Importing Data from JMU Library Catalog into RefWorks


1) Go to JMU Library Catalog and search for the book you wish to cite.

JMU Library Catalog link on the JMU Libraries' homepage

2) Once you've found the book, click "Save to List"

JMU Library Catalog book record with save to list function highlighted

3) A button labeled "My List" will appear.  If you have multiple books to cite, save each of them.


JMU Library Catalog book record with my list function highlighted


Click "My List."  The next screen will look like this:

JMU Library Catalog My List Page

If you have multiple books, there will be multiple saved records. *Be sure to check the records you want to export!

4) Click "Export Saved".  Change the export location ("Send List To") to "Local Disk" (see below image) then click the submit button. A pop-up window will open, asking you whether to open it or save. Click "save" and save the file to your hard drive. The default file name is "export.txt."

JMU Library Catalog Export Saved page

5) Go to RefWorks. The easiest way is to access Refworks from the bottom of the libraries' homepage.

screen capture of the JMU Libraries' homepage with the RefWorks link circled in red


6) Log in to RefWorks or sign up for a RefWorks account.

7) Choose References -> Import from upper left corner.

RefWorks screen with Import option highlighted


8) Choose "James Madison University" as the Import Filter/Data Source.

9) Choose "James Madison University LEO [Innovative Interfaces INNOPAC]" as the database.

10) Specify a particular destination folder under the Import To section if you wish.

11) Use the "Browse" button to find the file you saved in step 4; it should be named export.txt.

RefWorks manual import screen with James Madison University information selected

12) Click the "Import" button on the bottom of the screen.

Voila! Go to the Last Imported folder and your book(s) will be listed.

Searching JMU Library Catalog within RefWorks

You can also search JMU Library Catalog and PubMed databases within RefWorks, though the searching options aren't as thorough. In RefWorks, go to the Search drop-down menu, to Online Catalog or Database. From there you can search JMU Library Catalog (listed as James Madison University - LEO Library Catalog), PubMed, or hundreds of other databases. The search engine for JMU Library Catalog within RefWorks doesn't allow the fine-tuning searching capabilities as accessing JMU Library Catalog directly, but if you have a fairly simple search, it's a quick way to find and import the book or books.

RefWorks Search screen displayed and searching JMU Library Catalog

For further assistance, contact:

Carrier Library ~ (540) 568-6150

Rose Library ~ (540) 568-2731