative Law
A wide range of international law sites are available.

Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet
Developed by an international law librarian this is a comprehensive site.

LII: Legal Information Institute
This site includes a variety of links to international law sources. Areas emphasized include trade law, United Nations, environmental law, etc.

Multilaterals Project
Produced by the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University this site makes available texts of conventions and treaties on international law. The emphasis is on the last half of the twentieth century but coverage is as early as 1648. .

Research Guide to International Law on the Internet
Sponsored by the University of Bologna this is a metasite with hundreds of links to international law categories, e.g. law of the sea, international criminal law, etc.

The Rights International Research Guide for International Human Rights Lawyers
A comprehensive site for international law research. This has links to various guides and also to documentation that includes treaty texts.

SICE: Foreign Trade Information System
Information on trade agreements among Western Hemisphere countries is available here. Trade agreements, investment treaties, etc. are provided.

United States Law and Practice Concerning Trials of War Criminals by Military Commissions and Military Government Courts
Detailed coverage of the topic. A number of categories hold additional sources. Examples include documents, conventions, war criminals, Yugoslav Wars, etc.




International Organizations & Non-Governmental Organizations

Citizen Organizations: NGOs
This site highlights links to NGO's. The emphasis is upon NGO's that work with the United Nations.

Documents of International Organizations (IGOs)
This site offers links to a wide variety of sources on international organizations. The United Nations and European Union are emphasized.


International Agencies and Information on the Web
This a comprehensive site with links to thousands of international and other organizations. Links include to policy groups, treaties, etc.

International Organizations and NGOs
This site has links to over 100,000 sites on international organizations. Other areas covered include statistics, publications, biographical information, etc.

International Organization Web Sites: Index Page
This site can be used to locate links to thousands of international organizations.

LII: Legal Information Institute
A major site for aspects of international law. Section examples include trade, environmental, UN materials, etc.




Latin American Studies

Castro Speech Database .




English translations to speeches by Fidel Castro are available here. Arranged by date.

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL/ECLAC)

This United Nations agency has wide ranging information and statistics on Latin America.
Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
This is a major source for Latin American studies. One category is government. Under this one section is on human rights. Many of the sites are in Spanish or Portuguese.

Organization of American States - Foreign Trade Information Unit

For OAS countries, links to information on trade agreements and policiy developments.  This site has foreign trade information of countries associated with the OAS. Treaties, trade agreements, and statisical data are available.

Political Database of the Americas

From Georgetown University, this website provides rich resources and links on the constitutions, political systems, governments, elections, and parties in countries of the Americas. 

Middle East Studies



Presenting an Arab view this site is arranged by country and by topic. Some of the links give brief information. Coverage is all areas of society but the interest is great for political research. "Arab View" offers articles giving a view of current topics.

Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy
This Center is at Ben Gurion University in Israel. Historical Documents on the Arab-Israeli conflict are highlighted. A newsletter and journal are among other links.

Foundation for Middle East Peace
This foundation publishes a bimonthly "Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories." Additional categories include analysis, maps, photographs, a database of population in Israeli occupied terrorities, etc. This site is on Israeli settlement in territories claimed by Palestine.

Israel Foreign Ministry
Official site for Israeli foreign relations. Extensive coverage of the Middle East.

Law Society
Sponsored by The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights & the Environment. The emphasis is on Palestinian views regarding Israel and human rights. Categories available include laws and treaties, reports, Intifada information, etc.

Middle East History & Resources
This site has documentation mainly on Israel and Palestine. In addition to historical sites/documentation there are links to current news and analysis.

Middle East Network Information Center
Arranged by country and by subject categories this site attempts to links to all sites having Middle Eastern information.

The Middle East 1916-2001: A Documentary Record
Sponsored by the Yale University Law School this site has the text of hundreds of source documents involving the Middle East. United Nations involvement is featured.

The Middle East North Africa Internet Resource Guide
This site is arranged by academic disciplines, nations, regional services, religion, and special services. This is a comprehensive site.

NPR's Mideast Coverage
This site contains current Mideastern news along with photographs, etc. It also has links to hoursly news, All Things Considered, etc.

Palestine Liberation Organization Negotiations Affairs (PLO)
This web page has links to reports, agreements, refugees, settlements, etc. written from a Palestinian (PLO) standpoint.

[Palestine Ministry of Information]
Official news and information along with the text of Palestinian documents is available at this site. Arabic and English.

The Parliament of Israel, the Knesset.
Official web site for government in Israel.

This site is sponsored by the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs. It features a variety of links with a Palestinian emphasis. Articles, bibliographies, statistics, biographical information, etc. are available.

UN Question of Palestine
An official United Nations site regarding the status of Palestine. Docuemntation is an emphasis.

United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine Database
Thousands of documents, maps, press releases, etc. regarding political aspects of Palestine are available at this site.

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
The Washington Report is a weekly, pro-Arab publication. In addition to the Report issues this site has links to news, newspapers, organizations, etc.


Political and Elections



ABC News: Political Nation
A site for current political news.

Administration and Cost of Elections Project
International in its coverage this site looks at a variety of elections aspects, e.g. education, registry, etc.

Sponsored by CNN and Time Magazine this site has a wide variety of political news and indepth reports. One feature is a campaign calendar.

American Conservative Networks' Search Engine .
This site has links, and search engine capability, conservative webs, online publications, etc.

BAMPAC (Black America's Political Action Committee)
This committee is for promoting the election of black American candidates at all levels. It has a conservative basis.

Campaign Finance Reform.
A comprehensive site on campaign reform. Sponsored by the Brookings Institution.

[Campaigning on the Internet]
This site provides financial information on political candidates. Sections include the candidates, political donors, PAC information, foreign agents, etc. One area of the site is for "Subscribers Only" which has additional financial information.

CFI: The Campaign Finance Institute
This site has reports, research studies, legislative sources, etc. on campaign finance.

