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Religion - General

Brubaker, Sarah-Jane. Churches of Harrisonburg, 1988. Harrisonburg, Va.: The Author, 1988. unpaged.
This is a monthly calendar with a sketch of a Harrisonburg church for each month.
1. Calendars. 2. Churches - Harrisonburg.

Funk, Henry. A Mirror of Baptism, With Spirit, With Water, and With Blood: in Three Parts from the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, by Henry Funk. Translated from the German. Mountain Valley, Va.: Joseph Funk and Sons, 1851. 130p.
Funk orinally wrote his treatise in 1744. He presents his understanding of baptism which is an outpouring and not immersion. There was a difference in understanding between Mennonites and Dunkards over the correct form of baptism.
1. Baptism - Doctrinal and controversial works.

Funk, Henry. A Mirror of Baptism, With the Spirit, With Water, and With Blood. In Three Parts, From the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Reprinted at Campbell Copy Center], [1978 reprint of the 1851 ed.]. 130p.

1. Baptism - Doctrinal and controversial works.

Funk, Henry. A Mirror of Baptism, With the Spirit, With Water, and With Blood. Composed in Nine Parts, Compiled Anew and Drawn from the Holy Foundation-Book, from the New and Old Testament and the Canonical Books. Lancaster, Penn.: Printed and Published by John Baer's Sons, 1890. 124p.

1. Baptism - Doctrinal and controversial works.

Hudson, William E. The Adventures of a Dreamer: An Autobiography. Staunton, Va.: McClure Printing Company, [1952]. 76p.: illus.
Hudson was a Presbyterian minister and a leader in establishing summer Bible conferences at Massanetta Springs. His writing has much on the Conferences that has historical value. Several pictures enhance the text.
1. Hudson, William E., 1873-1954. 2. Presbyterian Synod of Virginia. 3. Massanetta Springs. 4. Massanetta Springs Summer Bible Conference. 5. Massanetta Springs.

Longenecker, Stephen L. Antislavery and Otherworldliness in the Shenandoah Valley. [n.p.]:: Stephen L. Longenecker, 1995. 23p.
This is an unpublished manuscript from a presentation at a history conference at Virginia Military Institute in March 1995. The paper includes much on Rockingham County. Individuals noted include John Kline, David Heatwole, Peter Burkholder, Joseph Funk, Peachy Harrison, and Isaac Hardesty. Longenecker writes on Mennonites, Methodists and Brethren and their views and actions on dress and slavery. This is tied to an understanding of "otherworldliness."
1. Kline, John, 1797-1864. 2. Heatwole, David, 1767-1842. 3. Burkholder, Peter, 1783-1846. 4. Funk, Joseph, 1777-1862. 5. Harrison, Peachy, 1777-1848. 6. Hardesty, Isaac. 7. Antislavery movements. 8. Slavery - History. 9. Church of the Brethren - History. 10. Mennonite Church - History. 11. United Methodist Church - History. 12. Clothing and dress - Religious aspects. 13. Slavery and the church.

Longenecker, Stephen L. Piety and Tolerance: Pennsylvania German Religion, 1700-1850 Pietist and Wesleyan Studies, no. 6. Metuchen, N. J.: The Scarecrow Press, 1994. xv, 195p. Bibliography: p. [173]-188.
This monograph is based on the author's 1990 dissertation "Democracy's Pulpit: Religion and Egalitarianism Among Early Pennsylvania Germans." This study looks at how Pennsylvania Germans viewed tolerance including slavery. There are a few references to Rockingham County and individuals including John Kline, Christian Newcomer, Peter Nead, and Peter Burkholder.
1. Religion - Tolerance. 2. Germans in Rockingham County - Religion. 3. Kline, John, 1797-1864. 4. Newcomer, Christian, 1749-1830. 5. Nead, Peter, 1796-1877. 6. Burkholder, Peter, 1783-1846. 7. Slavery - Church of the Brethren. 8. Slavery - Mennonite Church. 9. Church of the Brethren - Slavery. 10. Mennonite Church - Slavery.

Smith, Elmer L. "Broadside to the Brethren." In Valley Folklore - 1970, ed. Elmer L. Smith, 31-32. Harrisonburg, Va.: Elmer L. Smith, 1970.
Smith notes the Brethren and Mennonite opposition to fighting in the Civil War and prints the text of a broadside dated March 31, 1862 in which all militia in Rockingham County are to report for duty. The Brethren (Tunkers) and Mennonites are noted as to be used as teamsters, etc.
1. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Church of the Brethren. 2. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Conscientious objectors. 3. Civil War, 1861-1865 - Mennonites. 4. Conscientious objectors - Civil War, 1861-1865. 5. Church of the Brethren - Civil War, 1861-1865. 6. Mennonites - Civil War, 1861-1865.

Steffen, Harlan. Survey of Harrisonburg Churches. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Eastern Mennonite College], 1956. [8]p.: chart, survey.
Typescript copy. A term paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. Steffen worked with the Harrisonburg Ministerial Association in which he interviewed and survey the churches within Harrisonburg. A chart is presented listing information on each church. Enclosed with the paper are copies of the completed suveys from the churches.
1. Churches - Harrisonburg. 2. Harrisonburg - Churches.

Wright, F. Edward. Early Church Records of Rockingham County, Virginia. Westminster, Md.: Family Line Publications, 1998. vi, 123p. Bibliography: p. vi.
This book reprints the early records of several churches and ministers. Included are Rader's (Roders) Church, Peaked Mountain Church, Friedens Church, St. Michael's Union Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Smith Creek and Linville Baptist Church, and marriage records of John Alderson, Jr. A final section is "Marriages in Rockingham County" which was taken from John Wayland's Virginia Valley Records. The book attempts to print all pre-nineteenth century church records from Rockingham County.
1. Rader's Church - Church records and registers. 2. Peaked Mountain Church - Church records and registers. 3. Friedens Church - Church records and registers. 4. St. Michael's Union Church - Church records and registers. 5. Trinity Luthern Church - Church records and registers. 6. Linville Creek Baptist Church - Church records and registers. 7. Smith's Creek Baptist Church - Church records and registers. 8. Brock's Gap Baptist Church - Church records and registers. 9. Alderson, John, Jr. 10. Marriage - Sources. 10. Church records and registers - Sources.
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