Placing Materials on Reserve at Carrier Library or Rose Library

Reserve requests can be placed online using our content management requesting system. Simply sign in with your e-ID and password to create courses and add items.

Loan Periods

Items Owned by the Library

Instructors may request that books owned by the library be placed on reserve at either Carrier Library or Rose Library. Where licensing allows, e-books purchased by JMU Libraries can be linked to course reserve records as well. No current or bound volumes of periodicals owned by the library can be placed on reserve.

Items Owned by the Instructor

Personal copies of materials may be placed on reserve. Custom textbooks and those with disclaimers, such as "Instructor's Copy", cannot be placed on reserve without written permission from the publisher. The reserve staff makes every effort to ensure the security of items placed on reserve, however, we assume no liability for personal copies that are lost or damaged.

Items Not Owned by the Library or the Instructor

If neither the library nor the instructor owns the item needed, instructors must contact the Liaison Librarian assigned to their department to determine whether the material may be acquired. Materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan cannot be placed on reserve.

Copyright Compliance

Instructors using reserves are responsible for complying with current copyright law and regulations. Please refer to the Reserve Copyright Guidelines to answer basic questions on copyright.

JMU Libraries reserves the right to decline placing any item on reserve that lacks copyright permission if the nature, scope, or extent is judged by the library to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use.

Documents placed onto course web sites or into Canvas course sites are not under the control of the JMU Libraries and are not reviewed for copyright compliance. However, we are glad to consult with faculty to provide resources to enable you to assess copyright fair use, digitize materials, and post those materials to your Canvas course pages. Additional online guidance is available, or you may contact Howard Carrier, Liaison Librarian and Copyright Advisor, at

For further information or questions about course reserves, please contact us via email at