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Religion - Mennonite Church (General)

Christian Ideals: Prepared by a Committee Appointed by the Virginia Mennonite Conference. [n.p.]: Virginia Mennonite Conference, 1940. 117p.
Written by Mennonites in Rockingham County this book provides standards for living the Christian life. Arranged topically, e.g. business ideals.
1. Christian life - Mennonite Church. 2. Mennonite Church - Christian life.

Christian Ideals: Prepared by an Appointed Committee and Published in 1940 by Virginia Mennonite Conference. Revised and Republished by West Valley District of the Virginia Mennonite Church. Harrisonburg, Va.: Printed by Park View Press, 1970. 117p.
A 1979 reprinting of this edition is also available @ EMU-HL.
1. Christian life - Mennonite Church. 2. Mennonite Church - Christian life.

Beery, Dwight, and Beery, Erma. Virginia Old Order Mennonite Families. Dayton, Va.: Available from Dwight & Erma Beery, 1990. 69p.
This is a directory of Old Order Mennonite families living generally in Rockingham County. Information includes family surname along with the woman's maiden name, and children with their birth dates.
1. Old Order Mennonites - Directories.

Benowitz, Jean-Paul. The "Dissatisfied Ones": Change and Adaptation Within the Old Order Mennonite Church of Virginia, 1901-1991. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Eastern Mennonite College], 1991. 46, [12]p.: map. Bibliography: p. [9-11].
Typescript copy. A history department term paper. Following introductory comments on the Old Order Mennonite Church and its establishment in Virginia there are chapters on topics as schisms, education, agriculture and business, war, cultural change, etc.
1. Old Order Mennonites - History. 2. Old Order Mennonites - Social life and customs

Dillon, Greg. Mennonites in Virginia. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: James Madison University, 1993. [10]p.: map, table. Bibliography: p. [10].
Typescript copy. A term paper done at James Madison University. The paper begins with an overview of who Mennonites are and then discusses them within Virginia. A map is used to show the distribution of Mennonites throughout the state. This is followed by a table listing cities or towns, Mennonite population, percent of state total, and county. Rockingham County is listed as having 52% of the Mennonites living in Virginia.
1. Mennonites.

Hill, Pete. "An Historical Essay on the Introduction of the Radio into the Virginia Mennonite Conference." [Harrisonburg, Va.], [Eastern Mennonite University], 1993, 20, [5]p.: cartoon. Bibliography: p. [5].
Term paper.Typescript copy of a history paper written at Eastern Mennonite University. The author used archival sources at Eastern Mennonite University and personal interviews. Hill looks at the issues opposing using the radio among Mennonites. John L. Stauffer's work to ban the radio among Mennonites is noted. Finally the discussion looks at issues that lead to a repealing of the ban on radio usage.
1. Virginia Mennonite Conference. 2. Mennonite Church - Radio broadcasting. 3. Radio broadcasting - Mennonite Church. 4. Stauffer, John L., 1888-1959.

Miller, Fred W. "The Sword and Trumpet: Locally Produced Publication." The Valley Mennonite Messenger. 7, no. 4 (July 25, 1968): 3.
A historical sketch of the periodical The Sword and Trumpet from its origins in 1929 is presented. Some backgound on its publishing philosophy and coverage is included.
1. The Sword and Trumpet. 2. Publishers and publishing. 3. Mennonites - Periodicals.

Moshier, Norman. The Sword and Trumpet and Eschatology, 1929-1939. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Eastern Mennonite College], [1975]. 21p. Bibliography: p. [20]-21.
Typescript copy. A term paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. The author looks at the origin of The Sword and Trumpet in the context of the issues of fundamentalism and modernism within Christianity of its day and especially among Mennonites. The discussion includes the role and understanding within higher education.
1. The Sword and Trumpet. 2. Fundamentalism. 3. Liberalism (Religion). 4. Mennonite Church - Doctrinal and controversial works.

Pellman, Hubert R. Seventy-Five Years of Mutual Aid: Virginia Mennonite Property Aid Plan. Harrisonburg, Va.: Virginia Mennonite Conference, 1989. 98p. Bibliography: p. 96-98.
This is a scholarly history of Mennonite Mutual Aid for Virginians. The program is centered in Rockingham County and notes individuals and events within the County. Mutual aid among Virginia Mennonites originated in 1911.
1. Mennonite Mutual Aid. 2. Mennonites - Economic conditions. 3. Mutual aid - Mennonites.

