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The following guides were created to accompany the library instruction sessions for specific political science classes.  Just click on the course name to obtain the guide.  For additional assistance, please contact the Political Science Liaison Librarian, Gerald Gill.

Phone: 540.568.6898



POSC 295, Political Research Methods (Jones)

POSC 295, Political Research Methods (Ferraiolo, 2008)

POSC 350, Latin-American Politics (Blake)

POSC 353, African Politics (Adams)

POSC 358, Public Policy (Ferraiolo, 2008)

POSC 371, Comparative Politics of the Middle East (Jamal, 2008)

POSC/JUST 392, Peace Studies (Teske, 2008)

POSC 395, International Law (Teske, 2008)

POSC 396, International Organizations (Teske)

POSC/SCOM/SMAD 472, Media and Politics (Jones, 2009)

INTA 489, Senior Seminar in International Affairs (Knickrehm, 2008)

INTA 489, Senior Seminar in International Affairs

Economic Development and Africa (Moore, 2009)

INTA 489, Senior Seminar in International Affairs (Teske, 2009)

POSC 492, Comparative Ethnicity (Moore)

POSC 492, Direct Democracy: Politics, Policy, and Practice (Ferraiolo)

POSC 492, Senior Seminar in Political Science (Knickrehm, 2008)

POSC 492, Women's Transnational Activism (Adams)

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Political Science Librarian
Reba Leiding

Reba Leiding


126 Carrier Library

Contact me if you need help with your research.

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