Campaigns & Elections Online

A miscellaneous collection of campaign information and links. It contains articles, advertisements, polls and surveys, etc. An indexing engine is available.

Candidates and Elected Officials

A linking site to locate the candidates home pages. Detailed and comprehensive.

Capitol Spotlight
This web page is co-sponsored by C-Span and Congressional Quarterly. It is updated weekly and has a variety of U.S. government sources. These includes bills, votes, video programs, etc.

Center for Responsive Politics
An excellent site having information on where candidates obtain their funding. Information includes at the state level. There is information on lobbying activities.

The Center for Voting and Democracy
Sponsored by The Center as an advocacy for proportional representation in the electoral system.

Christian Coalition.
The Coalitions's web site.

Commission on Presidential Debates
The Commission's official web site. Information includes information about what the Commission does along with links to the text of current, and historical, debates.

Common Cause
This organization acts as a watchdog to Congress and the election process. Useful for its reports on candidates and the money behind the elections.

Communist Party USA

Information on the Communist Party USA. Position papers and other information is given.

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
This site presents cross-national election data. Ca. forty countries have data presented.

Congressional Quarterly has this site with current (daily) Congressional political news along with analysis of the political scene in Washington, D.C.

D.C. Orbit
This site has links to all things political in Washington, D.C.. There are audio and video news links, a search engine for political information, etc.

Democratic National Committee
The official DNC Web site. Useful for its links to Democratic organizations nationwide and for links to key government agencies, Congressional Webs, etc.

The National Commission on Federal Election Reform and Action Agenda for Electoral Reform

Election Statistics [Clerk of the House]
Election statistics for the House of Representatives is available here from 1920 to date. Additionally there are some links to current information includes roll call votes in Congress from 1990 to date.
This site is sponsored by the Election Reform Information Project. Current news, reports, and a search engine are featured.

Elections and Electoral Systems Around the World
Following a section of general sources on comparative elections the site is arranged by country.

Electronic Voting Hot List
This site has a large number of links to electronic voting technology and issues.

Federal Election Commission

The official FEC site. A broad range of information is available with financial tables on the candidates highlighted. Click on FECInfo for a commercial site having detailed current campaing finance statistical data.

Greens Party

A wide variety of information on the Green Party and groups associated with it are featured.

Inter-Parliamentary Union
This site provides basic information on national parliamentary bodies throughout the world. In addition to a search engine there is a section, by country, which gives information for each country.

LaRouche Exploratory Committee
The Lyndon LaRouche presidential Web site.

The League of Conservation Voters.

A political action organization under the auspices of various environmental groups. A major emphasis is their "Scorecard" of voting activity.

Liberal Information Page
A server having links to various Democratic Party Web sites.

The Libertarian Party
The Libertarian Party Web site. Information includes documents and position papers, history of the Party, current activities, etc. .

Liberty and Limits: The "Federalist" Idea 200 Years Later.

This site looks at the ideas of the Federalist in light of the present day. Analysis, discussion, etc.

Media Research Center

A conservative media watchdog organization. It has news analysis, newsletters, and many links.

National Political Index

Over 30 topical categories make up this site. Non-partisan.

Natural Law Party

Information on this party is available at this site. Their emphasis is on "proven solutions for America through prevention-oriented government."

1998 Congressional Candidate Profiles
The Center for Responsive Politics has this site which tracks the spending for Congressional candidates. It is updated monthly and has exhaustive data information.

Sponsored by the Washington Post this site offers current political news. This includes opinion polls, legislative and judicial branch information, state and local government political news, etc. A search engine is available.
Sponsored by The Center for Responsive Politics this site offers detailed information on the money for national and Congressional candidates.


Political Activism Resources
A general political site arranged into the categories of political campaigns, Congress, Executive Branch, miscellaneous information and search lists, UN, foreign embassies in the U.S., war and peace, foreign governments, environmental issues, human rights, political action organizations, etc.

Political Database of the Americas
This site has a number of categories, e.g. political parties, legislative, judicial, etc. A search engine and some bibliographies are available.

This site acts as a guide to ca. 4,000 political and public policy web sites. Subject categories include news, elections, issues, etc. Search engines to their full range of sites is available. Current.

Political Transformation and the Electoral Process in Post-Communist Europe
Eastern European countries are listed with information on their recent elections along with electoral statistics.

This site has current, late-breaking news on a daily basis. Analysis of issues, opinion polls, international news, domestic news, etc. is here. A search engine is available.

Politics and Society

Atlantic Monthly magazine's political and election site. Arranged by topic this site offers indepth reporting.


A nonpartisan site with links accessing the full range of political endeavor in the United States. One area has links to the 2000 presidential election and has sites for all parties.

Presidential Debates History and Transcripts

Coverage, with text, of presidential debates for 1960 and 1976 to date. Vice-President debates from 1984 - 1992 are available. Keyword searching is available.

Project Vote Smart
Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, consumer, organization that works to assemble voting records. In addition to voting records they assemble biographical data, performance evaluations by ca. 70 liberal to conservative organizations, campaign position statements, campaign funding, etc. Beginning in 1992 this site includes some gubernatorial information.

Public Citizen
This web site is sponsored by Ralph Nader's organization. It presents information on activities of concern to the Nader organization. Congressional votes are recorded here.

Reform Party

Information including press releases, news articles, state-by-state campaign news, material about Ross Perot, etc.

Republican National Committee

Official Web site for the Republicans.

Roll Call
A semiweekly Web publication featuring current election news, political commentary, policy, etc.

Socialist Party's Home Page
Information on the Party includes historical background, membership possibilities, contacts, position papers, etc.

[State and Local Candidates]

This site is arranged by state with links to various political groups within the state. A feature of the site are links to college level groups.


A conservative political site. An emphasis is given for links to conservative think tanks and organizations. General information about the presidential campaign.

Turn Left
A major site for liberal information. Links are to areas as media, issues, people, politics and elections, the world, etc.

