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Education - Public Schools

Centennial Celebration: A Look Back at 100 years of Harrisonburg City Schools. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: Harrisonburg High School, 1993. [305]p.: illus., map. Includes bibliographies.
This is "research gathered by Mary Stricklers' Honors English 10 Students, fall semester project 1993." Using interviews and research in historical sources this book looks at education in Harrisonburg from 1894 to 1993. The book looks at the issue of segregation and the integration of the school system.
1. Harrisonburg High School. 2. Effinger School. 3. Simms School. 4. Main Street School. 5. Afro-Americans - Education. 6. Schools - Harrisonburg. 7. Harrisonburg - Schools. 8. School integration.

"HHS at 100: Still Changing and Growing." Harrisonburg Daily News Record, Harrisonburg, Va., September 30,, 1994, "Special Edition".
A special section of the newspaper, with illustrations, on the history of Harrisonburg High School. A list of principals and superintendents is included.
1. Schools - Harrisonburg. 2. Public Schools - Harrisonburg. 3 Harrisonburg High School - History.

Harter, Dale. "School Days." Curio 13, no. 1 (Summer 1990): 21-23.
Reminiscences by a JMU student of his school days at Mt. Clinton Elementary School. Harter returned to the school and wrote his thoughts for the visit. Illustrated.
1. Mt. Clinton Elementary School. 2. Education - Mt. Clinton. 3. Schools - Rockingham County.

Hartman, Cecil L. "A History of West Central Academy Rockingham County, Virginia." Master's, [Charlottesville, Va.], University of Virginia, 1939, iv, [161]p.: illus., tables. Bibliography: p. 131-133, [160].
The Mt. Clinton school flourished from 1890-1903. An appendix lists students enrolled by year. I. S. Wampler was the principal and leading individual associated with the establishment of the academy.
1. West Central Academy - History. 2. Education - History. 3. Schools - Rockingham County. 4. Wampler, I. S.

Heatwole, Annie L. "A History of Education at Dale Enterprise." The Valley Mennonite Messenger 5, no. 31 (February 2, 1967): 3-4.
This article describes several of the schools in the Dale Enterprise area as early as 1853. Schools noted are Walnut Grove, Fair View, Pine Grove, and Dale Enterprise. The literary society in the area is noted.
1. Dale Enterprise - History. 2. Walnut Grove School. 3. Fair View School. 4. Pine Grove School. 5. Dale Enterprise School. 6. Schools - Rockingham County. 7. Rockingham County - Schools. 8. Education - Rockingham County. 9. Rockingham County - Education.
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