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Religion - Episcopal Church

Axelson, Edith F. A Guide to Episcopal Church Records in Virginia. Athens, Ga.: Iberian, 1988. vi, 136p. Bibliography: p. 114-115.
Following a brief historical introduction this guide is arranged by county. Information for Rockingham County includes the parish names and addresses along with the available records and the dates from which the records have been kept.
1. Episcopal Church - Sources. 2. Church records and registers - Episcopal Church.

Cocke, Charles F. Parish Lines Diocese of Virginia. Richmond: The Virginia State Library, 1967. xv, 321p.: charts, maps. Bibliography: p. 271-274.
This source has discussions on the origins of all Episcopal Church dioceses in Virginia that are generally north of the James River. Maps include the two Rockingham County dioceses, i.e. Rockingham and Lynnwood.
1. Episcopal Church - Sources.

Massey, Don W. The Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of Virginia: Alphabetical Listing of Active Churches by Regions and Existing Churches Not Having Regular Services. Photographs by the Author. Keswick, Va.: Diocese Church Histories, Publishers, 1989. xvi, 208p.: illus.
Following an introduction which gives an overview of the Episcopal Church in Virginia there is a presentation of the churches. A color photograph of each church and brief history is given. Rockingham County churches include Harrisonburg, Port Republic, and Rocky Bar.
1. Episcopal Church - History.
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