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Finding Current Issues / Controversies


Find local, national, and international news articles.  Find pro and con information about controversial issues.

Full text analysis of opposing viewpoints for more than 600 controversial topics in the news...
Coverage: 1995 - present
Full-text of secondary and primary sources discussing today's social issues.  Good source for pro and con points of view.
Coverage: Varies by title
Full-text articles from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international news sources.  Includes the Daily News Record (Harrisonburg).
Coverage: 1977 - present
Full-text news from magazines and newspapers.
Coverage: Current
Search simultaneously in CQ Electronic Library or separately:
  • CQ Researcher - Full-text reports on current and controversial issues in U.S. politics, health care, education, economics, bioethics, environment and society.  Good source for pro and con points of view.
  • CQ Weekly - In-depth reports on current issues facing the U.S. Congress.
Coverage: 1972 - present

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