U.S. and Virginia Election Data
Sponsored by the University of Virginia this site has election results for 1984-1996 for Virginia and 1788-1990 for federal elections. This site includes elections results on president, senator, representative and governor for the noted years.
A meta-site with links to federal, state, and local election information. Other categories include foreign agents, donors, PAC's, candidates, polls, etc.

U.S. Government Documents: Campaigns and Elections
This site is sponsored by Columbia University. It is an excellent source for links for campaigns and elections. Categories of information include background, Congressional voting records, political parties, election results, campaign resources, media and politics, campaign fnance/election reform, and poltical pollings resources.

U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Leadership
This site contains biographical information on the House Democratic leadership, weekly updates on Congressional action, Democratic caucus action, information on "hot topics", links to federal programs and agencies, etc.

USA Today Politics

USA Today's political site. Very current only.

Voter Information Services

A site listing individual members of Congress, by state, with their voting records. The records are arranged by various interest groups.

Voting and Registration [in the Election of 1996]
Published by the Census Bureau this site has voting and registration data on the 1996 election. A "historical table" section has data from 1964 to 1996.

Yahoo! Politics
A current political news site with many links. Some sources provide analysis on the current campaign.




Political and Elections - 2000 Campaign

C-Span Campaign 2000 Video Search
This site contains a search engine to locate, by keyword, speeches of presidential candidates. Searches can be limited to party, candidate, etc.

[CNN Election 2000]
This site has election results for the 2000 election. It includes results at the national and state levels. In addition to gross totals there are results at the state level for both state and national elections. Links to exit polls are included.

Elections 2000
Sponsored by the University of Michigan Library this is a comprehensive site to all aspects of the 2000 election. Finances, election process, debates, official party sites, lobbying groups, etc. are here.

Freedom Channel
Interactive media is a feature of this site. Videos on and about the candidates are available. Campaign ads are featured.

National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee
This site along with the National Republican Congressional Committee present the Republican Party viewpoint from a Congressional angle.

2000 Presidential Race
This site has financial profiles of all presidential candidates with data by geographic area, industries, and top contributors.

Voting Irregularities in Florida During the 2000 Presidential Election
This is the text of a draft report from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights regarding the voting issues in Florida for the 2000 presidential election.


Political Science - General

James Madison His Legacy
Developed at James Madison University by a Political Science professor this site attempts to link all known sites having material on James Madison and his writings and influence.

Law, Government & Political Science Reference

A major reference site at the University of Michigan. As an "Internet Public Library" there are sources covering the wide range of political and legal research.

Political Science Resources
A site having links to a variety of political science sources. Categories include foreign policy studies, general political science, international politics, and professional societies.

Poly-Cy: Internet Resources for Political Science
This site contains links to research methodolgy and statistical packages of value to political science research.

This is the electronic version of the American Political Science Association's monthly periodical PS. Some of the material here is only available online. An archive of past issues is available.

Race and Ethnicity Online
Sponsored by the American Political Science Association this site has links to a variety of minority groups. The emphasis is political but other area, e.g. sociology are included.

The Society for Political Methodology
This site is a unit within the American Political Science Association. It has information about the unit and links to individual papers and some statistical sites.

Teaching Political Science
This site is for faculty of political science. It offers a wide range of topics including major sources for 1) Syllabi, 2) Resources (includes articles from PS: Political Science and Politics, 3) "how to" aspects of Teaching, and 4) the teaching of Civic Education.





Center for Migration Studies
In addition to general information on migration and links to sites on the subject there is a searchable catalog of ca. 24,000 volumes.

China in Time and Space.
Chinese demographic and socioeconomic data down to the county level.

Demography & Population Studies
Over 100 links to additional sites are presented here. International coverage is provided. A comprehensive site that includes much from the United States.

International Data Base (IDB) .

Produced by the Bureau of the Census this has the latest demographic statistics on countries worldwide. Over twenty variables can be selected in the search process. The IDB also has its IDB Population Pyramids which have over 200 countries in which graphs present the current and projected population for 2025 and 2050. The United Nations has InfoNation which has demographic statistics by country with ca. 40 variables to search.

Population Index
The Population Index is online from 1986 to date. It offers comprehensive coverage of demographic information in all subject disciplines. International in scope.

Population Profile of the United States: 1997
This study combines analysis and statistical data in looking at the American population for 1997. The 2000 profile is @ Profile 2000.

Population Reference Bureau
This agency has articles and statistics on population worldwide.

World Population Profile: 1998
Produced by the Bureau of the Census this report is a comprehensive assessment of world demographic figures.




Public Administration

In addition to the sites listed here check Congress, Government Documents (General), and State and Local Governments sites on this browser for additional coverage of public administration sites.

[Civil Liberties Reform]

This is The Electronic Frontier Foundation site. Additional civil liberties sites include American Civil Liberties Union, and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration

The Association site. Information includes reports, conferences, mission statement, standards, etc.

The National Budget Simulation

In addition to budget simulation in several levels there are links to budget sites on the national level.

"Planners Web"
Sponsored by the Planing Commissioners Journal this site has an extensive collection of articles, guides and directories related to city planning.

Urban Institute
This site, sponsored by a non-profit institution, has reports on a variety of topics in public administration.




Public Opinion (Polling)

European Public Opinion
European polling suveys. Some go back to the 1970's.

For the People & the Press
This site make available current polling results on issues of contemporary importance. Older surveys are available for a fee.

Gallup Organization
Poll results, information and background on recent polls, and background information on the polling process are featured. Gallup's monthly newsletter archives for the past year are available. No links to other webs.

National Election Studies
This site has major source informaiton on voting and public opinion. Among the categories available are a bibliography of citations, a guide to public opinion and election behavior, reports, etc.