Redekop, Calvin W. "Jacob A. Shenk: Business Was Servant to the Church." In Entrepreneurs in the Faith Community: Profiles of Mennonites in Business., ed. Calvin W. Redekop, and Redekop, Benjamin W., p. 18-36: illus. Scottdale, Penn.: Herald Press, 1996.
The first chapter in this compilation is on the life of Harrisonburg businessman, Jacob A. Shenk. His work with Shenk Hatchery is featured along with his interest in the church.
1. Shenk, Jacob A., 1900-1950. 2. Poultry industry. 3. Shenk Hatchery. 4. Mennonites - Business.

Reed, Herbert. History of the Sword and Trumpet. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: Eastern Mennonite College, 1970. 7, [4]p. Bibliography: p. [3-4].
Typescript copy. A term paper from Eastern Mennonite University. The author looks at the origins of The Sword and Trumpet in 1929 and the part played by George R. Brunk in its development. Issues faced by this publication over the years are noted.
1. The Sword and Trumpet. 2. Brunk, George R., 1871-1938. 3. Mennonite Church - Publications.

Rhodes, Gene C. The Old Order Mennonites. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Eastern Mennonite College], 1979. 16p. Bibliography: p. 16.
Typescript copy. A term paper at Eastern Mennonite University. This study is on the Showalter group of Old Order Mennonites. Areas of discussion include education, religion, and home life. The author interviewed Bishop Justus Showalter in the research process.
1. Showalter, Justus. 2.Oral history. 3. Old Order Mennonites - History. 4. Old Order Mennonites - Social life and customs.

Risser, Eugene. A Glimpse at Several Mennonite Owned Businesses in the Early and Mid 1900's in the Shenandoah Valley. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Eastern Mennonite College], 1970. 11p. Bibliography: p. 11.
Typescript copy. A term paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. Rockingham County businessmen Mark C. Showalter, John H. Alger, and Charles C. Turner are highlighted in this study. Risser looks briefly at each individual and notes what their business was and how it prospered. Feed mill work is emphasized. Interviews were used to obtain information for the paper.
1. Mennonites - Business. 2. Business - Mennonites. 3. Poultry industry. 4. Feed mills. 5. Mutual Feed Company. 6. Mutual Feed Co., Inc. 7. M.C. Showalter Co., Inc. 8. Quality Feeds, Inc. 9. Showalter, Mark C. 10. Alger, John H. 11. Turner, Charles C. 12. Oral history.

Shank, Katie F., ed. The Centerpoint: Personal Reflections of George R. Brunk I. Harrisonburg, Va.: The Sword and Trumpet, 1992. ix, 85p.: illus.
Reflections and poems from the notebooks of George R. Brunk I. Christian living and family values are emphasized.
1. Christian life. 2. Brunk, George R., 1871-1938.

Shenk, Steve. Comments on Current Events by The Sword and Trumpet. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: Eastern Mennonite College, 1970. 6p.
Typescript copy. A term paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. Shenk takes a look at how The Sword and Trumpet presents the current news in their publication. His discussion notes the conservative and fundamental thrust of their news reporting. Examples are presented.
1. The Sword and Trumpet. 2. Mennonite Church - Publications.

Showalter, Anna V. Mennonite Family Transition in Three Generations, 1870-1959. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: [Eastern Mennonite College], 1959. 20p.: illus., chart.
Typescript copy. A term paper done at Eastern Mennonite University. Social changes within the Showalter family between 1870 and 1959 are presented. The family lived in the Broadway and Harrisonburg areas. Home life, marriage, religious life, education, medical care, burial customs, etc. are described.
1. Showalter family. 2. Social conditions. 3. Mennonites - Social life and customs.

The Fellowship of Concerned Mennonites. A Mennonite Confession of Faith. Harrisonburg, Va.: The Fellowship, 1990. 24p.
This is a statement of beliefs based on the Dordrecht Confession of 1632. This confession reflects current issues. The Fellowship is centered in Rockingham County.
1. Mennonite Church - Creeds. 2. Mennonites - Creeds.

Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions. Answering the Call, 1919-1994: Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions Celebates 75 Years. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: The Board, 1994. 11p.: illus., chronologies, tables.
This illustrated booklet highlights the international and domestic work of the Board since 1919. The Board is headquartered in Harrisonburg.
1. Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions. 2. Mennonite Church - Missions.

Virginia Mennonite Conference. Youth Ministries Committee. Devotional Planner 1993-94, Virginia Conference. [Harrisonburg, Va.]: Eastern Mennonite College, [1993]. unpaged: illus.
This devotional guide has a weekly calendar for scheduling purposes along with scripture and Bible readings. Published by the Harrisonburg based Virginia Mennonite Conference.
1. Devotional calendars.
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