Placing Materials on Reserve at Carrier Library or Rose Library


Loan Periods

Reserves are searchable in JMU's Library Catalog ( by instructor's last name or course number.

Items Owned by the Library

Instructors may request that books owned by the library be placed on Reserve at either Carrier Library or Rose Library by printing off and completing a reserve request form, picking up a form at the service desks of either library, or by submitting the Online Book Request Form.  No current or bound volumes of periodicals owned by the library can be placed on Reserve. Books from other libraries cannot be placed on Reserve.

Items Owned by the Instructor

Personal copies of materials may be placed on Reserve. The Reserve staff makes every effort to insure the security of items placed on Reserve, however, we assume no liability for personal copies that are lost or damaged.

Electronic / Digital Course Content

Instructors may request that limited selections of larger works be placed on E-Reserve. They are processed in Carrier Library but can be requested at any of the branch libraries. Complete the Online Article Request Form to request items be placed on E-Reserve. Each request must include the complete bibliographic citation. Please refer to the Reserve Copyright Guidelines for complete instructions.

Our goal is to process material within 3 business days, but at peak times materials may take longer to be made available. If you do not provide copies of materials to be digitized, processing time will be approximately 1 week. Requests with an incorrect or incomplete citation will not be filled until the citation is corrected.

Please note: The JMU Libraries' E-Reserves service is changing due to changes in technology, legal resources, and human resources. We encourage faculty to digitize materials and post them to their Canvas coursepages. The Center for Instructional Technology Walk-In Labs and Suites are excellent places to receive help with scanning and digitizing course materials.

Copyright Compliance

Instructors using Reserves are responsible for complying with current copyright law and regulations. Please refer to the Reserve Copyright Guidelines to answer basic questions on copyright.

The Library cannot place photocopied material (this includes E-Reserves) on Reserve for consecutive semesters without documented copyright permission.

JMU Libraries reserves the right to decline placing any item on reserve that lacks copyright permission if the nature, scope, or extent is judged by the library to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use.

Documents placed onto course web sites or into Canvas course sites are not under the control of the JMU Libraries and are not reviewed for copyright compliance. However, we are glad to consult with faculty to help determine whether or not a document or documents on a course site is copyright compliant. Additional online guidance is available, or you may contact Brian Cockburn, Music Librarian and Copyright Coordinator, at

For further information or questions about course reserves, please contact Laura Montanez via email at