Opinion Pages

Opinion and editorials from English speaking areas of the world are available here. Arrangement is by broad topic. This is a current site with additions daily. Some of the opinion/editorial items may stay on the system but the intent is to be very current.
This site offers current polling results on a wide range of topics along with archived polling information. A very useful site.

Public Agenda Online
This site is devoted to public opinion and includes articles and analysis of the issues in addition to polling statistics.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Information about the Roper Center is given. The actual polling results either cost or are available from separate online services.
The site focuses generally on public opinion polling of Russian's on politics and government within the country.




Regional International Organizations

The offical NATO web page. Most of the information shows the current scene on NATO.


The OECD official site.View The OECD Washington Center to see the organization from an American perspective. Periodical publications include The OECD Observer .

Organization of American States
The official OAS Web site. In addition to general OAS information there are links to public information, documents, and to other Gophers and WWW on the Americas.

International Network Information Center
An excellent site for international (country) information. Arranged by Asian, Latin American, Middle East, and Russian and East European. Information is broad with subject approaches and links to additional sites.




Security, Defense and Intelligence

Center for Defense Information
This private center has a wide, and comprehensive, range of web links. Based in Washington, D.C.

Center for Strategic and International Studies
A excellent site with a variety of link sources. These include reports and analysis along with various periodicals. The topics cover a broad array of human knowledge.

The Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project
Produced by the Henry L. Stimson Center this site contains research papers, reports, and other types of scientific information. A search engine is provided.

The CIA Information Server
This server includes the CIA World Factbook.

Defense Almanac 1999
Sponsored by the Department of Defense this is an anual statistical analysis of the defense capabilities of the United States government.

The Department of Defense's public affairs site with current news releases, documents, etc. Serves as a link to other Defense agency web pages.

Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST)
Sponsored by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) this site has a variety of statistical information arranged by country. Categories include conflicts, armed production, military expenditures, weapons of mass destruction, armed forces, political systems (human rights, etc.), etc.

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)
This non-profit and non-partisan institute has essays, reports, proceedings, etc. on security mainly around nuclear weapons and terrorism. One link area has satellite imagery on muclear sites.


Coverage includes public and private intelligence agencies worldwide. There are links to periodical sources, books, reports, etc.

International Relations and Security Network
Sponsored by the Center for Security Studies and Conflict Resolution this site has a wide range of current international information. Documents, reports, conferences, subjects, and a search engine are featured.

The National Security Archive

The NSA is a private organization at George Washington University that uses the Freedom of Information Act to obtain classified documents for sale. Although some documentation is available is is largely a commercial site with information on what is available.

The National Security Strategy of the United States of America
A series of statements of the United States' national security policy is at this web site. It is sponsored by by the White House.

National Security Website

Sponsored by the Heritage Foundation the site offers links to policy papers, books, etc. on national security issues.

The Online Intelligence Project
Commercially produced, this site is arranged by contemporary events in which background intelligence is provided. Information includes news reports, news analysis, etc.

The Project on Defense Alternatives
This site is from a think tank that addresses and analyzes United States and European military defense policy. In addition to their main page, which has a search engine, there are several links including Chinese Military Power, The RMA Debate (The Revolution in Military Affairs) , The QDR Page (The Quadrennial Defense Review Page), and the Wider War Watch. This final web site has a terrorism emphasis.

SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
This major institute is a global authority on security and peace. Their yearbooks on military expenditures are well known. The Internet site has data including graphs and tables.

Strategic Intelligence

A massive site with links to U. S. government intelligence agencies, private organizations, and some international agencies. Material includes documents and papers, journal articles, and historical sources.

Since 1995 Stratfor has made available generally to the business community international intelligence information. Reports and news analysis are featured.

Sponsored by the University of Calgary this site has links to a wide range of strategic security issues. An online journal, StratNet is available.

United Nations Demining Database
This site provides access to a wide range of sources dealing wit demining projects worldwide.




Simulations and Games

The National Budget Simulation
In addition to having simulation access to manipulate the federal budget this site has access to various links on the national budget.




State and Local Governments

Council of State Governments
The CSG web site. It includes links to state government information..

Federal, State and Commercial Bill Tracking Resources - Updated
This site includes web access, by state, to the legislative process. Very well arranged.

Follow the Money
Sponsored by The National Institute for Money in State Politics this web is arranged by state. There are links to all type of political positions within each state.
This site has links to both state and local governments. A quick route to information on these two levels of government.

Library of Congress State and Local Governments
This server provides links to major sites on state information. Links to state maps and to individual states are highlighted.

LLSDC's Legislative Source Book .
This site has access, by state, to the legislative process, state code, state administrative regulations, etc. A quality site.

National Conference of State Legislatures
The NCSL site has information on state-federal relations, state legislatures, publications, and links to additional sites.

State and Local Government on the Net
Access is to links of all states plus most counties and many city government web pages. This is a comprehensive site that has links to regional and federal resources, national organizations, etc.

State and Local Governments
This site is sponsored by the Library of Congress. It has sections of "Meta-Indexes" which provide information covering all the states. There is a section by associations on state government and finally a section by state. Comprehensive.

State and Local Information
A major site that has areas on state links, local links, discussion groups, "Meta Indexes" to additional governmental sites, and federal sources for state and local information.
Arranged by state this site provides a wide variety of sources on state governments. Links to additional sources are available.

Stateside Associates
Useful information on state legislatures and elected executive officials. 

The U.S. Conference of Mayors
This site has information on the Conference and a search engine to the office of mayor's nationwide.

U. S. State and Local Gateway
This site is for state and local governments and has links to federal information sources for their use. The main arrangement is by subject, e.g. Health and Public Safety.




Supreme Court/Federal Courts

U.S. Federal Court Finder

Links are to the Supreme Court and the eleven federal judicial circuits (U.S. Court of Appeals). The text of court decisions are printed. Cover begins with January 1995.





Academic Info: Afghanistan Studies
Resources on Afghanistan with an emphasis on the political and terroristic areas are emphasized. Indexes, a search engine, directories, organizations, documents, etc. are here.

