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New Comic book titles for JMU Libraries, Spring 2009

Note: some of the following titles are still "on order" or in process.  Be sure to check JMU Library Catalog for the most recent status information, or email Jody Fagan.

Essential Defenders IV
Essential Thor II
Essential Thor III
Essential Wolverine III
Essential Wolverine IV
Essential Wolverine V
Essential Tomb of Dracula II
Essential Tomb of Dracula III
Showcase Presents Batman
Showcase Presents Green Lantern III
Showcase Presents the Flash II
Showcase Presents Justice League of America IV (March)
Showcase Presents Superman IV
Showcase Presents Sgt. Rock II
Showcase Presents Supergirl II
Batman Chronicles, v. 5
Batman Chronicles, v. 6
Batman Chronicles, v. 7 (March)
Superman Chronicles, v. 4
Superman Chronicles, v. 5
Superman Chronicles, v. 6 (February)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, v. 2
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier
Usagi Yojimbo v. 10
Fables, v. 10: The Good Prince
Fables, v. 11: War and Pieces
Sin City, v. 3: The Big Fat Kill 
Sin City, v. 4: That Yellow Bastard
Sin City, v. 5: Family Values
Sin City, v. 6: Booze, Broads, and Bullets
Sin City, v. 7: Hell and Back
Iron Man, v. 3: Civil War
Iron Man, v. 4: Director of SHIELD
Iron Man, v. 5: Haunted
Uncanny X-Men: New Age, v. 3: On Ice
Uncanny X-Men: New Age, v. 4: End of Greys
Uncanny X-Men: New Age, v. 5: First Foursaken
Uncanny X-Men: Extremists
Fantastic Four, v. 6: Rising Storm
Fantastic Four: J. Michael Straczynski, v. 1
Fantastic Four: The Life Fantastic
Emma Frost, v. 2: Mind Games
Emma Frost, v. 3: Bloom
She-Hulk, v. 3: Time Trials
She-Hulk, v. 4: Laws of Attraction
She-Hulk, v. 5: Planet Without a Hulk
She-Hulk, v. 6: Jaded
Promethea, Book 3
Promethea, Book 4
Promethea, Book 5
Hellboy, v. 4: The Right Hand of Doom
Hellboy, v. 5: Conqueror Worm
Hellboy, v. 6: Strange Places
Hellboy, v. 7: The Troll Witch and Others
Hellboy, v. 8: Darkness Calls
Hellboy: Oddest Jobs
Wonder Woman, v. 3: Beauty and the Beasts
Wonder Woman, v. 4: Destiny Calling
Wonder Woman: Who Is Wonder Woman?
Wonder Woman: The Circle
Wonder Woman: The Ends of the Earth
Spider Man: Back in Black
Spider-Man: One More Day
Spider-Man: Brand New Day, v. 1
Spider-Man: Brand New Day, v. 2
Spider-Man: Brand New Day, v. 3
Spider-Man: Kraven’s First Hunt
Showcase Presents Wonder Woman II
Showcase Presents Teen Titans II
New Avengers, v. 3: Secrets and Lies
New Avengers, v. 4: Collective
Uncanny X-Men: The Rise & Fall of the Shi’ar Empire
X-Men: Messiah CompleX
Uncanny X-Men: Divided We Stand
Civil War: Road to Civil War
Civil War: Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four: The New Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four: Beginning of the End
Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest
Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man
Ultimate X-Men, v. 14: Phoenix?
Ultimate X-Men, v. 15: Magical
Ultimate X-Men, v. 16: Cable
Ultimate X-Men, v. 17: Sentinels
Ultimate X-Men, v. 18: Apocalypse
Ultimate X-Men, v. 19: Absolute Power
Alias, v. 3: The Underneath
Alias, v. 4: The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones
Runaways, v. 7: Live Fast
Runaways, v. 8: Dead End Kids
Spider-Girl, v. 4: Turning Point
Spider-Girl, v. 5: Endgame
Spider-Girl, v. 6: Too Many Spiders!
Spider-Girl, v. 7: Betrayed
Spider-Girl, v. 8: Duty Calls
Spider-Girl, v. 9: Secret Lives
Birds of Prey, v. 2: Sensei & Student
Birds of Prey, v. 3: Between Dark and Dawn
Birds of Prey, v. 4: The Battle Within
Birds of Prey, v. 5: Perfect Pitch
Birds of Prey, v. 6: Blood and Circuits
Birds of Prey, v. 7: Dead of Winter
Birds of Prey, v. 8: Metropolis or Dust
Birds of Prey, v. 9: Club Kids
Catwoman, v. 2: Crooked Little Town
Catwoman, v. 3: Relentless
Catwoman, v. 4: Wild Ride
Kabuki, v. 3: Masks of the Noh
Kabuki, v. 4: Skin Deep
Kabuki, v. 5: Metamorphosis
Kabuki, v. 6: Scarab
Love & Rockets, v. 4: Tears from Heaven
Love & Rockets, v. 5: House of Raging Women
Love & Rockets, v. 6: Duck Feet
Love & Rockets, v. 8: Blood of Palomar
Love & Rockets: New Stories #1
Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, v. 1
Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, v. 2
Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, v. 3
Strangers in Paradise, v. 2: I Dream of You
Strangers in Paradise, v. 3: It's a Good Life
Strangers in Paradise, v. 4: Love Me Tender
Strangers in Paradise, v. 5: Immortal Enemies
Strangers in Paradise, v. 6: High School!
Strangers in Paradise, v. 7: Sanctuary
Strangers in Paradise, v. 8: My Other Life
Supergirl: Candor
Supergirl: Identity
Hulk: Planet Hulk
Hulk: Incredible Herc
Hulk, v. 1: Red Hulk
New Avengers, v. 5: Civil War
New Avengers, v. 6: Revolution
New Avengers, v. 7: The Trust
New Avengers, v. 8: Secret Invasion, Book 1 (hardcover)
New Avengers, v. 9: Secret Invasion, Book 2 (hardcover)
Silver Surfer: Requiem
Elektra, v. 2: Everything Old Is New Again
Elektra, v. 3: Relentless
Elektra, v. 4: Frenzy
Silver Surfer: In Thy Name