LibX Browser Extension
James Madison University Edition

Check out LibX, a browser extension specially designed for JMU Libraries. Use it to search for books and articles at JMU with either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.  From Amazon, Google Scholar and more, JMU Libraries' are just a click away.

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LibX Features

The LibX Toolbar

After installing LibX, it will appear as an icon to the right of the address bar in the web browser.


LibX Icon

Clicking on the icon will display the LibX plugin.

LibX Toolbar 

You may click on "Keyword" to change the search field. Available search fields will change depending on the resource being searched.

LibX Toolbar

Clicking on the blue circle to the right of the text box will add an additional text box to enable searching with multiple fields. Clicking the red X will remove that line.


LibX Toolbar

To search using JMU Quicksearch, Google Scholar, or Periodical Locator, click on the "JMU Library Catalog" link and select the desired resource from the dropdown.


LibX Preferences

Clicking on the "Preferences" tab within the LibX plugin will allow you to edit display preferences and other configuration options.

LibX Toolbar

Right-Click Context Menus

Whenever you see a resource that interests you—in Amazon, in an article, anywhere—highlight it and then right-click for quick searches in JMU Library Catalog, JMU Quicksearch, Periodical Locator, and Google Scholar.

LibX Toolbar

LibX recognizes some specialized numbers, making your search even easier.

Embedded Cues

After you download LibX, you’ll also see embedded cues that link to JMU’s LibX on participating websites.  Simply click on the purple “M” to see if JMU has the book, video, article or journal.

Look for these embedded cues in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and New York Times Book Review for a quick way to search LEO. The embedded cues are also available in Google and Yahoo! so you can repeat a search done there in one of our search tools.  

LibX Cue

On some sites, LibX will recognize specialized numbers such as ISBNs, ISSNs, and DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) and automatically create a link to search the JMU Catalog or Check For Full Text@JMU.

LibX Cue


Install LibX JMU Edition

The LibX extension works with Firefox and Google Chrome only. It does not work with other browsers such as Safari or Internet Explorer. It has been tested with Firefox version 10.x and Chrome 19 on Windows and Macintosh OS-X.

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More About LibX


LibX is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. The copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech.


By using this extension you may send the URL of pages you are currently visiting to your library's catalog server. Such information is sent only if you are actively using the extension; it is never sent automatically.

For more information about LibX, visit the LibX Homepage at
Questions? Email Scholarly Content Systems.