Academic Info: Terrorism Studies - September 11
This site provides hundreds of links to a variety of terrorism sites and themes. Much of it is generated in the United States. There are some international links.

Advisory Panel to Access Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction [The Gilmore Commission]
This site has background on this Commission along with links to the first two annual [book length] reports to Congress.

Alternative Resources on the U.S. "War Against Terrorism
This site presents links to alternative news along with "additional links" of news, etc. Other categories include petitions against war violence and other antiwar activities.

America Responds
The site has a wide range of sites on terrorism. Although there is some commercialization the site is useful, especially for its very current breaking news.

American Red Cross Homeland Security Advisory System
This Red Cross site gives background information on terrorism aspects and which they would called upon to perform in an emergency.

America's War Against Terrorism
The University of Michigan has this site offering almost exhaustive coverage of the war on terrorism. Arranged in a subject format.

America's War on Terrorism/Federation of American Scientists
A variety of links are at this site. Examples include weapons used to fight terrorism, Congressional action, bioterrorism, strategy used, etc.

Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001
This lengthy bibliography was compiled by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries in response to federal documents on the terrorism attack. A variety of categories are available including national security, global terrorism, etc.

Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness
This guide from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) presents a step-by-step outline of how to prepare yourself, your family, etc. for terrorism attacks.

ASIL Insights: Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
This site has a series of brief essays on the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. The thrust of the essays is on international law and the attacks. Sponsored by the American Society of International Law.

Attack on America: Tuesday 11 September 2001
This megasite has links to newspapers, television, radio, photographs, etc. It is an expanding site with a variety of categories.

The Avalon Project: September 11, 2001: Attack on America
This site has the text of presidential speeches and announcements, documents, legislation, executive orders, etc. This is an ongoing site. Arranged chronologically.

Books for Understanding
This site is sponsored by the Association of American University Presses and highlights books from these presses. Although the emphasis is upon terrorism and September 11 there are other categories dealing with Islam and the Middle East.

CDI: Terrorism Project
This site is from the Center for Defense Information. It has a variety of reports and research studies available. Current categories include operation enduring freedom, eye on Iraq, responding to terrorism, terrorist network, U.S. weapons systems, foreign policy/security strategy, U.S. targets, homeland security, legistlation, news/opinion, and links to other sites.

Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies
Johns Hopkins University has produced this site which has links to areas as news, library, events, articles, etc. Background information on biological terrorist agents, e.g. anthrax is available.

Center for Democracy and Technology
This site has an emphasis on United States Congressional action in the war on terrorism. The text, with analysis, of the Patriot Act is headlined. Other governmental action and analysis is presented.

Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections
Sponsored by the School of Public Health at St. Louis University this site has continuing, and current, information on bioterrorism. Links cover a variety of topics including bibliographies, quick reference information, etc.

The Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project
This site is sponsored by the Henry L. Stimson Center. It contains news, a newsletter, reports, etc. A search engine is provided.

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention
This site is for an agency within the Environmental Protection Agency (federal government). In addition to general links to chemical preparedness there is an emphasis upon homeland security issues with chemicals.

The Christian Science Monitor: A Changed World; Combating Terrorism
This site is highlighted by the current day's events. There are links to other terrorism. One links provides Monitor articles on terrorism beginning with the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001.

Counter-Terrorism Archive
This comprehensive site extends to pre-September 2001 in its coverage. With an emphasis on the United States there is also international attention. One links is to detailed current day news.

Counterterrorism Office
This is a Department of State site. It includes official State Department views on counter terrorism along with fact sheets, news, executive orders, reports, etc.


CQ Press: Recent Terrorism Events
A variety of sources from CQ Press are presented here. Articles, a bibliography, and links to additional terrorism materials is available.

CSIS:Center for Strategic and International Studies
This site includes a terrorism category in which experts analyze terrorism. A Homeland Defense Working Group has a major contribution here. September 11: U.S. Response
This site has C-SPAN's coverage of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

War on terrorism news from the Department of Defense is at this site. News transcripts and press releases, military aspects of the war on terrorism, links to governmental and military agencies, etc. is here.

The Department of Homeland Security
An official site for Homeland Security. Speeches, news, papers, support material, etc. are here.

Depository Library Web Sites on Terrorism and Homeland Security
Over twenty-five sites from libraries having depository U.S. government status are available here. An excellent, scholarly, source with thousands of links. A first choice site.

Documents on Terrorism
This site has a collection of recent documents on terrorism. Documents include resolutions, testimony, declarations, etc. This is from the Avalon Project at the Yale University Law School.

Electronic Privacy Information Center: Counter-Terrorism Proposals
This Center exists to promote civil liberaties, protect privacy, and present Constitutional values. The site has news, legislation, press releases, etc. on counter-terrorism. America Responds
This is a central site from the U.S. Government for knowing what to do to prepare and act regarding terrorism. Categories for links include how to protect oneself, how to travel safely, how to help our country, how to locate people, how to contact the government, etc

Google Web Directory: Terrorism
Thousands of web sites are available here in a variety of topical listings. One feature is a massive listing of terrorist organizations. Security
A Homeland Security web site. News, documents, legislation, reports, etc. are here. Current with historical background. An important site on terrorism.

The Heritage Foundation
Policy briefs, statistics, etc. are available on this site.

International Law in Brief

This site is administered by the American Society of International Law. It has documents from the UN, European Union, NATO, OAS, U.S. Government, etc. through October, 2001.

The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
This think tank has establised this web site providing news, documents, legistlation, etc. In addition to counter-terrorism there are major categories of Israeli-Arab Conflict and international terrorism.

Israeli Minsistry of Foreign Affairs
This is an official Israel site. A feature of the site is links to terrorist activities within Israel and Palestine.


