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Rockingham County - History
Cities and Towns
Civil War
Rockingham County and War
Business and Industry
Transportation and Communication
Politics and Government
Immigration and Settlement
Social History
Sports, Recreation, Collections
Cultural Activities
Physical and Natural
General Reference
Internet Sources

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The contents of this annotated bibliography are the accomplishments of the compiler. Any errors or inaccuracies of factual knowledge are his alone. Many individuals have assisted with their time and expertise in the development of this bibliography.

Ruth Greenawalt, Library Director at Bridgewater College, spent a lot of her time in locating sources including finding some unprocessed titles that were of interest. Her kindness and interest in my research is greatly appreciated. Additional thanks go to Archivist, Terrell Barkley and Jennifer Keach, Collection Development Librarian.

Lois Bowman, Associate Director for the Menno Simons Historical Library and Harold Huber, Assistant in the Historical Library gave their time and expertise continually whenever I used their Library at Eastern Mennonite University.

Faye Witters, Administrator, and Sharon Spangler-Glick are always willing to assist me with my questions at the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society. The Society's library is an excellent source for genealogical materials on Rockingham County.

I am grateful for receiving an educational leave during the summer of 1998 to complete my initial work in placing this bibliography on the Internet. Barbara Miller, Director of Libraries, permitted me the opportunity to receive my educational leave. Her interest is appreciated. Thanks also go to my supervisor Sandra Maxfield, Head of Library Public Services, and to Library faculty and staff who provided technical support. These included Mary Ann Chappell and Gregory Spitzer. Carl Phillips and Jeffrey Clark gave support and advice regarding copyright issues. Finally, I am thanking Leigh Mason who gave continual advice and who is responsible for seeing that this bibliography is operating on the Internet. Her knowledge of web design and the long hours she gave to see it developed are greatly appreciated.

To my wife, Gail, I am continually grateful for all of her support, especially for the long hours and uncertain times when I was "out."

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