Database Trials at JMU Libraries

JMU Libraries regularly trials new electronic resources.  If you'd like to recommend a database for us to purchase, please contact your library liaison or fill out this form.

Current Trials

The following databases are being considered for JMU Libraries' online collections. 

APA Style Central
(expires 8/10/16)
VIVA Sponsored
Contains APA style guides, tutorials, research tools, reference templates, publication assistance, and more. Materials are organized in the following categories: learn, research, write, publish.

John Cleese Business Bundle
(expires 8/19/16)
Liaison Requested
Streaming collection of 29 training videos covering workplace topics such as budgeting, finance, meetings, managing people, and more.

SAGE Research Methods Video (beta)
(expires 8/31/16)
Vendor Offered
Contains streaming video tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, documentaries, and more covering the entire research methods and statistics curriculum. This product is in beta and only contains roughly half of the material anticipated to be available in the finished product.


American Consumer Culture: Market Research & American Business, 1935-1965
(expired 7/13/16)
Liaison Requested
Access the complete market research reports of Ernest Dichter, the era's foremost consumer analyst, market research pioneer, and widely-recognized "father" of Motivational Research. Full scope notes available here.

World's Fairs: a Global History of Expositions
(expired 7/13/16)
Liaison Requested
Contains official records, monographs, publicity, artwork, artifacts, and more to showcase the phenomenon of world's fairs and expos from 1851 to 1967 and beyond. Full scop notes available here.

Gale Researcher
(expired 6/30/16)
Vendor Offered
A springboard for undergraduate research. Find article summaries, reference information, streaming video and more on selected research topics. Topic overviews in economics, political science, and psychology are currently available. This product is under construction; modules in literature, criminal justice, philosophy, sociology, and history are forthcoming.

Eighteenth Century Drama (Adam Matthew)
(expired 6/20/16)
Liaison Requested
Explore the theatrical world of the Eighteenth Century through over 2,500 John Larpent plays licensed from 1778-1824. This resouce also contains correspondence between key theatrical figures, biographical information, portraits, advertisement, historical information, and companion texts: The London Stage 1660-1800 and A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers & Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800. Includes visual materials and the diaries of John Larpent's wife Anna.

China from Empire to Republic: Missionary, Sinology and Literary Periodicals, 1817-1949
(expired 6/15/16)
Vendor Offered
Note: click on the "submit" button on the landing page to access the trial.
China from Empire to Republic is a collection of 17 English-language periodicals published in, or about, China during a period of over 130 years, extending from 1817 until 1949. This corresponds to the periods of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republican Era (1911-1949), when China experienced radical and often traumatic transformations from an inward-looking imperial dynasty into a globally engaged republic with modern approaches to politics, literature, education, public morality, and intellectual life.

Gallup Analytics
(expired 6/2/16)
Liaison Requested
Note: 20 simultaneous user limit. Please close your browser when you are finished with your session.

An online platform that provides access to nearly a century of U.S. data and a decade of global tracking data known as the Gallup World Poll. Includes new data and historical trends at the country, state, and US city levels. Trends are easily searchable, exportable, and citable.

RKMA Market Research Reports
(expired 5/31/16)
Vendor Offered
Richard K. Miller & Associates (RMKA) publishes 12 bienniel market research handbooks; most recent content available during the trial period. (ProQuest)
(expired 5/25/16)
Vendor Offered Library Edition offers a collection of historical newspapers ranging from well-known state and regional titles to small local newspapers in the United States and other countries. Provides search, browse, save, share, clip, map/location features.

Mass Observation Online (Adam Matthew)
(expired 5/20/16)
Liaison Requested
Mass Observation Online makes available original manuscript and typescript papers created and collected by the Mass Observation organisation, as well as printed publications, photographs and interactive maps.

SAGE Video
(expired 5/20/16)
Vendor Offered
SAGE Video offers access to online video collections in the Social Sciences. Trial includes access to: Business & Management; Counseling & Therapy; Education; Media, Communication & Cultural Studies; Politics & International Relations; Psychology.

Yearbook of International Organizations Online
(expired 5/17/16)
Liaison Requested
Provides information on over 66,000 non-profit organizations and associations worldwide. Includes both Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) and International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGOs).

SAGE Business Cases
(expired 5/1/16)
Vendor Offered
SAGE Business Cases (currently in beta) contain peer-reviewed cases from real world situations to instruct researchers and future businesspeople in best practices for future success. Includes cases in accounting, ethics, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and much more!

Medical Imaging in Video (Alexander Street Press)
(expired 4/30/16)
Liaison Requested
Medical Imaging in Video gives students and practitioners a clear, direct way to observe highly technical imaging procedures before practicing them in a clinical setting. This resource of training videos covers key topics in patient diagnosis and treatment, including radiography and sonography, radiation therapy, equipment, patient communication, and more.

(expired 4/21/16)
Liaison Requested
Reaxys is a chemistry database that allows users to search for extracted chemical data and related information. Includes reaction and synthesis information as well as scholarly articles, book chapters, reviews, conference papers, reports, patents, and more.

Gale Directory Library
(expired 3/28/16)
Liaison Requested
Note: the Associations Unlimited product has been rolled into Gale Directory Library, which contains data from the entire Encyclopedia of Associations series and includes additional IRS information on nonprofit organizations. Click on the + button beside "Organizations" to select from international, US national, or regional associations.

Theatre in Video: Volume 2 (Alexander Street Press)
(expired 3/28/16)
Liaison Requested
Contains classic and contemporary plays and documentaries, including performances from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre collection (Opus Arte), Theatre Arts Films, the BBC, and TMW Media Group.

RILM Music Encyclopedias (EBSCO)
(expired 3/22/16)
Liaison Requested
Comprehensive collection of encyclopedic content spanning the most important disciplines, including popular music, opera, instruments, blues, gospel, recorded sound, and women composers. Contains full text of over 40 reference works published from 1775-2015. Click here for a full title list.

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