Liberation Movements, Terrorist Organizations, Substance Cartels, and Other Para-State Entities
Almost 400 organizations are listed with links to a statement about them along with web sites with additional information.

MEDLINEplus Health Information: Biodefense and Bioterrorism
A government site having excellent information on all aspects of bioterrorism. A search engine is available. A first choice site on this topic.

9-11-2001 News and Legal Resources, Information and Related Services
A comprehensive site with categories that include news, treaties, legislation, homeland security, etc.

Patterns of Global Terrorism
This site has the text of the State Department's annual report on international terrorism. Earlier editions are available here in addition to the current report.

Public Agenda Special Edition: Terrorism
This site has a wide range of sources. There are a lot of background reports.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response
This site is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control. As a governmental site it provides links to bioterrorism and chemical agents. Links include news, resources, emergency preparations, etc.
Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security this site presents ways to prepare for terrorist attacks.

Response to Terrorism
The official web page on terrorism from the Department of State. This site offers wide ranging, and current, information on terrorism. Some historical information is presented. Some images are available. A search engine is furnished.

[Scholars of Islam & the Tragedy of Sept. 11th]
This site is provided by Islamic scholarly at U.S. and Canadian universities. The thrust is Islam and how it relates to the September 11th, and other terrorism acts.

The September 11 Digital Archive
The goal of this site is to collect, preserve, and present the history of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. This has first-hand accounts and images of the attacks. This is an ongoing project having new sources added on a recurring basis.

September 11
This site contains a variety of archived images, documents, speeches, on the September 11th attack in the United States.

September 11 Resources
This site is arranged by topics, e.g. war criminals, Muslim communities. Close to 1,000 links are at this site. A search engine is available.

September 11, Screenshots of Online News Sites
Over 200 pictures of the September terrorism attack are available here.

The September 11 Sourcebooks
Sponsored by the National Security Archive this offers a masterful array of reports and studies on terrorism and its effect on the government.

September 11, 2001: Attack on America
This site is from Yale University's Avalon Project of international law. The main section of the site has daily listings of full-text documents from throughout the world. Additional sections include presidential executive orders, determinations, and proclamations. A section of terrorism public laws is also available.

The September 11 Web Archive
Sponsored by the Library of Congress with foundation backing this site attempts to have access to all events that happened from the September 11th terrorist attacks to the present. A search engine is available.

Special Coverage: War on Terrorism
A megasite with a variety of categories. Documents, news analysis, reports, are represented. United States and English language foreign newspaper coverage is highlighted.

Target America
PBS television has produced this site. The emphasis is upon terrorism background and the United\ States beginning in the 1980's. Some links have contemporary material. Reports, interviews, documents, etc.

Terrorism Law and Policy
This site has a wide range of sources on terrorism including a bibliography to current terrorism topics. Sources are from government and private research agencies.

Terrorism Project
This web page is from the think tank Center for Defense Information. News and analysis are here. Topics include such areas as eye on Iraq, Operation Enduring Freedom, Homeland Security, news/ opinion, legislation, etc.

Terrorism: Questions and Answers
This "encyclopedia" of terrorism answers is sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations." The arrangement is by broad category. A search engine is available.

The Terrorism Research Center
Links include areas as current news stories, profiles of terrorism and counterterrorist groups, documents, bioterrorism, etc.

Terrorism - the EU on the Move
An official European Union web site on terrorism. Documents, press releases, speeches, and links to additional EU and UN sites is presented.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
This web site is headlined by "Global Programme Against Terrorism." It provides a variety of links to UN actions and programs on terrorism.

United Nations Treaties Against International Terrorism
This site provides links to the text of a series of United Nations treaties that deal with terrorism.

UN Action Against Terrorism
The United Nations official site. This has links to speeches, documents, declarations, resolutions, etc.

[World] Terrorist Attacks and Organizations
This site, sponsored by the Washington Post, has background information on aspects of terrorism including by organization, nation, terrorists name, and incident. A search engine is provided.

Yahoo! News: Terrorism
This is an excellent site for current news, opinion, editorials, articles, audio, video, etc. on terrorism since September 11, 2001.




Terrorism - War with Iraq

Apparatus of Lies: Saddam's Disinformation and Propaganda, 1990-2003
An official White House site with links to a wide range of topics demonstrating Iraq's lack of honesty since 1990 regarding their actions toward the United States and other nations.

CNS: Iraq Special Collection
This web site is from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and presents links to articles and other studies generally on military aspects of war wth Iraq.

Conflict with Iraq
This BBC site offers current information on the Iraqi conflict situation. Documents, reports, maps, biographical profiles, etc. are here.

Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War
The text of the 1949 Geneva Convention is here. See also from the Society of Professional Journalists Reference Guide to Geneva Conventions.

Government Views of Iraq
This site, from the Government Documents Division of The City College of New York has primary source material on a wide range of topics dealing with the war with Iraq. Among the twenty-four categorgies available are CENTCOM Briefings, Congressional Research Service Reports, leaflets dropped over Iraq, legal resources, Saddam Hussein, Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc.

Great Iraq Conflict Coverage Gallery
This site provides annotated links to media reports from a variety of sources in Iraq. Useful to quickly see a variety of news sources and analysis.

Guardian Unlimited: Special Report: Iraq
News reporting on Iraq and the current crisis of war from the Guardian newspaper.

Iraq and the Media
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) presents their take on the war journalism at this site.

Iraq Crisis
This site is from the Global Policy Forum. Its thrust is opposing war with Iraq. Articles and some documents are available. Material from 1998 to date is available. Very current sources are presented.

Iraq Crisis
Sponsored by the University of New York at Buffalo Library this site offers excellent coverage of the war with Iraq. Among the categories of links are country reports, library sites, news sources, United Nations and U.S. Government sites, international law, think tanks and NGO's, military information, anti-war efforts, etc.

