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Religion - Churches - Miscellaneous

Horn, Colleen. "A Spiritual Search: Local People Find an Alternative in the Baha'i Faith." Curio 13, no. 1 (Summer 1990): 24-26.
Horn writes on the Baha'i community and congregation in Harrisonburg.
1. Bahaism.

Mt. Olivet United Church of Christ. Three Score and Ten: 70th Anniversary, September 14, 1969. Elkton, Va.: The Church, 1969. 32p.: illus.
This heavily illustrated history will be useful to the genealogist because of the many individuals noted.
1. Mt. Olivet United Church of Christ - History. 2. United Church of Christ - History.

Toliver, Ruth M., ed. History of Kelley Street United Brethren in Christ Church, Newtown, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1892-1906. Ledger Entries by George A. Newman and Others. [Olney, Md.]: [Ruth M. Toliver], 1998. 192p.: illus.
Ledgers from 1892-1906 for the United Brethren in Christ Church in Harrisonburg are printed. The ledgers are the proceedings of the Church's work and include lists of members, church officers, building work, etc. Appendices include newspaper clippings, photocopies of church business accounts, lists of members, and financial records.
1. United Brethren in Christ Church - History. 2. Kelley Street United Brethren in Church - History. 3. Afro-Americans - Genealogy. 4. Afro-Americans - Harrisonburg. 5. Church records and registers - Kelley Street United Brethren in Christ Church. 6. Harrisonburg - History. 7. Newtown (Harrisonburg) - History.
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