Iraq: Denial and Deception
An official White House site on Iraq. Presidential statements along with press releases and addresses of other governmental officials in the White House are featured. Links to a variety of additional governmental agencies that deal with foreign affairs and terrorism are available.

Iraq Update
This Department of State site has coverage of Iraq and U.S. possibilities of war. Documents, reports, information, etc. is presented. Current coverage.

Iraq War Debate - 2002
Sponsored by the University of Michigan Library this is a massive site with hundreds of links. Categories include areas as threat assessment, containment, military and political aspects, the primary (national) players, etc. Some sites are not available to the general public.

Iraq (War on Terrorism)
The Special Libraries Association has this site presenting a variety of links to the Iraqi war. It includes government sources, journalism sites, and presents links to both sides of the conflict.
This site was established by several independent journalists on ground in the Iraqi region. News, news analysis, videos, photographs, etc. are used to present what is happening in this area. This is a current news site.

Military Fact Files
Produced by BBC News this site is intended to provide facts on the wide array of military force that may be used in a war with Iraq. Categories include Forces, Firepower, Biochemical Weapons, Land Forces, Sea Forces and Air Forces.


No War With Iraq
This site is sponsored by The Nation and presents an anti-war position toward Iraq. A lot of links.

Not in Our Name
This organization acts to oppose war. In November 2002 its emphasis is upon the possible war with Iraq. Categories of links include history, calendar of events, protest pledges, etc.

Office of the Iraq Programme: Oil-for-Food
This UN site presents its program of Oil-for-Food. The information is current.

Online NewsHour: The Iraq War
This is an online version of the PBS NewsHour. The effort is current information. Analysis and maps are featured.

Operation Iraqi Freedom
This site is sponsored by the United States Army. It includes headline news on the war and its aftermath, news releases, links to the several military service units in the war, government sites, maps, geographic/country inforamtion, etc.

Oppose War on Iraq
This site is from the American Friends Service Committee. It is a collection of anti-war articles, commentary, reports, etc.


Resolution on Iraq
The text of UN Resolution 1441 of 8 November 2002 which was adopted by the Security Council. The site includes earlier U.S. drafts of the resolution along with a joint statement on the Resolution by China, France, and Russia.

Season of Peacemaking
The National Council of Churches presents this site of resources to assist in opposition to military action against Iraq. Statements, peace litany's, etc. are available.

Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts Toward Iraq, 1980-1984
Documents provided by the National Security Archive are available here. They were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. This site presents the United States as an ally of Iraq in the early 1980's.

The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussein and Iraq
This is an academic site with a large number of links on Hussein and Iraq. Categories include such areas news and commentary, government documents, weapons of mass destruction, etc.

War With Iraq: Costs, Consequences and Alternatives
This a research paper, available in December 2002, with a series of essays on war costs. It was sponsored by the American Academcy of Arts and Sciences.

ZNet: Iraq Watch
This site has a collection of articles and reports on Iraq and war. This sight presents an opposition to war with Iraq.





Carrow's International Law Links
This site has a number of links to sources of international law and treaties.

Environmental Treaties and Resource Locators (ENTRI)
This site has hundreds of environmental treaty texts. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

International Treaties
This site is arranged by treaty topic. There are also links to additional treaty sources.

Lex Mercatoria
Economic and commercial law with treaties are highlighted at this site. Examples of links include NAFTA, Gatt and World Trade Organization, European Union, international trade law, customs, etc.

Multilaterals Project
About 100 treaties on various topics are available.

Oceans and Marine Conservation
The Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs have placed treaties relating to fisheries, marine life, law of the sea, etc. on the Internet.

Space Law and Policy Library
International agreements, United States Instruments, proposed United States legislation, non- United States documents, articles, essays, reports, position papers, etc. are available here.

Treaties in Force
This is an annual source from the Department of State. It is the guide/index to bilateral and multilateral treaties that are currently in force.




United Nations

ACUNS: The Academic Council on the United Nations System
Sponsored by Yale University's Center for International and Areas Studies this site has documents, publications, papers, etc. on the United Nations.

Dag Hammarskjold Library
The main United Nations library and its catalog. In addition to the catalog this site has Votings Record site covering 1982 to date. It also has a Speech Index site covering 1982/83 to date.

[Food and Agricultural Organization]

This site is the annual Commodity Market Review. This describes general developments in the world food economy. Additional FAO sources include Food Outlook, published bimonthly which has statistical information by country and region on food production and Food Crops and Shortages published bimonthly which lists and describes food shortages by country and region. These sources include statistical analysis.

Global Policy Forum
This UN site tracks global policy making. Among the categories at this site are financial crisis, Security Council, social/economic policy, NGO's, nations & states, and UN reform. Documents, articles, and analysis are here.

Group of 77.
A coalition of over 130 developing countries and their United Nations work and efforts. Documents and speeches are included.

Official Web Site Locator for the United Nations System of Organizations

This site provides a linking service to the various UN agencies.

The Progress of Nations 1998
This site is sponsored by UNICEF. It has a variety of information on children including statistics.

UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs site. Coverage is universal with an accent on human natural disaster.

UN Documentation Centre
A major scholarly site that contains documentation from the various UN agencies including resolutions texts. Search engines are available. An excellent site for full-text UN documentation.

UN News Centre
With updates daily this UN site presents the full range of their programs and actions. Calendars, statements, briefings, press releases, news conferences, etc. are available.

A Web site established in honor of the 50th anniversay of the UN. Comprehensive coverage is provided with documents, press releases, resolutions, conferences, news, etc.

The official UNICEF web site.

United Nations
The official UN Web site. Comprehensive coverage is offered. Documents, resolutions, publications, etc. are available. The site has links to other UN agencies.

United Nations Documentation: Research Guide
This official site offers an overview of the United Nations system of publications. Sponsored by the Dag Hammarskjold Library it offers a guide to publications and some full-text source material.

United Nations Economic and Social Council
the ECOSOC home page.

United Nations Environmental Programme
This is the official UN site for its environmental programs.

United Nations General Assembly
This official site gives an overview of the GA with links to documents, information, etc.

United Nations Information Services
An impressive array of UN oriented links are available at this site. It includes related areas, e.g. World Bank, World Trade Organization, CIA World Factbook, etc.

[United Nations] Peace Keeping Bibliography

A bibliography of monographic literature from 1945 to date. Arranged alphabetically.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
The United Nations site on population and developing countries. In addition to general information there are links to regions and countries of the world.

United Nation's Scholars' Workstation (Yale)
A comprehensive site for UN sources. Yale has pulled together a wide range of sources from through the Web. The category "Numeric Data" looks excellent for statistical information.

United Nations System Pathfinder
An official UN site. This has bibliographies on current issues of international interest arranged in topical order. Some citations are hyperlinked to the web.

The United States Mission to the United Nations
This is the official United States site for its UN activities. Some documents, speeches, etc. are available.

UNRISD ON-LINE (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
This site studies the relationship between international social and economic development. There is an emphasis on developing countries.

World Health Organization (WHO)
The WHO official site. Comprehensive health statistics are available @ strong>WHO Statistical Information Systems.





About Elections in Virginia
This site offers brief information about voting and elections in Virginia.

Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission
The official site for the planning district that includes the counties of Rockingham, Augusta, Highland, Bath, and Rockbridge. Directories and data are highlighted.

The Code of Virginia
This web site offers interactive searching of the Virginia Code.

The Constitution of Virginia
Text of the Constitution.

Democratic Party of Virginia
The official web site.

Division of Legislative Services. Legislative Reference Library [Virginia]
This library is located in the Virginia State Capitol. Features include"Legislative History." This has a discussion on how to conduct research. "Legislative Reference Sources" includes contacts for legislative information. "Suggested Government Resources on the Internet" has links to Virginia, other states, and federal legislative sources. "Topical Studies of the General Assembly of Virginia" is an index covering House and Senate Documents from 1970 to date. Carrier Library has these documents.

My Virginia
The official Commonwealth of Virginia site. Of interest because of its government link which has sections on the local and state scene. The General Assembly link has bill information. There are sections for citizens, business, etc.

Republican Party of Virginia
The official web page.

The Virginia Administrative Code
The Code can be searched with full-text documentation being available. The Code cites relevant sources in The Code of Virginia and The Virginia Register of Regulations along with references to such additional sources as the United States Code and American Jurisprudence 2d.

For additional statistics on diseases see Virginia Health Planning Region .

Virginia General Assembly
From 1994 to date this site has bill and resolution information from the General Assembly.

Virginia Institute of Government
A site for local government in Virginia. Information includes training programs, consulting services, conferences, publications, etc. The site is hosted by the University of Virginia's Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.

Virginia Profiles
This site is from the Bureau of the Census. It has detailed current, and historical, statistics on Virginia and the counties and independent cities.

Virginia State Board of Elections
An offical election site. Information includes redistricting, campaign finance, candidate information, voting information, voter registration, etc.

Virginia's Judicial System
This web site has information and links to the full range of the Virginia court system. Courts with information include the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, General District Courts, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts. There is information on all court personnel. Court opinions are printed for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Wendell Cooper Center for Public Service
The official Virginia organization having statistical data for the state. Comprehensive in its coverage.


White House (Executive Branch)



Bush Administration Documents on Secrecy Policy
The Federation of American Scientists have placed this site with links to Executive Office documentation on secrecy.

Presidential Libraries IDEA Network .
a major site for presidential links. There are links to all presidents with including presidential libraries from Herbert Hoover to date.

Presidential Pardons
Sponsored by Jurist, the University of Pittsburgh web site, this page looks at presidential pardons bother current (Clinton) and historically.

White House
The official White House Web site. Links include areas of Comments, First Family, Tours, and What's New. Coverage is 1993 to date. Very current.




Women in Politics

Center for American Women and Politics Sponsored by Rutgers University this is an excellent site for women and politics. One section has current and historical information on women candidates, election results, etc. Other areas include news and analysis, and links to other major sites.

Center for Women Policy Studies An independent feminist policy research center. This includes newsletters and reports on the political process.


Concerned Women for America A site for conservative women seeking to defend Christian-American values. Political and other news is a feature of the web page.

Eagle Forum Founded in 1972 to stop the ERA this is a conservative antifeminist organization site. A variety of news reports are featured.


Emily's List. This lobby group works to support and elect pro-choice liberal Democratic Party women.


The Feminist Majority Foundation Online This organization seeks to increase the number of women in positions across the spectum. Links are to news, research, etc.

Fifty Plus One This is the web site for an organization of pro-choice women at the grassroots level to assist in achieving skills for the political process at all levels of government.


Institute for Women's Policy Research This organization works for economic and social justice for women. Areas of emphasis include research and news.

International Women's Democracy Center This site is from a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening women's political leadership activities globally.

League of Women Voters A national organization which works to strengthen voting patterns.

National Federation of Democratic Women This organization works in all areas to advance women candidates and positions within the Democratic Party.

National Federation of Republican Women This organization works in all areas to advance women candidates and positions within the Republican Party.

National Organization for Women This women's organization has a web section entitled "Electoral Politics" with links to a number of sites.

National Women's Political Caucus This organization has over 50,000 women participating in its events annually. They identify, recruit, train, and support pro-choice women for elections at all levels.


A current site with political news and information for women on women in politics. Bipartisan.

Women in Parliament This site is sponored by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. It contains data and other resources on women's role in democratic governments.


Women in Politics: Bibliographic Database

Sponsored by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva, Switzerland this site has a database to sources on women in politics. International coverage.

Women Leaders Online This site acts to mobilize women in empowering them in the political process. News, reports, opinion, etc. are covered. International.


WomenWatch: The UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women
This UN sponsored site includes political activity along with the full range of issues for women.

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